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yo guys what's going on into this GTA

online video I'm gonna be showing you

guys how you can make it easy 1 million


this is gonna be mainly for people with

lower levels I'm also gonna be using

some clips from the 0 to millions guide

but hey I'm gonna try and condense it

down so you guys can understand better

with all the way guys let's jump

straight into it starting off you just

want to come over to this location on

the map when she travels without luggage

and you just want to come over to this

wall here you should be able to see some

writing on this wall as well I want you

head over to the wall you will be able

to press right on the d-pad this is

gonna allow you to investigate the clue

once you've investigated the clue you

just gonna press around I do you file

again likes it

you'll get $5,000 for doing this and now

we're gonna move on to the next clue

we're just gonna pull up our map again

and now we're just gonna go down to the

sandy shores airfield on our map and the

next clue is located right at the top

end of the airfield and it's in almost

like a ditch it's now just gonna be

traveling over there once we get to that

area we just will not be looking for

this specifically trench you're gonna

see some like bin bugs here once you get

close enough to these bin bugs you will

be able to actually investigate the clue

and the clue is like a hump on the

ground or something so once you press

right on the d-pad to invest to get the

clue and always just press right on the

d-pad to exit the clue we're also gonna

get into a $5,000 for that now we're

gonna be moving on to the next clue and

the next clue is located right here here

on the map remember guys you can always

pause the video if you're gonna follow

along with this so we're just gonna be

coming over here now and once we get

there the clue is literally like a

machete and it's like stuck inside the

wood so if you just walk over to where I

go you'll be able to see the machete

just sticking out this wood part here

this is the next clue so you just wanna

investigate that now I'm going to get

another $5,000 for just investigating

that clue we're now going to be moving

on to the last clue over here once again

feel free to pause the video so you can

see exactly where this clue is but now

we're just gonna be coming over here as

well when she gets that way point is

just literally behind this like

restaurant area and if you come where I

go as well it's like a bloody hum da da

you just gonna walk up to that door and

then press right on the d-pad to

investigate the clue you guys are gonna

get another five thousand dollars for

that and now we're moving on to the next

part of this mystery the next part of

this mystery I was like five clues I

believe it is but the clue that you're

looking for could be any five of these


I'm gonna show you each individual

location so if you are doing this along

with me then just check all these five

locations what we're gonna be looking

for it

locations is like a van with the back

doors open this is also going to be the

next clue

so now I'm going to be showing these

five locations on the map


so the location that I ended up having

my clue at was actually the second one

as you can see there's like a van in

front of me and I just have to go to the

back of that I'm pretty sure there's

like a couple of machetes in the back of

the van

you just investigate the clue like we

have done before and once again we're

gonna get there were five thousand

dollars and a little bit of RP after

you've investigated that clue you guys

are gonna get a text on your phone this

is gonna be a message from the killer

now all you want to do is go over to

sunny shores airfield again and you just

want to work there until he appears I'm

pretty sure he appears around 5:00 p.m.

