How I Make $10,000 PER WEEK At 17 (What Do I Do?)

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what is it that I do to make 10 grand a

week you ask what's going on if we're in

Hayden you're coming back at you with

the brand-new video and in this one it's

a little bit interesting I do have the

cash 10 grand cash how do I make that

every single week you guys roughly

obviously some weeks or more usually now

it's not less than that which is great

constant progression and leveling up

this video for those of you who are

gonna go drop comments or whatever is

not to explain how I do this that see

other videos on the channel this is to

explain exactly what I do my different

sources of income and just breaking down

the different business models and how I

achieve that so with that being said you

guys this is one that in my opinion is a

little bit of a different style so we're

kind of flipping it around on the

channel I like doing that kind of switch

it up from the basic ecommerce content

we're constantly posting what you guys

love so we're definitely um back at you

with that in these next couple videos

but for now let's jump inside of my

computer I want to explain a couple the

main source of income and break down a

lot of the subcategories in there

because there are a lot of sources of

income in total and I want to kind of

give you guys some clarity on exactly

what I do and a little bit of how I do

it so we'll jump inside of my computer

and explain that but before we do it if

you do enjoy the video at all I'd

appreciate if you drop a link down below

and let me know in the comments what

kind of videos you guys want to see if

you haven't already be sure to join the

family by hitting that nice thing that

subscribe button and let's jump inside

my computer alright so for those of you

who have seen my Instagram if you look

inside of my bio it says I do stuff

online okay and what that means is I use

the internet and obviously that's a very

broad statement I want to kind of twist

that and just make it super basic for a

lot of guys who don't know who I am who

don't know what I do or how this stuff


breaking that down there's different

subcategories to internet so I use

social media for the most part that's

the platform the different platforms the

different extent and all of it ties into

social media somehow like 99% of it so

doing that the subcategories that I'm in

personally obviously there are probably

millions of different businesses and

industries you can do inside the

internet I'm using social media and

through that I am doing marketing

e-commerce and software now there's even

subcategories below that which we're

gonna break down here in a second as to

where my different income streams are

but just know if you want to make money

you have to bring value to the

marketplace so whatever industry that I

enter I'm bringing value to the

marketplace and I know the value I can

bring or figure out how to bring before

I get involved that's why I know I'm

gonna make money otherwise I'm not gonna

do it shoot me wasting my time so let's

say you go you go

job McDonald's right you're flipping

burgers making 8 bucks an hour

that's not exactly that heart of a skill

I could go do that your Uncle Bob could

go do that Nancy can go do that it

doesn't matter it's not that difficult

so that's not a lot of value that's why

you're not getting paid a lot so if you

want to get paid more bring more value

okay and obviously it's not just that

simple you can have a great skill if you

don't know how to structure it pitch it

sell it you know market it which kind of

comes down to marketing a little bit

then it doesn't matter you're not gonna

make money from it so there's a lot of

different things that go into that but

just know that I bring value that's why

I make money that's why I'm gonna

continue to make more money to bring

more value and be a bigger person

bringing more value and helping more

people in the marketplace for whatever

the business is so I kind of want to go

through and break this down for you

there's a lot a lot of different

subcategories inside of here

affiliate marketing that's kind of

falling under the marketing that's

mostly just with social media a lot

through personal branding not so much

anymore with advertising for those you

who are wondering you know I will be

making that affiliate marketing video


that's something I want to map out

because that changed my life affiliate

marketing is what got me like if there

was a transition point in two different

businesses for me so that's gonna be a

good video once that one drops but

affiliate marketing I used to do

legitimate advertising paid for

shoutouts and whatnot to blow that up

and it worked

now the affiliate marketing there's

multiple streams inside of it it's a lot

through my personal brands through

different social media channels that I

have and it's working well so that's

something that's basically automated now

somewhat on the marketing side under

social media consulting and of course

you could oh I don't even know what I

just did

consulting and the course obviously

that's just stuff that kind of happens

again I barely do consulting very

selective with who we led into that who

I actually work one I want to because at

that point I'm spending my time I want

to automate as much as possible as for

the course again kind of the same thing

just building testimonies and success

stories not going to talk about that too

much that's coming later clients now

this is one of those things where it's

just there

you know I've referred different

business owners and clients to friends

of mine and now I get a cut of that

every single month as a client pay so

let's say they're managing their

marketing they're doing SEO email

marketing it really doesn't matter

whatever service they're providing even

consulting to that business

I'm getting a cut of that so that's

somewhat falls under affiliate marketing

because I'm somewhat an affiliate I can

go out and get businesses I can do the

work myself but again automation and

removing my time is what I'm focused on

so send the clients someone else there's

different clients mostly I'm focusing on

