7 Ways To Make $10,000 Per Month Online

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hey what's up life masters this is

Stefan James from project life mastery

of making over $10,000 a month or more

so if you're just getting started and

wanting to build an online business or

make money online but you're not sure

where to start then this video will help

you with that because I'm gonna go

through each of these different business

models and Sharaf you my experience of

them the pros and cons of each and share

few parts of my business that I've never

really shared before so I'm gonna be as

transparent as possible if you already

have a business then this could be a

great way to diversify your business to

have multiple pillars multiple streams

of income and I'm going to share that

with you so make sure that you watch

this video in full let's begin okay the

first way to make money online is

through having a YouTube channel so

right now I'm on my YouTube channel

which is known as project life mastery

which is where you're watching this

video from right now you can learn more

about my channel here I've got

self-development content and videos to

help you improve and master every area

of your life and essentially what I do

as a youtuber is I create content I

create content that can add value to

people that can help them improve their

life you can create a YouTube channel on

any topic that you want I mean if you're

into sports if you're into basketball if

you're added gardening if you're into

business or marketing or health or

fitness or yoga whatever that might be

you can create a channel around that so

I've created a channel around my passion

I create videos like what I'm doing

right now and how do I make money from

this well the way that I make money is I

can turn on monetization on my YouTube

videos where I can have ads that appear

either the pre-roll ads that you might

have seen before watching this video

where you can skip that in five seconds

if somebody watches that ad or clicks on

it then I earn some money that

advertisers are paying YouTube and I

earn some of that money or I could have

ads that kind of show up throughout the

videos as well so this is right here if

you can see in my YouTube my YouTube

account my dashboard know I've been at

this for over seven and a half years

I've built up this channel to where it

is now of about 750,000 subscribers

thirty nine million views which is

pretty incredible you can see in the

last 28 days over seven million minutes

of watch time

almost 900,000 used usually I get about

a million views per month

14,000 subscribers in the last 28 days

and I generate usually around $12,000

per month in revenue from this so if I

click on through here I can see more

about how I make money from YouTube and

more about the revenue and which videos

are producing the revenue for me and

whatnot so all the details are here that

YouTube can provide for you now when it

comes to the different ways I'm gonna

share with you to make money this

YouTube strategy and when I'm sharing

with you that might seem like a lot of

money 12,000 a month but it's actually

the least effective way to make money

based on everything else that I'm gonna

be sharing with you because it's

incredibly challenging to build up a

successful YouTube channel like this a

lot of time a lot of effort has gone

into creating these YouTube videos and

building up over time so it doesn't

happen overnight takes you years to

build it up and even then with the other

ways that I'm gonna share with you on

how you can make money you know you can

make way more money by having a back-end

and using your YouTube videos and your

content to promote something else like

your own product for example and other

ways I'll share with you that is

actually a more effective way to make

money and that's actually how I make

millions of dollars online through my

business so even though it might seem

like 12 grand a month is a lot there's

so much more you can do with it if you

understand how to diversify your income

and create different pillars from it so

YouTube would be one way that you can

get started to make money and I think

it's a great way to attract people add

value around a passion and interest that

you have and then and then you can

monetize it through the ads like what I

showed you I don't monetize all my

videos by the way I can make more but I

turn off monetization on a lot too

because some of them I want to promote

other things that I might have but

that's one way is having your own

YouTube channel you just get started

with your own camera I do a lot of

videos just on my iPhone sometimes like

a selfie video or you know sometimes on

my webcam there's so many different ways

you can create videos these days and

video is a huge trend and opportunities

so you could also create a blog and have

ads on your blog or a podcast and get

sponsored those are other things you

could do as well but video for the most

part is the most powerful and the

biggest trend right now online so videos


want to go in that direction if not you

could build a blog or you could build a

podcast the second way to make money

online would be known as affiliate

marketing affiliate marketing is the

process of you promoting someone else's

product or service and then you earn a

commission from it so let me share with

you some ways that I do that and how you

can do it as well so going back to the

You Tube example I'm creating content

online you might have a blog a podcast a

Facebook page Facebook group an

Instagram account two Twitter accounts

it could be anything but by creating

content online you can attract people to

you and one of the great ways of

creating content is actually reviewing

other people's products that you can

share your experience with the pros and

the cons what you love about it what you

didn't like about it and you can share

and promote that as an affiliate so

here's an example of an old old video

that I did over 6 plus years ago back

when I had something called hair right

but I a little bit embarrassed by this

example but I want to share with you

because it still works and makes me

money so inside this video what I did

was I basically I shared my experience

with my Vitamix blender so Vitamix is a

well-known Brenda blender brand and it's

