How To Break Down A Pound With TheGod Joe Kush 💨💨🔥🔥🔥

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it's the guy joking down the industry

the most unique is never really sat

there the really making million dollars

in this [ __ ]

the steady you [ __ ] paying

homage and breaking bread and going

through the proper tears I hire our

people you stupid [ __ ] wanna

watch everything and they can do back

like you've got the blinders on and try

to steal the [ __ ] also never pay

homage you understand and without your

originality in this [ __ ] you will always

be number two you're gonna always be the

second [ __ ] that did that you'll never

be the first so everybody keep watching

me hating on me started coming to get

some real money I don't understand you

[ __ ] been with you you feeling it

realizes that uh the applications are

closed we're not taking them where

applications so if you ain't with it now

you ain't gettin with it at all

[ __ ] [ __ ] better learn to pay homage

in this year most of you [ __ ] that

never make my [ __ ] dollars

trillion down the industry they [ __ ]

been made millions in already in your

[ __ ] face but you know [ __ ] got

lawsuits no cat man

most unique is mostly monkeys lovely to

[ __ ] [ __ ] with you can't even go get

no real [ __ ] in the most of them [ __ ]

working with like a little office or

something no you don't know what I own

says I'm gonna show you what I'm sayin

same way I taught these [ __ ] how to do

this and sell your [ __ ] and get money

off this [ __ ] I'm gonna teach y'all

today because everybody wants to act

like they the original so I'm gonna show

you guys I'm gonna teach you guys what I

taught them and why they're all out here

running around trying to do their own

thing instead of breaking bread with the


I know y'all [ __ ] watching this video

so take notes again so here you go right

here boom you got a whole slab right


that's 448 grams mom they like 560

defend me these business be like 460 all


take this [ __ ] break that [ __ ] down

boo boo boo boo make yo three to thirty

five hundred thirty two hundred dollars

off the [ __ ] have depending on how you

gonna break that [ __ ] up my cell there

[ __ ] that's gonna determine how

much money you make you feel me so I

look at you I'm running $40 quarters I'm

making like 2400 off a unit you feel me

most [ __ ] can't do that because they

pants when your own money they paying 22

honey yeah I'm telling so this how you

break this [ __ ] I'll write her a [ __ ]

imma digi-gate


break off get you by 200 gonna be small

when it's compressed like this it's

gonna it's gonna fan out you know I'm

saying you know [ __ ] gonna fan no don't

on the digital right therefore y'all get

y'all up to my [ __ ] zipper there go

right there this is it right there 28 on

the money 28 grams that's the whole

thing for y'all so these are this is 16

- these in a whole slab a whole brick 16

- DS you break that [ __ ] down Saturday

the 200 is if however you want to do it

200 as if it's 3200 most of these [ __ ]

charging y'all - honey whatever whatever

they gonna charge up to 25 in game 3234

3 600 I'm on [ __ ] arm called slap so

[ __ ] when you do it like that and even

you're killing them you know I'm saying

you're really killing the game

so you know love but you can't show love

because you already paying 25 26 when

I'm basically sending it to my customer

support so at the end of the day if you

don't know how to break that [ __ ] down

and get your money back off of it or or

if you don't pay homage to the [ __ ] who

put you in position to get that money

you do it never be out here like this

selling it like that $40 quarters

anything like that you can always be out

there in competition with the next man

instead of getting your [ __ ] together as

a unit as a team you know honey showed a

lot of [ __ ] how to do this [ __ ] I

showed a lot of [ __ ] out of giving

money a lot of these [ __ ] no paint on

Hartman's down show no [ __ ] you

no respect

they basically trying to steal the

[ __ ] sauce and they make it a home but

you will always be number two only I

want you to remember that you will be

always be number two in the guy don't

push it would always be number one

you're gonna keep running up these hams

off this [ __ ] [ __ ] doing money

shower tours at you [ __ ] faces and you

[ __ ] gonna keep talking about lawsuits

and [ __ ]

you're my [ __ ] coming home so what's

the guys in this [ __ ] [ __ ] know Moe

come get your money up if you wanna [ __ ]

with a real squad otherwise keep buying

that little ads and little ass bags from

your local wee man and he's only

twerking with this that's his baby

no capping that [ __ ] god