like high net worth clients who I knew

super hyper targeted stuff for on one

specific thing one marketing tactic one

advertising platform and just crush it

with that for them so that's a small

income haven't really focused and don't

want to focus too much time on that at

all software this is one of my more

interesting ones right now that I'm

really enjoying there's two sides to

this okay and I listed it right here

residual and one-time so at the moment

what the software is that we're working

on the stuff that I have which I'll

definitely be explaining in another

video it's so it's a residual thing so

I'm trying to build residual passive

income again it's not a lot of work you

build it up in the front end and then it

runs so it's kind of more passive income

business model which is great especially

since I'm not a hundred percent I'm not

a hundred percent equity holder in the

company so I don't have to do all the

work I don't want to I wanted to be an

equity holder help with the marketing

blow it up and then be hands-off so I

did put money I'm you know invested into

the business obviously

and there is a way you can do one time

with software I know a lot of people do

it okay you're upfront do this do that I

don't have that I don't do that one time

for me is more like payments with like a

course consulting is somewhat on a

residual basis you know from doing a

call every week or every couple weeks

usually we just pay that all upfront and

pre determine the amount of time in the

timeframe that I'm gonna be consulting

with them and just pay it so that's a

one-time there's a lot of different

stuff like that different stuff like

stores okay so when we're talking about

I mean buy stores first of all this is

shop five so do you guys know if you

watch a channel a lot of the content I

post here is about e-commerce there's

multiple stores that I run and I'm

trying to build another two to three I

should just built the other one

yesterday then I'm gonna be automating

throughout this next year so again

putting in the work getting the business

going and then hands off my goal with

everything I touch is to be hands-off

within three to five months and have a

cash flow a certain amount of money now

that certain amount of money for me is

scaling I know people who they're trying

to figure how to make their first

thousand bucks a month that's great I'm

at the point right now where I don't

want to touch any business or any

venture that has it or that

as lessor doesn't have the potential to

make me at least 20 to 50,000 a month on

autopilot after about three to six

months so that's kind of where I'm at I

want to build those residual streams

Shopify is not necessarily residual but

if you know how to do the marketing it's

it's damn close to it okay and so there

are a lot of different categories in

here that we can go through and talk

about there's so many subcategories to

this but how I do this you guys first of

all I didn't just start off doing

marketing e-commerce software with

affiliate marketing course consulting

clients residual software whatever I did

not start doing that and I don't think

you really can I'm not

Elon Musk I can't start three billion

dollar companies simultaneously I need

my sleep

but I focus on one thing I picked one

thing I got started with it you guys

will see that in the mystory video which

is gonna come probably towards the end

of January this next year but I'm gonna

explain exactly what I do how I've done

it and just my life story but I picked

one business I started with one business

blew that up got it going got it more

automated and passive on the back end so

I had the cash flow right making the

money I can then use that to go and

invest in other businesses you know

marketing can you need ad spend

ecommerce same thing there's costs

involved with that software you got to

pay the coders the developers you got a

host a servers everything so different

businesses that cost different amounts

of money I'm not really keeping a lot of

my money right now just constantly

throwing it right back out investing in

the different things and that's how I

want it to be so for those of you

wondering kind of what I do there's a

quick rundown of it obviously there's a

couple different things feel free to ask

any questions you have in the comments

down below as for how I do it that's

another video there's someone like I can

literally go through and give you a

five-hour spiel on every single point

not even every single main one right

here I can go through and give it to you

on all the subcategories so there's a

lot of different things that go into it

if you guys want to start your own

business even have little side hustles

whatever and the whole topic of starting

your own business I didn't have a

business legally speaking for years

because you don't necessarily need one

you're an affiliate for a product you

can just sell it through social media

and make residual income they shoot it

right to your PayPal or to your bank you

don't necessarily mean a business so

don't think of it as scary you don't

need to go register a business right


obviously figure out your tax situation

that's not what I'm giving advice on in

this video

but get something started you guys are

watching this video for a reason you

know hopefully that cleared up some

questions on exactly what I do help you

guys out yes ten thousand a week I know

I have the income board I think you guys

there's a light kind of blocking that

I've some studio lighting now but that

is not accurate at all for this next

month the first two are accurate so

December is an interesting month you

guys definitely gonna see that kind of

the update video on exactly what

happened towards the end of this month

that's like almost that's like half the

month so curious did you see how things

go and how things grow over the next few

years I hope that you guys are enjoying

the content and put on this channel and

I hope you guys are crushing it with

whatever you're doing 2017 has been

insane let's make 2018 our and I'm

gonna keep coming at you these videos

every single day so I'll see in the next

one peace