a high-ticket blender around five

hundred dollars and I love it I use it

almost every day and so what I decided

to do was create a YouTube video of me

sharing a review of the blender so I'm

sharing my honest experience what I like

about it what I don't like about it and

then for those that are interested in

buying it and want to learn more about

it then I can provide my affiliate links

so here in the description I provide an

affiliate link so you can make more

money by promoting a product as an

affiliate than actually making money

from the YouTube ad revenue so when

someone clicks on this link they'll go

to the Vitamix website if they buy the

product through the website it

automatically tracks and I earn a

commission from it ok I think I make 75

dollars per sale have earned tens of

thousands of dollars by promoting this

Vitamix blender maybe over a hundred

thousand dollars to be honest just from

a video like this so pretty powerful

pretty cool I'm adding value to people

and sharing things that have benefited

me and that's what I love about

affiliate marketing is you know I'm

sharing things that if something's

benefited me I feel like I have an aural

an ethical obligation to share that with

someone you know a moral obligation to


that was someone and not just keep that

for myself I want to be transparent and

share with people so for those that are

interested they can buy the product and

because I'm also optimizing it for

keywords because YouTube is a search

engine people would type in a keyword

and it can find my video now you would

not have to do this on a youtube if you

didn't want it you could create a blog

there's plenty of blog posts out there

if I go to Google and I type in Vitamix

review guess what there's gonna be a

bunch of videos of course but also

there's gonna be a lot of blog posts and

these blog posts they're all for the

most part affiliates for Vitamix and so

you could do something similar to what

they're doing if you wanted to and

create a blog there's people they're

gonna promote this on their email list

they're gonna promote it on their

Twitter page right so whatever ways that

you want to attract people to you and

build your business around you can do

that here's another example of a ring

called the aura ring great product I

love it basically this ring that tracks

your fitness or activity your sleep it's

kind of like a Fitbit but better I did a

review of it and I shared my experience

and what I did was for this I was

actually able to create to get a coupon

code where my audience can save 10% so

that's a great offer that I can give my

audience and you can reach out to the

companies and may want to support you as

an affiliate and help you promote the

product so if someone uses this coupon

code and they buy the product I can earn

a commission and it automatically tracks

it so pretty cool it's a win-win for

everybody win for the company they're

now getting a customer they might no not

normally get it's a win for the customer

because now they're benefiting from a

product that maybe they didn't know

about before and they're getting a

discount and it's also when for me

because I'm helping someone with a great

product but I'm also earning a

commission too here's another video of

the hundred a challenge which is an

online course that I've been through

it's a goal setting program benefited my

life so much I shared it with my

audience for many years and I shared my

goals and those transparent inside this

video but then I have an affiliate link

here if someone clicks on it and they go

on through and they buy the product then

I earn an affiliate commission from it

so that's just an example of you know

affiliate marketing you know someone

could learn more about it here 180

challenge I she only open

certain times of the year but it's a

great quality program that I'm proud to

promote and Sharaf my audience so you

might be thinking about how do you find

products to promote well there's

affiliate marketplaces out there that

have a lot of products that you can

promote as an affiliate one of them

being Clickbank calm so if you come here

to Clickbank calm they have an affiliate

marketplace and they have a whole list

of products so click your affiliate

marketplace and you can look through the

different categories of products that

you can promote and share so if you

wanted to promote something in health

and fitness I can go through the

different categories and I can just see

what products are out there that I might

want to promote and share there's many

other marketplaces even Amazon has their

Amazon Associates program this is their

affiliate program you can promote any

product on Amazon and earn up to a 10%

commission some products though like

Amazon's affiliate programs actually not

that great but some products you can

earn 75% commission so it really depends

on the company and what commission

they're gonna give out so affiliate

marketing is great I love it because you

know it's a great way to get started to

make money online because there's not

much expenses involved it's a business

model where you know you don't you know

you don't have to create the product you

don't have to be the expert you don't

have to create the sales page and come

up with the idea and do the copywriting

and have customer support and have a

team because takes a lot to create your

own product it's not something that

beginners most often can do it requires

a lot of experience and money to be able

to do that so the great thing is as an

affiliate marketer you can partner with

other people join their affiliate

program promote their product earn a

commission there's not much risk

involved if it doesn't make make you

money you just move on to the next


and it didn't take you much time to do

that so it's a great way to get started

to make money from the only downside

with affiliate marketing is that you

don't have full control over the other

products you know they could change

their affiliate program and they're kind

of at the mercy of that and so sometimes

you might have to change to another

product if they make a change to it that

you're not happy with but you know it's

often a pretty good deal overall to be

able to do do it this way so I feel like

marketing is great highly recommend it

