How To Make $10,000 Per Month Working 10hrs Per Week

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so I know a lot of you are new to this

channel you just subscribed and I've

beginning a lot of viewers watching one

of my old videos which was how I made

$5,000 per month selling on eBay so I

thought I would do update a video of

that how I make $10,000 selling online

is my side hustle in that previous video

you guys passed where I sourced my items

from how much I buy them for and how

much I sell them for so in this video

I'm gonna go over one month where I sold

ten thousand dollars per month and I'll

go over the exact items that I sold how

much I sold them for and at the end of

this video I'm gonna show you guys

exactly where I source my items from and

where you can source it from it's really

easy so follow along and you'll have

exactly what you'll need to get started

with the site house I really do love

this height I saw a lot because you

don't need a lot of money to get started

I started with $200 and now I'm making

$10,000 per month and that's just from

reinvesting my profit and you really

don't need to invest a lot of time into

this I work full-time as a software

engineer 9 to 5 so I do this part-time

and I work about 5 to 10 hours per week

on this and I'm able to make about

$10,000 per month so you don't need a

lot of money and you don't need a lot of

time but there's no special skills that

you have to learn so this is perfect for

somebody that's just starting I do like

the self exclusively on eBay because

it's one of the easiest platforms for

you to sell on you don't have to worry

about search engine optimization

bringing people in to your site you

don't have to worry about setting up

payment for your buyers all of that is

already set up through the eBay system

all you have to do is set up an account

and list your item and you'll get it

sold and get paid and you don't have to

worry about all the other stuff that you

would if you were selling on something

like your own site but I do still sell

on Amazon and also Facebook marketplace

so those are the three places that I

sell but right now I'm gonna focus on

eBay because that's usually where I

still most of myself this is my sales

report for eBay on December 27th 2018

through January 31st 2019 so I sold a

total of nine thousand four hundred

forty-five this excludes the sales that

I did on Amazon and

also Facebook marketplace so on December

27th through January 2nd I sold two

thousand five hundred thirty three

dollars and on January third to the


I sold eight hundred seventy nine

January 24th through 30th I sold three

thousand dollars

so total nine thousand four hundred

forty-five I did promise to show you

guys exactly what I saw during that time

and one of the items that I sold a lot

of and that made a good amount of money

was this this is the DJI mafic air this

is a drone that's sold by DJI a Chinese

company and there's usually retails for

799 dollars but I was able to get it for

two hundred and thirty nine dollars and

as you can see I got a lot of them and I

was able to resell them for $650 so

that's about a $400 profit per item and

I did end up selling a lot of these on

Facebook marketplace because that

allowed me to avoid the eBay fees which

is a 10% fee and 10% fee is a lot when

you consider that these are selling for

$650 so I made a good amount of money on

this product so I ended up selling a

good amount of the DJI Mavic ears but I

did also end up selling the DJI sparks

they're a smaller version of this drone

and they gave me a good amount of profit

I'm not gonna go into that right now but

another item that I sold was this this

is the Bose home 500 speaker and as you

can see that if I find a product that I

really like at a good price I end up

keeping one for myself as well so this

one retails for 399 dollars but I was

able to get it for a hundred and

nineteen dollars and sell it for three

hundred seventy-five dollars so that's

about a $250 profit and I was able to

get a good amount of these so that's how

I made the ten thousand dollars that I

did in that month and this is usually

what I do when I resell items I get them

at a really good price in our reseller

so I know a lot of you are probably

asking in the comment section

where do I get these items how can I get

them how can I resell them

before I tell you guys that if you

haven't already make sure you subscribe

right here so you don't miss any future

videos like this and if you're enjoying

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like button because it really does help

out this channel a lot so this is

probably the moment that a lot of you

have been waiting for and that's where

I'm sourcing these items from so you see

it by now that a lot of these items I'm

getting for 50% off seventy percent off

90 percent off and I don't have any type

of special employee discount or any of

that stuff and I am getting these from

local retail stores like Target or

Walmart or Lowe's and a lot of these

stores usually do clearance items and

they clearance items for a couple

reasons one they might be trying to get

rid of old inventory or they might be

are trying to get rid of inventory to

make space for a store renovation or

whatever reason they're doing clearance

items all the time and these clearance

items are stored level so it's throw

they're not nationwide they're store

specific so you have the option of

driving around to these different retail

stores and seeing if they have clearance

items but that's not what I do because

that takes too much time for my day for

me to do that I actually found a website

that allows me to do this very easily

and it's called bricks ich komm bricks

ich komm is a great tool for a reseller

on a time crunch like myself that

doesn't really want to drive around

these different stores and look at their

clearance sections I can just log in

online and see what the prices are at

these different stories if they have a

clearance item it will show me right

there online and I can drive to the

store with confidence that first of all

the item is going to be there and second

of all I'm gonna get it at a good price

so Brooks ich tops into the inventory of

Target Walmart Lowe's Office Depot

staples Home Depot and you get to really

see what their clearance is like so some

stores are gonna have a better clearance

than others and you get the drive to

that specific store and buy the item

that you want at a really great price so

let me show you exactly what brick

c-calm is all about well this is bricks

ich dot

car so brick seek actually has three

different levels of membership they have

a free version they have a premium

version which cost $9.99 per month and

they have a extreme version which costs

$29.99 a month and that's the one that I

have oh I enter my zip code right here

which is DC and then I get to see all

the clearances around me electronics

deals near me so this extreme section

just means it shows to me only because I

have the extreme membership the premium

membership only shows for people that

have a premium or extreme membership and

I'll also show you online electronic

deals but my favourite section is up

here the members area you get to search

by today's markdowns and you can search

by Walmart Target Lowe's Office Depot

Macy's so you can search any of these

stores to see what their clearance is at

that specific retailer so I'm gonna

select target and this is all the

different clearances that they have at

Target so you could just look around

here and see what catches your eye and

what you think we'll have a good resale

value and I'm looking around and I see

that this Verizon prepaid Moto e 6 is

$35 and it usually costs $119 so now you

have the option to click on a check

inventory if you click on that it will

tell you exactly how many of them they

have around your zip code and what they

cost at the specific stores so it shows

me that all the different stores around

my area are $119 and down here you can

see that $35 is what it's going for in

the one in Ellicott City Maryland so I

can drive to that store pick this item

off for $35 and resell it for 93 dollars

so that is the power of brick seek

and that's really why I like using it

because it makes us so easy you don't

have to go into all these different

retail stores and you can keep searching

for off Walmart Lowe's and all these

different retailers and that's really

how I source all these items so this is

a really powerful tool for you to add if

you're somebody that wants to get into

reselling and it makes it really easy

you don't have to waste time or money

looking up these different things as I

said it is $9.99 per month for the

Premium Membership and you can just try

it for a month if you don't like it you

can cancel it by the way this is not

sponsored by brick seek but if they are

watching this video and they want to

sponsor it yeah I'm here for a

sponsorship so I hope you guys enjoyed

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for these scams cuz they do go after a

lot of new sellers and if you watch that

video you'll be able to avoid both of

the scams thanks for watching guys I'll

see you guys next time