How To Make $1 Million Per Year

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what's up you guys it's Graham here so a

few years ago I had this insanely

impossible goal to one day make over a

million dollars in a year at the time I

made that goal an amount like that just

seemed ridiculous

I didn't have a plan to make that happen

I had no guide as to what I should be

doing and I had no idea if I would ever

actually achieve it but I figured I

would just make an unrealistic wild goal

keep it in the back of my head and then

just see what happens and shockingly

less than two years after saying that I

ended up achieving the goal and making

well over a million dollars in a year

after expenses and after taxes so I felt

like this would be the perfect

opportunity to share exactly how I did

it the steps that you could follow as

well and everything that I have learned

along the way to making that happen

basically this was the video that I wish

existed two years ago because there are

significant differences you must

understand if you want to increase your

income this dramatically and also there

are not that many real guides out there

about how to make a million dollars a

year from people who have actually gone

and done it like you hear all of these

wild stories about startups being bought

out or people in CEO positions or actors

getting paid tens of millions of dollars

to be in a movie

I am none of that I'm just a guy who

loves talking about personal finance and

saving money in his garage and tries way

too hard to get people to smash the like

button for the YouTube algorithm if you

have not done that already yep that's me

anyway let's go over exactly what I've

learned about how to make a million

dollars a year and some of the

strategies that you could implement as

well and at the very worst case if you

watch it into the very end you should be

able to walk away with a better

understanding of what you need to do to

increase your income and make more money

consider this video to be like the how

to make a million dollars a year guide

except I'm not gonna try to sell you

into a pyramid scheme it's just a free

video that hopefully you find helpful

and valuable so with that said let's

begin where most people start and how

the majority of people end up making

their money and it is this first it's

important to understand that there are

three stages to making money and to

understand exactly what the stages are

and then how to move past them we need

to begin where most people start their

journey and that would be getting paid

for your time this is by far how the

majority of people are paid and

subsequently how they think about money

they trade their time for a set amount

of money every hour every day every week

and from that their income has a ceiling

they can only work so many hours in a

day and only make what someone else is

willing to pay for their time and

the stage of income the only way you

could end up making more money is to

either work more hours gonna raise get a

promotion or switch careers to something

that pays more however the issue with

this is that your salary is entirely

dependent on how many hours you can work

and who is willing to pay you the most

for your time and that is a problem

first time is a limited resource and you

can only work so many hours a day like

physically you could only do so much

until you dig yourself into exhaustion

or you just run out of hours so that

presents a problem because eventually

you're gonna hit a ceiling in terms of

how many hours you could possibly work

in a day and when you reach that your

income is going to plateau so that's an

issue that definitely needs to be

addressed if you're expected to earn

more because as far as I'm concerned we

can't make it more than 24 hours in a

day I wish we could I would love to if

anyone figures that one out let me know

but as of now there are still only 24

hours in a day a second for most

employers there will be a limit as to

how much they could reasonably pay you

for your time

no matter what job you do of course yes

there are some highly specialized

careers out there in law and business

and medicine where they pay their

employees over $1,000,000 a year but

besides those few outliers the majority

of the time you're gonna get paid within

a set range depending on the size and

type of your industry and also how

replaceable you are as harsh as that is

to say the more competition there is

between jobs the more selective

employers can be when picking employees

and therefore the less you get paid on

the other hand the less competition that

you have the less selective employers

can be and therefore they have to pay

more to attract talent of course there

is a sense of security that comes from

knowing exactly how much you're getting

paid every day and I certainly

understand that appeal but that type of

security comes at a cost of building

wealth potentially delaying financial

independence and also getting paid what

you're actually worth and for many

people eventually you're gonna reach

that plateau where you can't possibly

work any more hours you can't possibly

make any more money in your field and

it's at that point where you might

consider moving on to the next stage of

making money getting paid for results

this is when you get paid on your

performance or by completing a task

regardless of how many hours it takes

you to make that happen and when you're

getting paid by results you could expect

to earn substantially more money by

working the exact same amount of hours

this is how you have some people working

less than 40 hours a week but somehow

they're still able to casually make

$500,000 a year they found a way to

effectively manage their time and their

only focused on producing the best

results because when you get paid for

results you could utilize your time

however you like and as long as you get

it done you get paid no doing this has

several advantages number one being you

could work smarter and not harder the

amount of time that you spend doing

something makes no difference whatsoever

it just matters that you get results and

this is how I started my career as a

real estate agent knowing that the time

I spent working with a client was

totally irrelevant all that mattered was

that I was able to utilize my time

effectively to get the home sold and if

I was not able to do that and produce

that result I didn't make any money that

caused me to hyper focus my time on only

the highest yielding properties because

I knew that I only had 24 hours in a day

and it was entirely up to me to put that

time towards its best use that meant

that I was able to work smarter and not

harder and make more money for the time

I do spend working the secondly by

getting paid on results your work

becomes a lot more sustainable you know

even though your income might fluctuate

month by month because you're the one in

charge of your income you have more

control over the income you do make you

could choose to take on more or less

work as desired and you could make

yourself less replaceable if you are

producing good results that means that

long term you're gonna have way more job

security because you're the one in

charge of how you manage your time the

third you're able to work less hours but

still end up making more money this is

exactly where Pareto's 80/20 principle

applies this is a principle that

theorizes that 80% of an effect comes

from 20% of a cause where in other words

80% of your income comes from the 20% of

the time you spend on it and anytime you

get paid on results this is especially

true as a real estate agent

I found that 80% of my income was just

coming from 20% of my clients on YouTube

also the exact same thing applies 80% of

