FREE PayPal Money: $10,000 - 1 Hour of Work! (Passive Income)

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in today's video I'm going to show you

how you can make around about ten

thousand dollars with just one hours of

work every single day hey guys I'm Brad

from success online welcome for the

channel the channel where I show you how

to make money online and how you can

grow your online income now in today's

video I've got a method for you which is

going to show you step-by-step exactly

how you can make around ten thousand

dollars with just 1 hours of work every

single day now once you've got this one

hours of work down every single day it's

going to start to snowball and you're

going to start to see big numbers like

$10,000 so I'll show you in a second on

the computer exactly what we need to do

but before we do that make sure you

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oh yeah we've loved being said let's go

to the computer and i'll show you

exactly what you came here for so the

website we're going to be using to make

$10,000 is teespring now if you're not

familiar with what

teespring is and what it does is it

basically allows you to upload designs

to it and then they'll go and print

those designs on various different

things buy t-shirts mugs and /

accessories and they will then ship them

direct to your customer so you're not

gonna have to deal with any stock you do

not gonna have to deal with any customer

service you just upload the design and

they'll do the printing and now do all

the hard work and this is why we're

going to be using teespring because once

you get sales and without orders rolling

them you're not going to have to do

anything in terms of shipping the

product or fulfilling the product so if

we just go to the teespring site here

and we click on sell anything or how it

works re it's gonna give you an overview

of exactly how teespring works and what

kind of money you can expect to make

with teespring

so we can scroll down here and you can

see more about how it works but let you

look at that and after you've watched

this video but don't click off it yet

because you need to know how to get

people to teespring

and you need to know how to actually

sell the shirts that we're gonna be

making so if we scroll down here you can

see the pricing and a t-shirt to make

costs ten dollars and you can choose

whether you want to increase the price

and sell it for a high price and get a

higher profit or you can decrease the

price and you can sell it for whatever

you want

above $10 so if you really wanted to you

could sell it for $11 and make $1 profit

on a t-shirt obviously that's not a good

business move and that's not gonna get

as close to the $10,000 so what I advise

you to do is sell it for 20 $20 is

pretty average for t-shirt nowadays and

people are gonna pay $20 for a t-shirt

pretty much every time if we price our

shirt at $20 we're gonna make a profit

of $10 so if we open up a calculator we

can then figure out how many shirts we

actually have to sell to make $10

$10,000 so we'll do 10,000 divide it by

10 so we're gonna have to sell a

thousand shirts now a thousand shirts

might seem like a lot to you if you've

never sold anything online before but

trust me a thousand shirts is not a lot

of units you could say way more units

within a month but we're gonna be able

to make and sell these 1,000 insured's

and we're just going to give ourselves

like six months to a year to sell them

all and if you set that target it's a

pretty reasonable target and a

reasonable timeframe to actually make

the $10,000 so now we understand how

much money we're going to be making how

we're going to price our shirts and what

profits we're going to make now we need

to actually upload a design and we need

to get the ball rolling and start

creating our store now to do that we

need to make an account on teespring and

then you can start designing so click

start designing and it's going to take

you to that built in designer so you can

choose what t-shirts you want to put it

on you can see there are over different

apparel here but we're gonna choose

unisex t-shirt and then just choose the

cheapest one and then click sell and

it's gonna give you a blank t-shirt here

you can choose over color if you want

but I'm just going to go with a white

t-shirt now we need to do you need to

upload a design and you need to get a

design on the t-shirt

now I'm gonna say this before we go into

the next part we need a design in the

dog niche so you need to make a design

all you need to get as this I made

around dogs and around round dogs mainly

but it can be around pets as well I'm

gonna show you why in a second it's

gonna be much easier to sell it around

dogs because the method is just

catered towards dogs and animals so if

you want to you could just go to

fiverr.com and you could just get

someone to design you a t-shirt design

for cheap so if you go to graphics and

design and you choose t-shirts and

merchandising there's going to be

someone that's gonna be able to design

you a pretty cheap t-shirt just tell

them that you wanted a dog or you want a

certain dog breed and it'll be more

clear in a second what actually you need

to make the design for or for example

say I'm just going to upload an image I

already have so I'll click Add image

okay so let's say that we want to use

this image here - on a t-shirt it's a

little dog print paw print so you would

obviously don't get one designed or you

would upload one they have the rights to

sell obviously I can't sell this because

I don't have the rights to it but it's

just for the principle let's say we want

to sell this t-shirt so what we would do

is we would put it wherever we want on

the canvas you can have the text and you

can choose the colors once you've done

that click continue and you can then

choose what design I choose what assured

you want the design going on - so what

we'll select this one here and we'll

select classic tee and then click done

then you can click continue again and

you can create a new list in then you

would want to title it so I'm going to