if you actually want to learn more about

affiliate marketing I'll link to a

course that I have called a

the marketing mastery and I'd love to

invite you to a free masterclass that

I'll do for you well go more into and

how I make money from it so if you go to

affiliate marketing mastery com or click

below in the description you can learn

more about affiliate marketing and how

to get started with it alright the third

way that you can get started to make

money online would be creating and

selling your own product your own course

online so let's say you wanted to create

your own online course or training

program I've created many of these that

I share my expertise my experiences in a

variety of different niches and markets

but an example of this would be my

morning ritual mastery course so morning

rituals changed my life when I was 17

years old

having a ritual every single morning

doing something for my body my mind my

spirit that changed my life and so

that's something that I'm incredibly

passionate about and there's a demand

there's an audience of people out there

they're also interested in creating an

empowering morning ritual so what I did

was I created an online course this is

something that I sell for thirty seven

dollars it's a step-by-step video

training it's actually a seven a seven

day video training course and let me

show you what this is about so you can

create your own course if you wanted to

on whatever topic that might have a

demand out there or something that

you're more an expert on but and it

really not even that I'm gonna expert on

morning rituals it's just something that

I have a lot of experience with and has

benefit in my life but in order to sell

it your own course your own product

you've got to create the videos or it

might be like an e-book or audio program

whatever you might want want it to be a

membership website so you got to put all

that together that does take time to do

that it's not as easy as affiliate

marketing is but you've got to create

the course itself put it together in a

secured members area where people can

benefit and access it and then you got

to create the funnel pages so this right

here is a sales page where I've got a

video you know I've got more about it at

30 day money back gaurantee and so this

is all the copywriting and people can

learn about the product what's involved

in it so this is a sales page that every

every great product should have and

basically promotes and sells the product

for someone that wants to buy it and

then they'd click here to add it to the

cart and we

automatically I use clickbank for this


excuse me up for this order page and

everything so someone can purchase it

here when they purchase it I

automatically it goes into my Clickbank

account and I make money from it so

there's other payment gateways out there

there's stripe there's a variety of ones

out there but Clickbank is one of them I

already used that example before showing

you Clickbank for affiliate marketing

but you could actually be a vendor you

can be on the other side I showed you

how to use Clickbank a little bit for

affiliate marketing but if you wanted to

launch and sell your own course on

Clickbank and you could do that so these

are all products of other people that

have created them and you can get

affiliates to promote your product if

your product converts well and can make

other people money then you give them a

commission whether it's 10% 50% 75% you

give them a commission to incentivize

them to promote your product so for

example the Venus factor is a product

right and typically for creating your

own product I will say it's not for

beginners like usually I recommend make

money with affiliate marketing first

before you consider this because these

marketers here this is a vesl video

sales letter they're friggin good at

what they do like they test this like

crazy they invest a lot of money into

getting it to this point and it's very

challenging for a beginner to be able to

do that so most people they start with

affiliate marketing or maybe something

on Amazon or some of the other ways that

I'll mention and there's also more

expenses involved so usually you have to

hire people to help you put everything

together click funnels is great for

creating the funnel pages it's what we

use a lot for some of our funnels and

you got to pay $97 a month for it but

it's it's great for creating the landing

pages the opt-in pages the sales pages

and kind of putting all that together

I'll link below for a click funnels if

you're interested kajabi is also good

too for putting together an online

course does cost a bit of money every

month as well there's other options too

but kajabi is a good one that you can

link with click funnels so more involved

in creating own course and it's more for

people that want you know I want to

share their expertise and be an

authority but there's way more potential

you can obviously make a lot more money

by having your own course than you can't

even from affiliate marketing so you

have control over it you can scale and

grow it but it just requires a lot more

experience a lot more time and resources

to do it but it's a great option if you

built an audience of people if you have

an audience that you want to launch and

share your product with then that's

fantastic it's one of the top ways that

I make money online

the fourth way that you can make money

online is through e-commerce selling

physical products on Amazon or it might

be on your own Shopify store or your own

e-commerce store and the method for this

is known as private labeling which means

that you don't have to invent your own

product you can find a supplier or a

manufacturer that's already making a

product and you private label it meaning

that you order a certain amount of

inventory from that supplier and then

you put your own packaging and branding

on it so it's basically your own product

ok so this is a huge trend an amazing

opportunity to make money online Amazon

is one of the biggest the biggest online

retailer in the world they have hundreds

of millions of customers that use their

platform and buy products from Amazon

and so you get a leverage and take

advantage of their hundreds of millions

of customers they have a process called

FBA which stands for fulfillment by

