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What happens when you need to make a lot of money really fast?

In this video, I’m revealing seven legit strategies to make $10,000 fast.

Some are pretty extreme but all of them will make you money.

We’re talking how to make money fast today on Let’s Talk Money.

Beat debt.

Make money.

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Let's talk money.

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So we talk a lot about passive income and creating income sources here on the channel

but what happens when you just need a lot of money really fast?

What are some strategies you can use to add ten grand to your bank account as quickly

as possible?

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, seven ways to make $10,000 in

as little time as possible.

Some of these strategies are a little weird, some work within months while others take

a little longer, but all are 100% legit.

None involve gambling or taking risk and every single one will make you $10,000 fast.

Our first strategy is starting your own meal service business and this one is trending

huge right now.

I love this idea for a small business or just to make some quick cash.

Face it, most of us hate spending time in the kitchen.

The average family spends over three thousand a year eating out and some groups like my

own Gen X spend over four grand a year.

That’s over $350 a month eating out and doesn’t include the thousand or so a month

on groceries.

I actually think people would spend more eating out if it wasn’t so damn expensive…and

that’s where you come in, offering home cooking at half the cost of a restaurant.

Think about it, the average dinner out for a family of three is over $50 and most families

are out just because they don’t want to cook.

This doesn’t have to be a big business.

If you cook just three meals a week and have on average five customer families each meal,

you’re making $300 to $500 profit each week and the best part is, if you’re cooking

for your family, it’s something you have to do anyway.

It costs less than $5 a plate to cook at home and meal delivery businesses typically charge

at least $10 to $15 per serving with delivery.

That’s a 200% profit on your costs and there are a few things you can do to make this an

even bigger money-maker.

First, you want to plan a menu for each week.

This means you’re not making dinners to order, people aren’t calling up like it’s

a restaurant.

You plan on making a specific mean each night.

You take pre-orders from a website or social media a night or two in advance so you have

an idea of how much to make.

This really cuts down on costs because you’re making one meal in bulk to feed your own family

and all your customers.

Also, while you’re preparing your meal plan, look for the meals you can make with the biggest


A study by Wellio found the difference between restaurant prices and home cooking as high

as $32 per serving for some dinners.

Some dinners like Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Pasta even cost less than two dollars

a serving to make.

You can offer delivery for an extra fee or include it in the cost.

Any way you do it, this one can grow into a full-time money maker.

Our next way to make $10,000 fast is creating and flipping website domains.

There are actually two strategies you can use here and you don’t need to have any

technical skills.

The first strategy is less profitable but also takes less time.

You buy a website through a site like Flippa or through a network of bloggers, so we’re

talking a legit website already with content and some age.

Then you boost traffic, increase sales and flip it inside of three months.

I did this with a dating website I bought in 2015 from another blogger.

The site was making less than $100 a month but had legitimate content and I knew the

blogger had genuinely tried to make it work.

That’s the key with buying a website, it has to be a legit site and not some spammy

site set up just to sell.

I bought the site for $500 and started boosting traffic with regular posts and some search

engine optimization.

I was able to increase income to $350 a month within three months and ended up selling it

for $5,000 nine months later.

That’s $4,500 on one site alone and I know people that do this full-time, working on

five or six sites at a time.

Flippa.com makes it easy to buy and sell websites though you’ll also want to get involved

in an online community of bloggers to pick up sites.

I’ll share some ideas on boosting traffic and income next but that second strategy would

be to just create new websites for sale.

This takes a little longer because you’re probably looking at six months working on

a site to sell it but it’s also a little easier because you don’t need any money

to buy the site and you don’t spend time searching for legit sites for sale.

It costs less than $50 to set up a blog including a year’s hosting and some paid plugins.

In fact, you can get started on less than $4 a month with Blue Host for webhosting and

get up to $200 in advertising credits.

I was making over $200 a month within six months of starting my blogs which would sell

for more than $3,000 if you were going to flip it.

Whether you’re planning on creating sites to sell or flipping, there are a few things

you can do to boost traffic and income that will get you a better price.

First is to get involved in a community of bloggers, either one in a specific niche or

just general blogging.

Look for groups on Facebook that are active in posting but not just spamming their recent


You’ll learn a lot from these groups and they’ll be an instant source for sharing

your articles.

Don’t try to be on every social media platform for your blog.

You don’t need to jump on the newest platform, just focus on building a community on Facebook,

Instagram and Pinterest at first by sharing your posts and engaging with others.

For new blogs with little Google traffic, this is going to be your biggest traffic source

at first.

Finally, make sure you diversify your income on the site.

This is the biggest mistake I see with bloggers where maybe they rely exclusively on ads or

affiliate income.

By doing some sponsored posts, printables and even self-publishing, you can grow a blog

to making a couple hundred a month very quickly and it’s going to be more consistent.

I’ve got an entire playlist of videos here on the channel about starting and building

a blog so I’ll leave a link in the video description below.

Third on our list to make ten grand is selling shit…literally.

No lie, a company in Medford, Massachusetts called OpenBiome actually buys fecal samples

for $40 a pop.

They use the samples to help doctors treat infections of a bacterial infection called

Clostridium Difficile and you can earn a $50 bonus if you come in five days a week.

