Fastest Way To Earn 1 Million Dollars Per Month Online (Step by Step) How To Make Money Online

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hey folks hey great night here hey this

is wesley billion dollar virgin here

and this video here is going to be a

little bit different okay

about us this basically

the fastest way to make

one million dollars online

okay now first step is this

you have to believe that you can do this

okay okay here we go step number one


go ahead and like this video here

because i'm gonna give you massive value

and you will

comment below i love you wes once i show

you how

easy it is to do this to make money

online and i'm talking about a million

dollars per month because that's what i

made listen disclaimer

i'm not going to promise you that you're

going to make a million dollars per

month what i promise you is this

that if you listen pay attention take

notes and apply

it you'll make more money just by

listening to this information

then you did by not listening to this

information that makes sense

okay okay so look

this company right here fat


was the first company i created

which allowed me to live my dream

just yesterday i bought my dad a brand

new car i paid

110 000 dollars you can watch it on my


story wesley million dollar virgin

you'll see me

blessing my dad with a brand new


i spent a hundred and ten thousand

dollars for that and my dad is a lady is

a lady he's enamored he's

he's happy and um he just he just can't

stop smiling here

and all because of this website but

what's important about this as you

look at this because i know some of you

getting excited right now

about what i'm about to expose as i did

something very unique

with the well page it's what you need to

understand how many of you have a


comment below how many of you have a


that's currently making no money

how many of you have a product that

you've created

how many of you are trying to sell

something online but you're selling


so what i'm about to do i'm going to

show you live in this video

step by step what i did when i was in

that small

one bedroom apartment i was sleeping on

the air mattress

i had no furniture because i had to sell

it and i did something

very unique with this well page here

that made me one million

dollars in one month okay

is everybody with me okay cool

now look let me do a refresh first step

is this

this is the first step is the domain you

see that

listen this is very important whenever

you create a domain

a url a website address it needs to


to your customer exactly what you're

going to do from them

fast so when you see fat diminisher.com

without even going to the website here i

know exactly

what this website is going to do for me

in two seconds does that make sense

listen your website

to make a lot of money fast like i tell

you i listen i'm gonna be very

transparent and i'm gonna show you the

fastest way

whenever you create a website if you if

you want to make money

fast make sure your website address

communicates what you want your

user to expect if they click

on the link does that make sense

now look this is called a headline now


this is very important young people if

you want to stop being broke and poor

and understand why i wesley virgin

continue to create

million dollar products the headline is

very important here

why the headline is the information

or phrase that's going to enable your


you to watch the video okay

or to read the copy

does that make sense video reveals the


veggie you must avoid tonight

to lose your belly fat forever

now let me ask you guys a question what

are you thinking about right now in your



of course you're thinking about what's

the one veggie

because you've been taught that veggies

make you healthy you've been taught that


make you lose weight and keep you skinny

so if i say this one veggie that you

need to avoid tonight

to lose your benefit forever you're

watching that video why because you want

to know what the one veggie is does that

make sense

write this down it's called

controversial okay so

to write a headline that's controversial

it means that i'm going against what

everybody believes i'll give you another


so say if everybody wants to be a

multi-millionaire like i know you're

watching this video because you

want to be a millionaire you want to be

rich i get it now listen

i may say here are five

self-development books that you need to

stop reading to be rich

in the next 48 hours right because we've

been taught that you should read books

to be rich

right look at this the one

why you should hang around negative


to make you rich right if i wrote that

you you'll be like what that's called

cognitive dissonance now listen i'm not

going to get too deep into this okay

at the end of this video i have

something special it's a full training

that really explains that this is

this is some psychology here okay these

are psychological

techniques which allows a person to

watch it

listen and buy now okay so listen

your headline must create curiosity

in the person's brain to watch the video

or read the content is everybody with me

so far

how many of you know what a vsl is this

is a vsl vsl means video sales letter

have you ever seen an infomercial so


what a vsl is it communicates to the


okay the customer exactly what they're

going to receive

if they choose to buy the product okay

infomercial on tv is usually about one

hour long right

these videos can be 30 minutes to one

hour long

and people watch them okay and i'm

explaining why they watch them in a

second here

so understand this you have to create

that now i'm going to explain to you

as long as you stay here watching the

video here the training

how to create something like this

without understanding how to write copy

without understanding how a video of bsl

is created

without knowing nothing and it works


all right now look under the video

you want to make sure that you have

something that's called social proof

you see this where it says like share 2k

people like this

okay this is called social proof why

write this down it's called the herd

mentality people

usually watch and get involved with

things that other people have already

got involved with

so let me give examples if you go to my

youtube channel you say yo wesley i'm a

like i'm gonna sub your channel and if

you look at one of my videos it says 47


well you might be inclined to watch that

video why

because 47 000 people watched it but if

you see a video that only five people

watch you might not watch it

right you see that so you see that's 3k

you might not watch that video but if

you look at another video

