Make $10 Per Day in 5 Minutes or Less! (USING YOUR PHONE)

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stop right now you must have a

smartphone to continue watching this

video if you want to earn $10 of PayPal

money that looks just like this then you

must have a smartphone to continue

results are not typical use this at your

own risk and please be careful you may

only earn nine dollars using this method

or you may only earn six dollars in five

minutes using this method so please be

careful before you continue watch every

second of this video and if you do I'm

gonna show you how to get $10 of PayPal

money by the end of this video and

exactly how to earn $10 per day for just

five minutes of work and how to make

sure you have a consistent daily income

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there are two possibilities available

for you when getting paid through this

website the first one is is that you can

get paid through PayPal via bank

transfer and the second option is Amazon

giftcards now I know a lot of you enjoy

and like PayPal but if you do not have a

PayPal account it's very important to go

right over to PayPal calm and open up a

personal account so you guys can get

paid using this method how would you

like to get paid for browsing apps and

looking at websites it seems a little

crazy and oversimplified but there are

thousands of people that do it every

single day and they get paid for doing

it so there's a website that you can go

to is called perfection big companies

pay this website to have regular people

just like you and me browse different

apps check out their shopping cart

systems check out their stores and their

blogs and just give feedback on the way

they look it seems pretty simple because

it is simple so this website is already

pretty popular there's over a hundred

thousand people working from home in

testing right on this platform and now

it's your turn so you can become a

tester just really easily just by

clicking on this button right here that

says become a tester so the way it works

is you guys are going to explore

different websites and explore different

apps using a smartphone or tablet it

seems really simple because it is simple

so let me give you a kind of an idea or

an example of what this could look like

so here's a website that I'm viewing on

my phone and the text looks really small

and the website layout is kind of

smashed up to the gints the left side of

the screen and it's very hard to

understand and read what it says on the

website so by looking on that we could

say something like this sites not

optimized for phones so I could put in

here this site is not optimized for

mobile reading or I can also say that

the writing is too small and the

categories are not ordered in a way that

makes sense so I'm just providing

feedback now this is just one task one

task that can be worth up to ten dollars

or more and this is why I want to share

this with you guys because this is

really powerful let's check out another

example so here's another one this is an

on-line store now what do you see

anything there that looks a little bit

confusing to you well at first glance

I'm a bit overwhelmed there's lots of

links and different things and so what

you could say is that you're a bit

overwhelmed by the amount of information

on the page the layout is confusing and

scrolling and I'm seeing banners and all

that stuff and it's really distracting

well if that's the case of that if

that's what you really see then go ahead

and write that down inside of the

feedback box just below the app you see

this is really easy guys anybody can do

this now that's just one task that you

can do here's another one so let's just

say that you are testing a company's

shopping cart so here's the shopping

cart for lore'l now this is a very

popular makeup brand and as you're going

through the shopping cart maybe you


see a merchant option for maybe only

Visa or MasterCard and maybe you're

looking for a PayPal as well but they

don't have it well here's what you do

down below in the review box you need to

make a note stating that you would like

to see PayPal if it's not an option so

you could say something like only a

credit card can be used and it would be

really nice to have another payment

option just like PayPal so that's really

a great example on really how simple

this is I know it seems easy because it

is anybody can do this so the way you

guys are going to get started is to go

right over to for pecks ENCOM and when

you get there there's going to be a

button right up here at the very top

right it's gonna say become a tester now

as soon as you click on that that's

going to take you over to this page

right here so you can sign up as a

tester and just for sharing your opinion

and signing up you can earn two dollars

or actually two euros right now just for

doing this so just enter in your email

and make up some type of password if you

want to come down here and agree to the

terms and you guys will be on your way

now guys what what is the problem with

all of this let's let's think about this

for a moment okay

now you're not gonna get rich doing this

okay you might make a few dollars and

maybe up to ten dollars and five minutes

or maybe it could be even ten dollars a

day you're not gonna get really rich

doing this because once you stop working

and once you stop doing surveys well the

money stops and how would you like to

have the money keep going over and over

again well this really reminds me back

in the day when I was struggling I

remember I was I had an office inside of

my garage we had a little house and

there was nowhere to work and so I

worked out on the garage I had a little

plastic fold-up desk there and I'm

wearing a jacket because this is in

Southern Oregon so it was pretty cold

even with a heater in the garage it was

still cold but I struggled guys I

struggled for weeks and months

trying to figure out what is the secret

what's the easiest and best way to make

money online you know all these other

people are making money online but I

wasn't I was really struggling with this

and it wasn't until I plugged in with

the right people that showed me exactly

how to create not only a full time

income but a passive income right on

line now for those of you that don't

know what a passive income is well this

is where you can make money while you're

sleeping as a matter of fact I woke up

this morning and I had new money inside

of my account so it's a pretty good deal

you can make money while you're out

traveling with your family speaking of

traveling this has allowed us to move

down here to southern Florida and it's

beautiful down here and I'm living the

laptop lifestyle I asked my wife we were

in Oregon and the weather it was

terrible we had to keep the kids in nine

to ten months out of the year I said hey

honey you know this this full-time

passive income is working so well well

where would you like to move we can

basically go anywhere in the United

States where do you want to go she's

like okay let's go down to Florida so we

pack the car and we actually towed this

little trailer clear across the country

took like a week

you know thousands of miles and we

finally made it here and we're just

living I'm living that laptop lifestyle

a lifestyle of our dreams and I'm still

doing this passive income system and I

want to share that with you guys and the

cool thing is is that you guys can start

this today you can start today if you

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