Meet The $30 Million Dollar 23 Year Old (How He Did It)

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what if you woke up tomorrow and you

realize you were in your early 20s

and you became a multi-multi-millionaire

how would you even get there

i don't know the answer to that question



together we're gonna find out


hi my name is andre jake i hope you're

doing well and today i got the chance to

talk to somebody who

in their 20s while going to college has


more money than i will make in my entire

lifetime times three

because he has made tens of millions of


and i wanted to ask him how did you do

it is this something we could replicate

how did this affect your life but out of

respect and privacy to my guest's


i verified him ahead of time but this is

only a phone call between us

but i hope you enjoy it anyway hi how

you doing i'm good how are you

good man um what's your only fan's



how much money do you have and well like

what's your net worth so i don't know

like exactly but it's roughly 30 million


oh that's when you know you've made it

it's like uh stop keeping track

after the first couple million how old

are you

i'm 23 years old 23

and just for reference by the way the

average u.s person with a bachelor's

degree or higher

will earn around 1.8 million dollars

working their entire lifetime

not counting taxes so after doing this

and saving for decades

the median net worth of a retiree will

be around two hundred thousand dollars

so the next question i ask is how can i

be like you gypsy

uh so i was 21 when i

experienced like i would say like the

biggest windfall okay

yeah so in terms of like trying to be

like me

really i think the biggest takeaway that

i had

from this entire experience is that

it's totally not replicable like i don't

think you can read a book about how

steve jobs became steve jobs or jeff

bezos became jeff bezos

and decide you're going to copy exactly

what they did

and replicate exactly what they have

it's just not

feasible because there's so many things

in the world that are completely outside

of our control

that at a certain point you know you

just need to get lucky

i think that's definitely what happened

to me yeah how did you make your money


honestly there were like three major

wind flows that kind of compounded on

top of each other

okay i will say that for like the last

windfall which is

you know obviously the most substantial

one uh it was

a like a private investment that was

actually sourced to me

from my father uh so like that kind of

goes into the

idea that we were talking a little bit

about before

where it's really difficult to attribute

anything to pure you know

hard work pure like meritocracy uh


if he wasn't my father if he didn't give

me that deal

i definitely would not be talking to you

and you know

who knows like where i could be like

maybe like a bunch of other things could

have gone wrong

but you know in the end things just

worked out the way that they did

at least in this case it was definitely

more luck than anything now believe it

or not

his family are first generation

immigrants and as a first generation

immigrant myself i wanted to ask

where did my parents go wrong in other

words how did his dad get a job

that paid him so much yeah i mean i'll

definitely say that like

in my father's case it was also


extremely lucky as well he started his

own company in the late 90s

basically having worked on wall street

and 4a like a very large

consulting firm in new york city okay


uh he worked there he grinded there

actually the thing that convinced him

to quit his job was his boss being fired

because you know for a really long time

he had thought

this is the path to financial stability

you know work hard

do well at your job get promoted climb

the corporate ladder

but then when he saw his boss go from

someone who was you know seemingly on

top of the world something that he


deeply respected to someone that was

asking him

to go to the office to get his glasses

for him his entire perspective kind of


and so from that point he decided that

he never wanted to be in that position

he wanted to be his own boss

he started a like a software as a

service company

and he ended up selling it in 2006.