and it has 19 000 you might be inclined

to watch this video

social proof is powerful folks okay on

your website this is for everybody that

wants to create a product

or sell it online listen make sure you

add social proof

you go to google.com you type in


like button and you add the code and i


more that later on so make sure you keep

watching here

this code here made me a extra million

dollars last year okay

just by adding that okay

when people are ready to make a decision

they want to know a few things one can

they do this

and you may say yes i can do this too


anybody else done this do they like it

so what you're doing is you're putting

the information on the web page

to make a person to make a decision to

take action

right now okay next who's with me so far

did i lose anyone are you with me i'm

showing you how i made a million dollars

in one month this is very important

everything that you see here is placed

very strategically

to get my buyer to give me money

to buy my product okay testimonials is

very important

more social proof so if you have any

testimonials make sure you add those


now let me show you something that i

know a lot of you guys miss

you see that guy right there okay you

see that lady right there these

beautiful people

now that's a reason why i didn't put

young beautiful sexy

young people there i put older people

why did i do that can you

can anybody tell me why i use older


why did i use the beach why did i use

the color blue

right why did i do that can anybody tell

me this is important

this will make you millions of dollars

you have no clue listen

this website is only one page this one

page made me

30 million dollars i have no other page

just this one page

i don't have a website to have 15 pages

i don't have all about i don't have

menus you see that there's no menus up


it's just a video images and social


well the reason why okay i have older

people for

two reasons first of all i'm marketing

to the older generation that's over the

age of 40. that's one

i understand something about older

people older people

they are more desperate than younger

people see younger people even if you


and overweight you're still going to go

to the gym does that make sense

but as you get older you don't want to

go to the gym

for whatever reason so you prefer

to purchase something in the comfort of

your home

that you can do take or drink

and lose weight so these people look

just like my customer this is

listen a lot of the guys this video

might get deleted i'm gonna be honest

with you so please listen up this

what i'm giving you people pay tens of

thousands of dollars for this type of

information i'm serious

so please comment below wesley keep

going and i will

and this video gets deleted or

interrupted i apologize

but i warned you in the beginning that a

certain people

do not want me to share this information

because this is what they do to you

and this is why they make so much money

all for you

because they do this okay so now number

two the reason why i use these older


because if older people can do this well

they mean you can do it too bighead

does that make sense i mean you can do

it like if this

beautiful sexy caucasian woman can jump

this high like she's michael jordan

and this great attractive handsome man

can do it

over the age of 60. i know you can do it

jenny or craig

or billy bob right it doesn't matter if

you're 20 years old and 30 or 40

you're like what if these older people

can do it i know i can do it

and the reason why i use the beach why


everybody wants to get a sexy body and

go to the beach does it make sense

now this is all unconscious okay

that makes sense this is all being

communicated to your mind unconsciously

when you think about a beach you think

about drinking you think about having

fun you think about

putting you on your bathing suit you

think about looking sexy right

and to do that you can't go to the beach

if you got a big old fat stomach unless

you don't care

but women they're not gonna go to the

beach and be fat

they're gonna wear one piece first so

what this does

it communicates to your prospect that

they can do this

too does that make sense is everybody

with me here

okay all right so

that's the page here and look

bye now okay you want to make sure you

always have a button here

okay then you have your 60 day money

back guarantee always do that that's


listen write this down always have a

money back guarantee

whenever you sell a product online


why because most people

are lazy and most people have what is

called buyer's remorse

which means is they may say well i'm

scared man what if it don't work can you

get my money back so if i tell you in


sure if it doesn't work for you in 60

days you can have your money back

everybody does this infomercials does

this even the programs that you watch on

tv they're trying to sell you something

they do it too they say just send it

back 60-day guarantee

90-day guarantee one-year guarantee

you always want to put that on your web

page because

i'm going to tell you something that's

going to increase conversions and people

will buy

your product over and over and over


are you with me young people okay

now guys listen to me don't listen to

anybody that's trying to give advice

in the comments below i'm the


i make a million dollars per month gross

with my companies today

so listen to me don't listen to pookie

and don't listen to ray ray

and don't listen to people that's trying

to tell you what they should do and they

have no money in their bank account okay

listen to the people who are getting the


okay and today that's wesley building

another virgin

okay so you see here

we have a copy of the book now listen

as a bonus let me share with you

where you need to go to get your product


because you might say well wesley how do

you create that image here

how many of you know how to create an

image like this let me show you where to


okay if you want to create the image say

if you create a brand new product

you go to fiverr.com okay go here


go to fiverr.com and they will create

whatever image you want

for this page that will create every

actually they will create everything for


okay does that make sense now the

question is this

you understand what i did here you

understand how i made the millions of

dollars right

but now you want to know okay wesley but

how do you put an offer together

does that make sense because you may say

okay what do i do to get started

because i want to create something so

what do i do

if i want to create something and i have

no experience

i have no money but i have drive

