How to Get 3 Stars on Mario Kart Wii (with proof)

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welcome to how to get three stars on

Mario Kart Wii in this video I'm going

to explain exactly what you need to do

to get three stars in Mario Kart Wii and

I'm gonna back it up with a series of

proof videos to explain that what I'm

telling you is actually fact and not

just my observations or opinion on how

to get three stars so how do you get

three stars we have to follow the three

star rules and there's just two of them

first you got to win all races and get

60 points and second you got to beat

each course is Maksim time or Justin

Maksim time if you incur any penalties

or bonuses there are four types of

penalties the first is falling the

second penalty is colliding with course

hazards such as mobile or fixed hazards

the third is driving off-road and the

fourth is stained in 9th to the 12th

place for too long there are two types

of bonuses hitting CPU with

non-strategic item and hitting a CPU

with a strategic item and now what

Arsenal of course maximum times well

here's a little sample 150cc sharp at

land is about three minutes you can see

it's a little for the normal coastal

over ten seconds more 100cc Sugar Land

goes up to 320 normal goals time is

really apply 150cc will VG stadium goes

up to 255 and Luigi's circuit goes just

about five seconds above the normal

ghost at 135 and mushroom Gorch it goes

up to 225 and if you want to know more

about course maximum times I have two

videos the mushroom Cup and banana Cup

where I listen to make sometimes and

some strategies how to play this cups

and now we'll go into a little more

detail into course penalties the first

and biggest penalty is falling at the

150cc level it's a 10-second penalty for

every time you fall so you can still get

three stars if you fall but this would

make a lot harder the next penalty is

the mobile hazard penalty that's when

you hit a whole course hazard you get a

four and a half second penalty

at a 50cc level and so you're better off

slowing down to try to them the next

penalty is the fixed hazard collision

and just like the mobile hazard a you

have to actually get some type of

reaction you have to get a sound and a

light flash to get the penalty there

just not jump to you won't get the

penalty and the next is the off-road

penalty that at the honorific decedent

sea level is about two and a half

seconds for every second you're offroad

so the main thing about this one is just

try not to drive off-road too often if

you go off just for a little bit the

coming quarters that's okay but they

send it driving will cause you lose your

three start raking but if you are using

a boost off-road don't get the penalty

so go ahead and take the shortcuts if

you are getting the first and the last

penalty is the position penalty I'll

explain this a little bit more towards

the other video with main thing is you

do collect a healthy nine through twelve

place and more of a penalty at 12th and

of course bonuses the first is the

non-strategic bonus that's when you use

something like a spiny shell or a red

shell the head of CPU you get a second

bonus of that are 50cc level and the

other bonus is for strategic items such

as green shells or bananas or fake item

boxes every time you hit a CPU with also

get a two second bonus and it doesn't

matter if you launch the item forwards

or backwards

then there are all sorts of actions you

can take that have no effect on the

course maximum time or just a nice and

tight so just stunting doing wheelies or

quick starts or triphala snuggles effect

of courses maximum time or does dodging

a pile block or getting hit by a bell

block there's no bonus or penalty for

either of those you can also dodge this

by the shell which might help your

chance of winning the race but it

doesn't give you a bonus or a better

chance of only three stars grace getting

hit by see a few items or running into

them also will just slow you down but it

has no effect on our courses maximum

time and collisions with CPS has no

effect on the courses max over time

whether you're invincible or using mega


in our whole story

affect the courses Mac sometime and now

for a few final thoughts about how to

get 3 stars on Mario Kart Wii the thing

to know is all the modes work the same

way they all have the same penalties and

they all have the same bonuses the times

might change slightly but it works the

same way so main thing to remember is

try to avoid Falls and collisions slow

down if you need to it is more important

to avoid the collision and slow down a

little than it is to try to keep full

throttle and run into the mix and the

other thing is if you're going offroad

just make sure you're going off you know

just cutting corners that's okay but if

you're going to drive off-road for

extended period time make sure you got a

boost to do it and then finally have a

strategy when you're using your items

you know don't just hit the mushroom and

bang into walls and wait for an open

stretch and be careful about placing

your items make sure you cover your rear

end so you don't get hit yourself and

now here's a list of some of the other

videos you might want to watch I made

some with some max times for the

mushroom cup and banana Cup and talk

about some strategies on how to win

those and get 3 stars and I have the

whole series of videos offering proof on

how I've come up with these numbers for

the penalty and bonuses and both these

have links down below in the video

description if you wanna follow through

it either of these two series and then I

want to give a big thanks to dark meter

we who if I wasn't for his help I still

wouldn't believe in all these penalties

and bonuses he's been just a gigantic

help and this video wouldn't exist and

this information wouldn't exist without

him thanks for watching