Now this one isn’t really an option for most people since you have to be local to

Medford but I couldn’t resist.

What it does is show that you have to keep an open mind and look at every possibility.

Your $10,000 payday is out there if you’re open to these weird ideas.

Next on are list is a little more traditional and that’s to get started freelancing.

This one is a little harder to talk about because there is so much you can do freelancing.

Basically, it’s just working independently so anything you do as a traditional 9-to-5

can be freelanced at home and on your schedule.

The trick to freelancing is understand there are two types of jobs you can do.

One is the skilled work that you get after years of experience and then there’s the

stuff that people just don’t want to do.

You’ll make more money for these skilled jobs but there’s a time for the other type

too because they’re super easy to get and start making money.

I’ve got an entire video on part-time work from home jobs that highlights ten of these

easy to get jobs that pay from $10 to $30 an hour.

These are jobs like transcription, lead generation, travel planning.

All kinds of jobs you can do in 15 or 20 hours a week from home to make a couple grand a

month so I’ll leave a link to that in the video description below.

Going after those skilled types of jobs though like consulting, social media management and

marketing, you can start charging from $50 an hour and up.

The chart here is from a Payoneer survey of 23,000 freelancers in 180 countries so the

wages are actually a little lower than what you can expect.

Almost all the freelancers I know average at least $20 an hour and most charge between

$30 to $100 an hour.

Even working part-time freelancing, that means less than three months to reach that $10,000

level and I know freelancers that do it every single month.

The key to freelancing is having more than one income stream.

In the Payoneer survey, 80% of freelancers were working on three projects at a time and

12% worked on between four and six projects at once.

That means even as some projects are ending, some are starting and you’ve always got

that steady stream of income.

Visit a few freelancing sites to get a feel for how to get started.

These include sites like Upwork and freelancer.com.

The pay isn’t always great for projects on these because you’re competing with freelancers

from all over the world.

Do a few projects though and you can start charging higher rates on the quality of work

and you’ll start getting referrals.

Our fifth way to make $10,000 fast is starting a channel here on YouTube and this one will

surprise you.

I started devoting ten hours a week to my YouTube channel in January of 2018 with just

20 subscribers.

By the end of 2018, I was over 37,000 subscribers and had made over $10,500 from ads.

That’s not including nearly $8,500 in sponsorships and affiliate commissions.

I now average $2,500 a month in YouTube ads and another thousand or two in sponsorships

and that number is growing every month.

There are a lot of great channels here on YouTube about growing your own channel and

I’m sharing my experience on my blog.

The most important point I’ve found, and I know this doesn’t seem like much of a

secret, but to just be consistent.

Commit to producing at least one video a week, publishing on the same day and time every


Put in the time to really engage with your community and put out some solid content.

This isn’t something that’s going to be quick and easy.

In fact, it will probably take more work than some of the other ideas but this is one that

can quickly grow way beyond that $10,000 payday.

Your biggest hurdle to making money on YouTube is just getting started.

I know for a lot of people it can be intimidating to put yourself out there, create a video

and post it online.

You need to get over that and just get started.

Spend a week learning how to create and grow a YouTube channel but set a firm deadline

for uploading your first video.

Sixth on our list is another fun one, growing crickets, mice and other live pet foods.

This one surprised me the most researching for the video because it’s so odd but makes

more money than you think.

Live crickets are bought for fishing, as pet food and some people even eat them as a source

of protein.

The beauty of farming these is that it can be done in very little space, with very little

work and the market is booming.

I talked to one guy that raises crickets and mealworms making $4,000 a month on part-time


With crickets, you need one container for the adults, one to incubate the eggs and one

for the baby crickets.

You put a small tray of topsoil in the adult container and wait for the crickets to lay

eggs in it.

A single female cricket can lay 10 eggs a day for life so it’s not going to take long

to grow your farm.

Every day, you mist the topsoil to keep it moist.

Take out the trays with eggs to put them in the incubator.

When the crickets start hatching, you move them to the kindergarten container until they’re

ready to join the adults.

That’s it, less than an hour a day for a small operation that can easily make a few

hundred a week.

You can sell your crickets, mice, or mealworms to pet stores, zoos or through your own online


Our seventh way to make $10,000 fast is to sell everything you own.

This one sounds extreme but sometimes that’s what you need to get out from a bind.

Research out of the insurance industry estimates that the average American has $20,000 worth

of personal belongings.

Now I’m not talking about just selling that treadmill that’s become a coat rack or the

ab roller you’re clearly not using.

If you need to make ten grand, you’re going to need to sell everything.

Where you sell your stuff is going to be the important part here because you’ll get far

more for it online than you will with a garage sale or consignment shops.

Start by selling anything you can on eBay.

Do a search for each item to see how much you can get and estimate your shipping costs.

Odds are that this is the best you’re going to do so give it a couple weeks before you

try another strategy.

You can use Amazon if you have anything in the original packaging or with the UPC barcode.

One trick is if you have the original box, you can always get it plastic-wrapped to make

it look new.

Look I know you think you need a microwave, the blender, and all the little gadgets and

electronics around the house but if you need a lot of money fast, this is going to be one

of the easiest sources.

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more money and making your money work for you.

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