Amazon which gives you the ability to be

an Amazon seller list your product and

sell it so Amazon is a search engine

people come here they search for

products it's a paid search engine

they're actually looking to buy

something so a simple example give you

an example of my my fiancee Tatiana's

products and brand and business she

sells waist trainers on Amazon so if you

come here and type in waist trainer you

can see there's a bunch of keywords that

Amazon automatically suggests for you

what people searching for but here you

can see a lot of body shapewear and

waist trainers that are available for

sale on Amazon so just as an example

type in my and her brand name

so his luxe curves this is my lovely

fiancee Tatiana if I were to click on I

guess I'll click on her ad if I were to

click here I can see the product this is

a product that she developed and she

sources it and you

helped design it and make it better and

everything and you can see she sells it

for $55 she's got a lot of great reviews

she has different colors and different

sizes and everything for it and so this

is a successful business and brand that

she built generates over a hundred

thousand dollars per month in sales and

anyone could do this you know anyone

could could create their own brand like

this and find a product they want to

promote and get behind now she doesn't

just sell it on Amazon as she only she

sells a few of her products on Amazon

she primarily sells it on her own

website so her website here is known as

Lux curves and you know she built out up

an underwear line as well but this is

her right here so she runs this website

and she sells through here and you can

see all the different products that she

has by selling on her own Shopify

website like this she has more control

she controls the margins a lot better

the refund policy the shipping she makes

more money by selling on her own website

so most people they start on Amazon it's

a lot easier to start with Amazon and

then and once you build a brand in an

audience you build your own Shopify

store and you try to transition more to

selling on your own store and website

because you can make a lot more money

there and I want to mention - a great

website oh here we go

a great website where you can find

products to private label is Alibaba so

here's all her different products and

everything but Alibaba calm you can find

suppliers from all over the world really

but China is a big place that a lot of

people source from because it's really

inexpensive so if I wanted to come here

type in waist trainer and you know you

can find companies where you can order

the waist trainer from them of course

you have to order in bulk and there's

some investment involved with getting

inventory and starting a business like

this but it can be really great because

you know if you get it at a low price

and then you resell it at a higher price

with your own branding and packaging

then you can make a lot more money from

it so Amazon FBA is a great business

model for beginners does require some

money takes a bit of time to launch a

product maybe a few months you've got to

find your niche that you want to build

your business from and but otherwise it

can be great can take a while to scale

you got to reinvest

back into the business too but it's a

great business for those that want to be

more behind the scenes as well and

create something that's a physical

product not just a digital product and

by the way if you want to learn more

about selling physical products then

I've got a free training for you that I

want to send you some great content that

I've created in the past if you go to


click the link in the description and

you could put in your name and email and

I'll send you some great videos and

content that will help you get started

with this and also share some of the

best courses out there that I've found

that can also help you get started to

build your own Amazon business the fifth

way to make money online is through book

publishing you can publish your own book

on Amazon so this is another great way

that you can make money online because

you can either write the book yourself

which doesn't cost anything just

requires a bit of your time you might

have to hire someone a credit cover for

you or you can you can hire a

ghostwriter someone that can write the

book for you and you handle the

publishing in the marketing and you work

with other authors so here's a book that

I published myself I've actually

published many books hundreds of them on

Amazon most of them under different pen

names or pseudo names and that's

something you can also do if you build a

publishing company and you're not the

actual author of the books you can

publish them under a pen name or a

pseudonym which is very common in the

publishing industry so here's a book

that I created

shehram 67 morning ritual habits for

your body mind and spirit it's free to

publish it using their platform known as

KDP KDP stands for Kindle direct

publishing if you go to KDP amazon.com

you can set up your free account the way

that I make money from this is when

someone clicks here to buy the book Add

to Cart or buy now then I earn a 70

percent royalty on the Kindle version

and then also have a paperback version

here as well and they have a paperback

part called crate space which integrates

with KDP that allows you to create

paperback books it's all print on demand

so there's no inventory that you have to

own when someone clicks here to order

the paperback book it automatically

ships to them it prints it and ships it

to them so you don't have to have an

inventory and then they pay you a

royalty from that

well and then also you can publish

audiobooks to on audible they have a

platform known as a CX for that but

publishing books is a great way to also

get started it's kind of you're

leveraging Amazon in the same way you

are for physical products but it's a lot

cheaper and easier to start with it's a

lot less complex you don't have to have

manage inventory and work with suppliers

and create packaging there's a lot more

to a physical products business but the

benefit of a physical products business

is you can scale it a lot easier you can

make way more money with that publishing

books you can make a good amount of

money you can make a couple hundred a

