Make $5 to $10 PER Hour (ZERO WORK) - Earn Instant Paypal Money 2019!

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in this video I'm going to share with

you 2 simple sites you can start using

to make money on autopilot now before I

get into that if you're brand new to the

channel my name is Cara furia teach

people simple and easy ways to make

money online so if you don't wanna miss

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of my latest training now without

further ado before I dive into this very

first powerful site you can start

getting instant deposits as soon as this

week I want to say that both of these

are not gonna make you thousands and

thousands of dollars a month this is

more for people that want quick upfront

money maybe to pull out pay off bills

maybe to go out to eat more if you want

to learn how to make thousands of

dollars a month be sure to stay tuned to

the very end because I'm gonna share

with you a method that I've been

personally using to do that but without

further ado let's dive into the first

one so the very first site is called

gift Hawk okay now gift Hawk is

basically a site where you can watch

videos and make money okay so you can

basically go to this site gift Hawk dot

me and I'll include the links below in

the description you can go to this site

and what you can do is go to the watch

tab okay right here if I make this

zoomed in just a little bit you can go

to this watch tab and click there and

then you can just open up these videos

watch these videos and you're gonna

actually get points inside of their site

and what you can do is you can trade

these points in for money

okay money into your accounts so very

very simple you can just literally watch

these videos in the background of what

you're doing and start to earn money

just doing that okay you can do it while

you're you know online you can do it

while you're on social media while

you're just relaxing you can do this at

any time and start to earn and it's a

great way to do it okay now before I go

into the second the second method I do

want to say again that this method works

incredibly well but you're not gonna

make you know life-changing money again

stay tuned because I'm gonna share with

you how you can actually start making

life-changing money if your goal is to

make you know thousands of thousands

dollars a month but just to get started

this is a good site that you can start

to make some extra income so let me go

to the second site now the second site

is called insta GC this site is a very

powerful site as well and it's very

similar to the other site so you can use

both of these at the same time to really

start to make some good good income okay

now we go here these are all the

different providers that they work with

okay that you can actually get paid

through but you can also just go here

okay videos when you click there you're

basically gonna see that you can open up

one of these tabs and start to watch

videos okay and all of them give you a

different amount of points so for here

get rewarded for watching 20 minutes of

videos this offer can be repeated

automatically as long as you keep

running so basically you could just open

this okay start to watch one of the

videos and then start to get paid okay

so it's totally on autopilot you don't

have to lift a finger you don't have to

do any typing you can just play these

videos and start to earn money okay very

very powerful instead GC again I'll

leave both of these links in the

description so you just go ahead and and

start to do these methods to start to

make money on these sites very passively

and on autopilot so I hope you enjoyed

learning now like I said my friend these

sites are gonna get you going okay these

sites you're gonna start to earn you

money you could pay off bills you can go

out to eat more you can go on maybe a

vacation but I want to share with you

real quick how I've actually been able

to use a different company because I

don't use these methods as much there's

actually a way you can make long-term

substantial life changing income and

it's actually the exact company that

I've used to make two hundred to five

hundred dollars consistently like

clockwork in about an hour a day

okay now this video isn't to pitch you

on this opportunity I just wanted to be

transparent and share with you that the

first two sites are gonna work they're

gonna give you some extra money but if

you want to take it to the next level if

you want to take your income and results

to that next level and start to make

some life changing income

I'm gonna invite you to check out that

first link below and you'll see my

number one recommendation I'm gonna put

a screenshot on real quick so you can

see actual proof of the income that I've

been able to make just using this other

other thing and you don't have to have

technical ability you don't have to have

previous experience if you're coachable

and you're willing to learn there's no

reason why you can't start to succeed

okay so I hope you enjoy this video my

friend if you did be sure to click the

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but not least my friend if you want to

check out any of these resources

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watching and I will see you in

tomorrow's video