my income comes from the top 20% of my

videos however that also means that 80%

of the time I spend is chasing after the

remaining 20% of my income and as we all

know that's probably not the best use of

time so from that I was really able to

look at my business and out of my time

and remove myself from the 80% of the

business that was only making 20% of the

money and spending more of my time on

the 20% of the business that was making

80% of the result this is exactly how I

was able to grow my real estate agent

business from a hundred and forty

thousand dollars a year to five hundred

thousand dollars a year in gross

commissions without really changing much

or working anymore

if anything I was working less and being

more selective about the clients I was

working with hence the 8020

but unfortunately as great as getting

paid by results is and as much of an

improvement as that is over getting paid

for your time the reality is that

sometimes there's only so many results

you could possibly get in a day even if

you're the best at what you do you still

might reach that soft plateau where you

can't seem to expand much further and

you can't seem to do any more results

and that is where our third stage comes

in leveraging your results if anyone

wants the formula as to how you can make

a million dollars a year or more this is

what I figured out you need to learn how

to leverage your results because like I

just said beyond a certain point

sometimes there's just only so many

results that you could possibly get in a

year before you start to cap out that's

when you begin to leverage your results

by doing one of two things number one

you can hire employees and have them

work for you there by leveraging your

results for me I was working as a real

estate agent selling about twenty

million dollars a year of real estate

and that works out to be five hundred

thousand dollars a year in gross

commissions however there would be

nothing stopping me from building out a

small team of ten agents to work

underneath me and if each of those

agents brings in two hundred thousand

dollars in gross commissions and I

collect 25% of that in exchange for

bringing them on the team and

introducing them to my business that

would be another five hundred thousand

dollars worth of income in addition to

the five hundred thousand dollars worth

of commissions I was already making for

simply leveraging what I was already

doing and employing a team think about

that for a second I don't need to work

any harder than I already am I don't

need to go out and work any more hours I

could bring on other people underneath

me who are also getting paid on their

results and we could each benefit

collectively from our work this is

basically business 101 in a nutshell

like you didn't have Henry Ford out

there just going in building every

single car himself by hand instead he

hired employees leveraged his results

created the assembly line and then built

an empire every single business out

there does this exact same thing and by

leveraging your results you're able to

earn substantially more the second you

could leverage your results by building

a business that has the potential to

scale without any further involvement

from you and this is the route that I

ended up going that's caused my income

to skyrocket so dramatically this year

first I'm paid by results as a real

estate agent if I sell a house I get a

commission therefore I am able to use my

time very wisely work less but focus on

the highest yielding business but then

to take it to the next level instead of

going in building on a team I decided I

could teach other people how to grow in

the business and leverage my results to


additional source of income from that

and created a program on teachable

called the real estate agent Academy I

went over exactly how I built up my

business the strategies that worked

really well for me and how I could teach

everything in you to someone else and

then I package that as a program online

that meant that I would need to do a lot

of work upfront but once it's up and

running it would continue to sell

regardless of any further involvement on

my end and so far that program has

passively made me over one hundred and

eighty five thousand dollars the same

thing also applies to YouTube I'm able

to make a video once and that video will

continue providing value and generating

views without any further involvement on

my end now you can just imagine what

happens when you have over 500 videos

published on YouTube and every single

one of them is generating a small amount

of views every day and generating a

small amount of bad revenue for example

with Business and Finance channels we

have a really high CPM and it's not

unheard of for older videos to be

generating an average of 5 dollars and

50 cents a day multiply that by 500

videos each earning an average of 5

dollars and 50 cents and all of a sudden

you're over a million dollars a year

just by leveraging your work upfront

then I did the same thing as they did

with a real estate agent program I

decided to put together a teachable

outline that goes over how I was able to

grow a channel the techniques that I

have found that work the best and then

package that all together as the YouTube

creator Academy and that so far has done

over two hundred and sixteen thousand

dollars this year just with my upfront

involvement from that the biggest lesson

that I have learned from going to stage

2 to stage 3 and subsequently making

over a million dollars a year is that

you need to do something that is beyond

yourself you cannot just work for

results without leveraging those results

and finding a way for that to do all the

heavy lifting for you without any

further involvement on your end and

finally it's incredibly important not

only to leverage your results but also

leverage the money you make from those

results so that way it can continue to

grow and expand beyond the work you put

in and you could leverage the value of

your money by investing it and we'll

call that stage 4 and to me this is the

most powerful leverage you will ever

have when it comes to making money this

is true passive income and true wealth

building beyond anything else and for

that I'm going to put up a quick

Photoshop I created just now just right

here you'll see that in stage one when

you trade time for hours you're limited

by the amount of time in a day and your

income will eventually be cashed next

stage - when you trade results for money

yes you work less and can make more

money but you need to continue producing

results and there's only

so many results you can reasonably get

to on your own then stage 3 when you

leverage your results for money you

could work much less and potentially

make an unlimited amount but you need to

maintain that source of income if it's

expected to continue and oftentimes a

seven-figure income isn't the most

sustainable long term but when you get

to stage 4 and invest your money it will

grow long term regardless of what you do

with your time this means that you can

earn money without having to work at all

and with no involvement whatsoever on

your end so in order for this entire

model to be sustainable and for you to

use this income in a way that's not

spending it on Lambos and mansions you

need to save as much of your income as

you possibly can invest as much of it as

you possibly can and don't go and buy a

designer clothing or Starbucks coffee

this way you're gonna be able to create

a sustainable source of income from your

investments that will allow you to work

in whatever job you want to walk away

from anything you don't want to do to do

whatever you want without money holding

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