and 7:00 a.m. I was maybe the other way

around but just keep an eye out because

he just appear out of nowhere once you

guys have went around a lot of wild frim

between them specific hours the killer's

gonna actually like run up to you and

stuff so you just want to deal with him

after you guys actually kill him you

will be rewarded with the Navy revolver

you guys also get 50 care now after you

guys have killed the slasher you guys

can either carry on with this process

and do the other two things I'm gonna

show you in a minute all you guys can

simply just get 250 cash from the

neighbor of Oliver as soon as you've got

there all you need to do is make sure

that you've got a social club account

linked and then I'm pretty sure all that

you have to do is get 50 kills with the

Navy revolver on any NPC so it can be

cops or anyone after you get them 50

kills you guys are gonna be rewarded

with 250 K or 200 care we're now gonna

be moving on to the next thing what

we're gonna have to do and this is gonna

be the bounty hunting for mod if you

guys like stay in that session in GTA or

something and you will get a text from

world eventually pretty much she just

like gives you bounty targets to hunt

down and you can either kill the dahle

targets there and then I'll just deliver

em back to the mold just keep in mind

that if you do deliver the bounty

targets back to mod unharmed then she

will give you more money for this but if

you do kill them on sight then I think

you only get half of the money so now

we're just gonna be going through these

bounty targets and then trying our best

to deliver em back to mod as you can see

this is one Barney target right here

because this bonnie target is running


you guys probably just want to get a

pistol up and then shoot me know like if

he can I couldn't really get him in the

legs for some reason so I shot him in

the back somehow that didn't kill him I

don't know how probably because I used

the pistol but now after you shoot him

down he should still be alive and he's

gonna come over to whatever vehicle you

choose the gear no you take him back


as you can see we just delivered this

Barca target so now mods gonna pay us

for that because we delivered him back

without killing them mild is gonna give

us $10,000 which is very good for like a

five minute mission especially in free

mode but now all that you want to do is

just wait around in free mode mods gonna

eventually get back to you with another

bounty target you just want to repeat

the process I think all together those

around like five bounty targets so I'm

gonna show you guys what it looks like

for the last Boni target after you guys

kill the last family target mod will

text you saying there's no more targets

left to kill and then she mentions like

one of them having a stash this is gonna

be your treasure this is gonna be the

stone poacher as well

which is a very good weapon on its own

it is a melee weapon but it's always a

one-hit kill this is also gonna get us

some more money as well if the neighbor

of over so after you get this text we're

just gonna check our map and we're gonna

see like a treasure icon on the map and

we just want to go over there and there

we have it we have the neighbor Evolver

and also a stone hatchet now we just

have one more thing left to do which is

the treasure home this is gonna unlock

the double action revolver and that is

the last thing we need first of all to

start this off you guys gonna get like a

text on your phone saying treasure I

find or something like that once you

open that up it's gonna be like in a

location close to you on the map should

be like highlighted in yellow and like a

massive circle so you just want to go

over there and with this I'm pretty sure

if you get close to the clue of the

treasure even and you're gonna hear some

jingle bells so for me the first clue on

my treasure hunt was on this mountain

our second clue was like there's sandy


now that lmlc I'm not 100% sure if these

change for you guys or not but I'm

pretty sure they're quite similar

anywhere but now I just came down here

and then collected the other clue the

next clues I had to look for was hope

near this light tree a bit further away

from the Sundy Shores area but it's the

empty gun box for the revolver and then

the final clue was in this like cave

area and there was like a dead guy in

there so I just investigated that clue

and then came over to the treasure I'm

pretty sure the treasure is always in

the same spot as oil because I have done

this on my main character like ages ago

and then the treasure wasn't this exact

same place so she all the way up in

pillar yo bear once you get there

there's gonna be a couple of dead people

and then there's gonna be the box with

the double action revolver in it now we

have all three of these weapons this is

where you just want to make sure that

your social club is linked to your

character you then just want to get

kills with each of these weapons once

you actually do get the kills for these

weapons you will be rewarded with a lot

of cash as you can see we just got our

final kill with the neighbor of Oliver

and we just got a massive 200 care just

for doing that but I want to do this

with a double action revolver instead of

kills like it was with the neighbor of

over it is actually headshots with a

double action revolver

so just keep that in mind guys I do

eventually get the last headshot here

and we get rewarded with 250 K keep in

mind we're getting like 10k and like 5k

just for doing some investigations with

the clues and everything so now we're

gonna be moving on to the last one which

is actually the stone hatchet

some reason I struggled more with the

stone hatchet than I thought I would I

think you need 25 kills or maybe even 50

but you just got to remember that the

stone Hut's are actually as I run pair

Jubilee so that makes it a lot more

easier than theirs as you can see we did

get wasted here but we did actually get

the money for some reason I didn't show

up on the screen when we died but we

were on 594 care and then we went

straight up to 840 care which is around

about 250 care we just got from doing

that now finally guys to get that


oh and we're gonna be doing now is some

VIP work the VIP work we're gonna be

focusing on the burst is

headhunter insights here and we're just

gonna be running these back to back

although you want to do is register as a

VIP and then call in a buzzard 425 care

you just want to be very careful when

flying in the buzzard there because if

it does blow up then you'd have to pay

another 25 kids to get it back it's not

you trust out up ahead hunger oversight

so yeah each of these missions payout

like from 20 care you know me do it so

in around about half and I will do in

these back to back you will be able to

get them to $1,000,000 now I was doing

these missions back-to-back for about

half an hour and this was the last site

Co mission I had to do after I collected

this package I got around to it

23 K I think it was after I deposited

this into the bank I then out over a

million dollars

altogether this process would take about

an hour if you're very very fast at

doing everything maybe an hour and a

half if you don't get lucky with some of

the clues on the map for example that

truck's born like I mentioned at the

start of the video guys this is mainly

just for new players I mean unless you

have actually done these treasure hunts

and like clues and everything but if you

guys actually have done this then you

won't be able to repeat it on the same


you also can't make a new character and

then do it again which is sort of

unfortunate but Rock such the whole we

need to make that much money that fast

on either character I had to use a

completely different account just to do

this but it is a nice and fast way to

make that 1 million dollars and in my

opinion I think it's quite fun to do

especially with the bounty hunting

some of the murder mystery stuff finance

sham that Rockstar though like had an

even more like bounty-hunting stuff to

the online I kind of enjoy that type of

stuff let me know in the comments down

below what you guys would like to see

how did the GTA online in the future

whether that be future updates or

anything like that or maybe just Duffing

they should have anything else now and

maybe they should like focus on GTA 6

but I was gonna wrap it for this video


if you guys enjoyed this video be sure

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safe and finally guys thanks for