title it classic dog team I'm just going

to leave the description basic but you

would spend more time in the description

you would spend more time on the title

and then you can click publish list them

then you're going to be given a link for

that exact listing so you can see it's

now preparing it and here you can see

here is our page and here is our t-shirt

ready to be sold so you can see we've

got classic dog tee a simple book

beautiful dog tee you can see the price

and you can see the t-shirt here then if

someone wanted to buy this t-shirt you

would give them the link to this page

they would then come to the page they

will then click Buy It Now and teespring

is gonna deal with all the customer

service is gonna ship the ship the

product right to them now what we need

to do is sell the actual products and

get people from one place on the

internet to our t-shirt page now the way

we're going to be doing that is by

uploading compilation videos of

any dog videos and just funny pet videos

in general so we're going to be going to

YouTube for this and I've just got an

example up on the screen of someone

that's huge 1.6 million subscribers on

YouTube they get 7 million views and

these these do the exact same concept

these are probably making way more than

10,000 a month but they have emerged

from teespring as well so what we're

going to be doing is we're going to be

uploading compilation videos like I said

of dogs and just funny dog clips now to

do that you want to redownload them from

YouTube and then you can re-upload them

so go to YouTube and just type in funny

dog compilation and when you do that

you're gonna get a load of really really

popular dog compilation videos and you

can see some of these have a huge amount

of views because people love to watch

compilation videos of dogs and the

algorithm on YouTube favors high watch

time and a lot of people will sit down

to watch a full compilation video and it

just favors the old 4 algorithm so much

so if you search for a funny dog

compilation then you go down to filter

then you go to creative commons these

are gonna be compilations that you can

download and then you can then reload

them so you can see here we've got top

10 dog barking videos funny dog

injection videos try not to laugh dog

compilation and we've just got a load of

different compilations that we can then

download we can then real blued and we

can start to build a brand and just get

the views coming in so to download a

video what you would do is you would

click on it you will then copy this link

which you probably can't see on screen

but you know the URL you would just want

to copy it so copy the link then what

you want to do is you want to go to

google and you want to search for

youtube downloader I just choose the top

one here online video converter comm and

you just need to paste in the link to

that video and click start and it's

gonna start to prepare the video and

it's going to download it for you so

we'll just wait here until it's

downloaded now once you've got the video

downloaded I've got it downloaded here

you might not be able to see it

but I've got the video downloaded now

you've got two choices really you can

either put it into editing you can start

to build a brand you can like put back

music over it you can put text over it

you could put commentary over it and you

could just make it your video or you

could just go reload it and reload the

original video which is fine because we

got it from Creative Commons and you

don't need to credit it and you can't

legally do that

so if you're going to go and do method

number one and actually build a brand

it's gonna be better for you in the long

run because you're going to be able to

make more money and build a brand around

videos so like if we just look at some

of the top dogs that are made the top

dogs if we just look at some of the

massive channels that are doing this and

we just take it off Creative Commons you

can see the bigger channels other ones

that are creating brands so funny pet

videos they have a brand they have they

have a brand people know what they're

getting out when they watch these videos

and that's what you would want to do if

you want to make the most amount of

money but if you want to do this and you

want to do this within an hour or a day

you could literally just download the

video and re-upload it to YouTube and

you could do that within literally ten

minutes so what you would do is once

you've downloaded it and once you've

uploaded it to YouTube you want to head

into the description obviously you title

it you'd put the thumbnail and you try

and get people to click on it now what

you'll do is you'll come down to the

description you would write your

description and you would put something

like like funny dogs maybe you're like

this t-shirt too and then you link your

teespring link so you link your

teespring store here and basically

what's going to happen is people that

like to watch dog videos are dog lovers

and they might be inclined to click on

that link and they might buy your dog

t-shirt depending on how good the design

in designers and how would you sell it

to them oh yeah it's just a numbers game

really and I know you hear me say that a

lot but it really is a numbers game with

YouTube the more people you can get to

watch these videos the more people are

going to click on your link and then the

more people that are going to buy it so

that's how you can make $10,000 with one

hour's work every single day in short

and and it really is one hour's work

every single day all you have to do is

download a video or below the video and

just upload videos every single day and

you'll start to get some sales to


and you'll start to make some money

it might take you around six months to

make the $10,000 but it can be done and

it is possible on this video was not

clickbait at all so yeah that's how you

can do the method in short if this video

helped you out make sure you leave a

like make sure you subscribe check out

my no more method in the description

below cheers guys and I'll see you in

the next one