what was your dad's skill set that

allowed him to move to a different

country and get the position that he had

honestly he had a very very

limited grasp of the english language

frankly he probably

could barely speak any so you know it's

a big question mark to me how he was

even able to come to america yeah you

know like at that time the country that

he came from

was very impoverished very poor and

you know he was fortunate to have gone


you know one of the top universities in

his country

and so like because of that he had a

really unique opportunity to come to the

united states

for a phd that was completely funded by

the university

and they gave him a stipend with money

that he could send back home his parents

right so for him it was really a

no-brainer uh his undergrad

and his phd was in physics so i think

really more than anything it was just

you know work ethic one and two being

lucky enough to be in the right place at

the right time now how much of that

success or even his parents success can

be attributed to luck

versus hard work yeah so i want to be

careful about this because i think


people get the wrong idea right


i do think that 99 of everything that i


everything that my parents have comes

down to luck

but at the same time i don't think you

need to worry about

being lucky you know like you shouldn't

let like the idea that you need to be


discourage you from working hard because

for me

i have this underlying belief hard work

is ultimately what determines the

direction of your life right

so i think no matter what someone like

bill gates or jeff bezos

they would have been wealthy regardless

you know maybe not worth

you know tens of billions hundreds of

billions of dollars

but certainly upper middle class at the

very least right as a baseline

when luck comes into play it's more

about the intensity of that success

at least that's my personal opinion

what's the point of doing anything and

working when you have tens of millions

of dollars

what more is there to life at this point

what's the point of working

this hard after this point in your life

now versus just

retiring and enjoying your millions like

what drives you

to do anything anymore at this point i

think that's a really interesting


and it's also one that i had when i was

in college and i met someone

whose family was extremely extremely


perhaps like tens of billions of us

dollars he was on the forbes uh

like billionaires list this is his

father and i remember even like speaking

to my dad about it

you know like at that point what is the

point of even going to college and

trying to get a job right the big thing


he said to me at a certain point

sometimes it's valuable just to be

a functioning member of society and i

think that like especially goes towards


degree part uh definitely there's

many many paths to financial success

that don't require a college degree

actually in my opinion taking out loans

for most college degrees is

ridiculous and totally not worth it but

i think if

you're at a point where the tuition

doesn't matter

you have the luxury of time to you know

enjoy yourself i think like one the

college experience itself is

extremely meaningful and two i think

that you know for whatever reason in

many parts of society

you really need to have a college degree

you know a respectable your career to be

taken seriously

and you know unfortunately that's just

the way that the world works that's true

is college still worth it personally

i think that the price of most

u.s colleges most private u.s colleges

is ridiculous i really don't think that

it's worth it for most people

especially if you're not majoring in

like a stem

field you know if you really want to go

to college go to your local community

college go to your state college

i think the outcome will be like

relatively the same

another thing i wanted to ask is when

people ask you about money

do you keep it a secret or do you tell

people do people treat you differently

knowing that you have money like have

you noticed a difference in how

people talk to you or try to befriend


or try to interview for youtube videos

there are not a lot of people

that know exactly you know how much i


it's impossible for humans to

ignore that right so even my good

friends who

if they do know right i'm sure it's

altered their perception of me

in some way oh for sure uh yeah i mean

maybe like positive maybe negative

you know like they're still my friends

who like whatever reason they think that

i'm like some sort of investing genius

because they've had like a few

like notable high conviction investments

yeah i mean like

really at the end of the day i don't

feel any different

i i can't really say like how their

perception is changed specifically

but yeah i mean i do go out of my way to

try to keep it

on the down low a question i've always

wanted answered is does having a lot of


really make you happy or if you didn't

have the amount of

money that you have today would you

still find a way to find

a meaningful happy life at this point i

don't think the money itself

is something that makes me happy

i think when i'm really stressed out

about you know project i'm working on

or like whatever like there's just

something in my life that's

giving me a lot of anxiety it does feel

good to be able to like take a step back

and say even if this entire thing


and i completely mess up right

everything will be okay like i will not

my life won't be ruined i'm not going to

go out on the streets and

you know whatever like live in a

cardboard box like i have

