How To Make A Million Dollars Online In 2 Minutes

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how to make a million dollars online in

only two minutes this is stefan from

projectlifemastery.com and in this video

i'm going to attempt to share with you

in two minutes

how I built a seven-figure online

business this is one of the many

strategies that I've used to make money

online but you're free to duplicate it

if you wish now the first thing that you

want to do is you want to create high

quality amazing life-changing content

which could be videos podcasts articles

on a blog and you're going to want to

give that away for free okay just give

it away for free help as many people as

possible you're doing it with the intent

not to make money but to add value and

help as many people as possible

now when you consistently do that again

and again and again over the long term

and again it might take you weeks months

or even years of doing this what's going

to happen is you're going to get

subscribers you're going to get

followers you're going to get people

that really enjoy the content the

information that you're putting out and

that's going to help build a

relationship with them it's going to

help build a trust it's going to help

you know build that that bond with these

followers and subscribers and they're

going to really appreciate all the hard

work all the value everything that

you've been giving to them and

essentially what you're doing is they're

solving their problems you're adding

value or helping them by providing

solutions helping them get out of pain

in their lives or whatever it is

depending on whatever image or market

that you might be in the next thing

you're going to do is once you have

followers and subscribers you're going

to want to get to know them you're going

to want to engage with them you're going

to want to get to know what their

challenges are what their problems are

what their goals are what their desires

are what you know what is it that

they're interested in and then once

you've discovered that and you really

get to know your audience the next thing

you're going to do is you're going to

create a high quality product or a

service and you're going to offer that

to them okay the product or service is

essentially solving their problem ok

which is essentially what all

entrepreneurs all businesses do they

solve people's problems at a profit ok

so you create a high quality amazing

product you offer that to them a lot of

them are going to probably buy it

because of the relationship that they

have with you and then all you have to

do is rinse and repeat that and the more

people that you reach the more people

you add value to then the more customers

that you're going to have and what

you're going to find is that when you

have this intention of just adding value

helping as many people as possible then

the success will come back to you I

promise you that I'll come back tenfold

but you always have to put your

subscribers your audience your followers

their needs above your own okay making

money is just a secondary benefit that

you receive as a result of helping

people and changing their lives so

that's it it's almost three minutes now

so that's essentially how you make a

million dollars online and you're just

going to rinse and repeat that scale it

up the more people that you help the

more money that you're going to make so

give it a try

thanks for watching this video make sure

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videos like this take care