couple thousand dollars a month but it's

harder to scale beyond six figures in a

publishing business like this so for a

lot of people it's a great inexpensive

way to get started to make money and

then you know as you're making some

money from it you expand into affiliate

marketing because you're gonna use your

books to promote products inside the

book or build an email list and promote

products that way or you can combine

some of these ways together and

hopefully you're seeing that how you can

combine a youtube channel maybe with

your own books with your own physical

products with your own affiliate

marketing and you're making maids in

multiple ways right you're making

multiple streams of income so book

publishing is another great way that you

can get started to make money online and

by the way if you want to learn more

about how you can publish your own book

and make money from publishing on Amazon

then click below in the description I've

got resources and an actual course that

I created that goes more into this as

well that you can also benefit from so

click on through below if you want to

learn how to get started with publishing

the next way that you can make money

online is by offering coaching or

putting on your own mastermind events so

coaching is a great way to be able to

make money online you can offer coaching

online through Skype resume it could be

one-on-one or it could even be group

coaching so I'll give you some examples

from my own business I've got a coaching

program called the online business

mastery accelerator this is a product an

online course but I do monthly coaching

and mentoring through this program so

people pay every month to be a part of

it and I coach people to help them build

their online business so you could

create something like that or you could

do one-on-one I've done that for many

years as well and the great thing about

that one

you're trading your time for money so

it's not like a passive income stream

but the great thing about it is that you

can charge a lot more money for your

time so you can charge more money if

you're willing to offer your time in

that way I also have a similar one known

as the life mastery accelerator this is

a monthly mentoring program but it's on

the subject of self-development and

helping people improve every aspect of

their life and then the other one that I

do is a mastermind a mastermind is an

event that you put on I put on a 2-day

event twice a year right now it's either

in person or online I mostly do in

person I book a room people fly in for

it and I work with them and I coached

them to help them build their business

but you could also do it online as well

now again you're trading your time for

money but you can charge a lot for this

I mean for me my events I built my brand

and my name up and my coaching

experience that I can charge over five

thousand dollars to come out to an event

and it's a great way to network and meet

other people so here's a page that I

have that as well again it's just

another way that you can do it but I

often recommend if you're doing this

well you could actually start with this

this is actually one of the ways that I

built my career is I started with this

and I made a lot of money by trading my

time for money and add in my free time I

was also building up my passive income

through some of the other models that I

shared or you add this to an existing

model like if you already have an

audience you already have your own

courses or whatever it is then you have

people that would pay you to get the

one-on-one access to you or to come to a

mastermind so I love it it's the most

satisfying way that I make money because

I actually got to meet people connect

with them and help them hands-on with

their business in their life and it's

very rewarding and fulfilling so a great

way also if you want to make money if

you have a skill set if you have

expertise and you can make money from

that by putting on your own events or

offering coaching 101 or group coaching

okay and the last way that you can make

money online is by creating and selling

your own software or your own app so

right here's an example of a software

that I created and developed with my

brother it's a software for Kindle

publishers so for publishers that are

publishing books on Amazon we created a

software that can

how people solve their problem now

software can be a really awesome way to

make money and build a business around

because you're solving a problem most

often you're saving people time and

money which people love software's can

really sell themselves like it becomes a

no-brainer for someone when they

discover a software that can save them

time and money and they only got to pay

a little bit of money for every month it

could be a huge game-changer for them

which people love but the only thing

I'll say about software is it requires a

lot of experience you're going to need

to hire a developer or maybe you're a

developer it can do it but it does

require a lot of experience where you

have to develop something it does take a

lot of time and be prepared to have a

lot of bugs a lot of breaks a lot of

fixes that you have to always be on top

of because our software integrates with


whenever Amazon changes things we've got

to change things and it kind of becomes

a little bit of a pain to do that so if

you're committed to it you build a team

and developers and people that can help

and be on top of it I think it could be

incredible a great way to make money

especially make passive income recurring

income every month because if you set it

up where people pay monthly for the

software then that could be fantastic

now this is a web-based software but

there's also downloadable software and

there's also apps so mobile apps are

also popular that you can sell on the

App Store you know the Google store and

all that

that's a different skill hiring a

developer as well as a similar thing but

obviously there has to be a market and

demand for the software and what you're

considering to sell so software can be

great but again I often recommend is

that for those that have money have a

bit more time and are willing to go

through the process and work with a

developer to create a software or an app

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