like some foundation to support me right

so i i think in that way it's

it's more reassuring and comforting than

it is

as something that like causes me

actively to be happy

right you know having a little bit more

like financial flexibility

is really great in i guess allowing you

to pursue the things that you want to


uh definitely there's a ton of life

experiences that i

would not have if things have gone

differently in my life

is wealth inequality really a problem

and if it is

how do you think we should solve it let

me just put you on the spot and solve

the world problems now

yeah i mean it's definitely a huge

problem like especially if you go

to a major u.s cities i mean you know


had the fortune to have lived both in

san francisco

uh and manhattan and new york city right


you know if you've ever been to like

either of those cities you know that's

insane yeah

yeah like you know if you go to san

francisco it's depressing it's


because there's so much wealth being

created there but it's obvious

that you know very very few people are

actually touching it and it's definitely

a problem that

i think about the most at least right

now as we get naive

23 year old he really does not have that

much life experience

i'm convinced that the solution is a

very very strict

tax on estates okay so after someone

passes away

i think that you know past 5 million

past 10 million

whatever the threshold is i think 100 of

all those assets

should be taxed uh the estate tax in the

us is definitely

very inefficient get rid of the step up


yeah i mean step basis is like

ridiculous yeah

just to that point like you know maybe

we can keep it for

you know people that are inheriting like

whatever like a million or 200 000

right yeah exactly like inheriting like

their parents like what's left in their

parents 401k or right you know their

family home or whatever

but mitt romney's children should not be

receiving like a huge

tax benefit right their father passes

it's almost like a reset button

for your kids it's definitely a

complicated situation i mean when i was

a kid my dad told me

that he made 10 000 a year and i

actually thought that was

like a lot of money because i didn't

know anything and i didn't realize

that it was a super small until

my dad's friend said how much you want

to make when you grow up and i said

eleven thousand dollars a year

and he basically explained to me that

that was not uh an adequate amount of


for any anyone trying to raise a family

and the other thing i wanted to know

is if you're a teenager or 20 year old

watching this video what is one piece of

actionable advice

that anyone can use to replicate a

portion of

that success this is a piece of advice

actually that my dad gave me

when i was in high school and i really

appreciated it

a lot like it's definitely not something

that you would expect from

a traditionally strict fans he told me


it's so much more important in life

to find something that you're good at

than to

you know see like okay like the path to

being rich is to become

an engineer and just following someone

else's path and

following someone else's footsteps

trying to chase what they're doing

uh there's money in literally everything

your success

in literally everything like if you're

good enough at what you do

you will be successful and you will have

a good life

but if you're doing something that you

hate just because you're trying to chase

a paycheck

you're always going to lose out to the

person that actually

enjoys that job i wanted to make this

video to showcase that

maybe if you're in your 30s 40s 50s

doesn't matter and you're wondering

why haven't i found my success not to

worry about it

because for every one of those success

stories that i'm sure you've heard lots


there are millions of people out there

that are equally talented that equally

work as hard

that have not found that opportunity and

just when we give ourselves the credit

for our success

and that we knew it all along we're

smart and intelligent is when we

realized that

we were given circumstances in life far

beyond our control that determine

our success and some of us were given

certain head starts

that most of us will never have now i

consider myself very lucky to be born

to a family of entertainers that were

able to escape russia

to go to a country with far better

opportunities and that's an insane luck

of the draw that most people don't even

think about

so imagine how lucky we both are having

access to the internet

knowing what compound interest dividends

roth ira 401ks are

these are concepts that are foreign to

most parts of the world

and we're lucky to have financial

information and technology be so


that we just sit here on the internet

with our phones watching this video

which is crazy to me

so i don't want you to think that

everything with success has to do with


because luck is nothing more than hard

work and preparation

meeting opportunity so if you haven't

found your opportunity then keep working

hard and keep preparing

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to time love you thank you so much for

watching the video

i will see you back here on monday and

friday and maybe sometimes on wednesday

bye-bye to give you an idea if you

ever meet me in person especially in new

york city

you'll see me carrying around three

refillable water bottles

because i refuse to spend four dollars

on like manhattan like 16 fluid ounces

bottles of water

yeah that summarizes it enjoy the rest

of your night man you too man

take care bye-bye