i'm willing to be committed what can i

do i don't know anything about internet


i know nothing about creating a product

now listen this is where this video

might get banned so

if you don't mind smash the like button

for me one time

you know so this video can stay up but

if not people might kind of report me

and that's all good

i just want people to win and if you

listen close you will win

sooner than later okay listen

it's two platforms that i recommend

one is clickbank.com

this was the first company

it's an affiliate platform here i made

my first million with these guys these

guys have paid me millions and millions

of dollars over the years

i'm no longer with them but i show them


because this was the first platform that

actually helped me make a ton of money

does that make sense

okay please write this down

okay don't be stupid and don't write it

down young people write it down

clickbank.com another platform

which i'm currently on is digital store

24. okay write it down

listen as a beginner these are the only

two platforms

that you need to focus on no other ones

if you're brand new and you want to

create a product i want you to focus

all your energy on either clickbait.com

or digitalstore24 does that make sense

that is it

okay all right so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna go to clickbank.com let me

show you what you gotta do

and it's very easy to do okay

very simple to do this if you pay

attention here

i'm gonna log in to one of my accounts


give me a second

that was my whole music guys all right

so what you want to do is go to

marketplace okay

and then when you go to marketplace you

want to click on this button that says

you see that magnifying glass here click

that okay

now now this is very important

what you want to do is you want to go

through these products here

on the first page and

excuse me you want to find a product

that you can model

okay can you guys hear me

comment below if you can hear me you


to choose and select a product that you

will model now this will make you listen

guys when i was broke

and i was on my last i still remember it

was a horrifying day of my life when it

was getting ready to take my car

and they were getting ready to take my

apartment here okay

and this technique saved my life i think

golf work

okay and you will too you're going to

find yourself leaving your 9 to 5 job

you're going to find yourself on some

beat somewhere because you are thankful

because of this video here

i'm going to save you years of pain

years of trying things that don't work

listen the fastest way to be successful

online is to model

other people that are already successful

which means is you're going to go

through these products you're going to

choose one

and you're going gonna model the product

and no you don't have to be an expert of


you don't have to be an expert

numerologist you don't have to be an

expert of

flat belly you can be fat and create a

product okay

you don't have to be an expert at ted's

woodworking okay

at all all you need to do

listen please is select one

so let's see if we select

diabetes freedom you're gonna click on

it like this

are you with me now this is what you

want to do

you want to write down this link

and you're going to model everything

that you see now listen i said model

don't copy look at that it says warning

green veggie causing diabetes

type 2 in millions let me give you an

idea what i would do if i was ready to

model this program

see if i had zero dollars and i want to

make a million dollars real quickly

that's what i would do

i was saying this fruit

is causing diabetes type 2 in millions

or i might say this blue vegetable

or this yellow vegetable that's causing

diabetes type 2

in millions or thousands you see what

i'm doing here i'm just changing out the


okay because remember the headline is

only for your customer to watch the

freaking video that's it

that's all it's there for i'm serious

not to communicate any value

is not to change your life it's just to

get you to watch that freaking video

okay does that make sense

green veggies so when you look this look

like similar to my fat diminisher video

this guy pretty much probably modeled me

and i know he's making millions of

dollars right now

because he said and like what i did i

said one veggie that's making you fat

he put the green veggie that's causing

type 2 diabetes right

all right now scroll down i'm gonna skip

the vsl for now we're gonna come back to

this so pay attention here

now understand everything on this web

page has been tested

thoroughly everything on this web page

has been tested okay

all right so that's all they have so

this is easy easy page here

now what you want to do is

fat cells to stream into your blood that


fat let me refresh

look look at this

what happened where's george i'm afraid

now you may say oh wesley that's

difficult how the hell did they put that

together and

where the ambulance come from listen i'm

gonna share some with you

let me show you where great marketers

such as myself

get all these cool videos from because

you might say well

where are these how are they doing that

let me show you what you got to do

listen to get like videos like this

okay you go here

write this down go to i go to


okay click on videos

and you can get whatever video you want

okay you can type in hospital

that's how i made a million dollars in

one month i'm just showing you how i did


see look at that so it's video so it's

the same thing that's what these people

are doing look at that i'm exposing them

this guy's gonna be pissed at me right

look let's see

it's just look these are nothing but

stock photos and stock videos

that somebody put together and i'm gonna

show you how to do it does that make


you hear that guy every word that that

person says

you're gonna take out a sheet of paper

that's what i did and i wrote it down

listen every word

that you hear this person says you're

gonna write it down i did it

i'm telling i made a lot of money you

know i just oh my god i'm getting

goosebumps right now i'm getting turned

on right now because

i still remember like going from the one

bedroom apartment to the [ __ ] condo

in miami

it's crazy right listen

what you're gonna do is you're gonna

transcript everything that you hear in

the video

okay and at the end of the video i'll

show you a fast way to do that okay

quick way to do that remind me so you're

gonna transcript that video okay

you're going to get somebody to make

this web page for it's very

simple to do simple you can go to

fiverr.com to get somebody to do that


just to create this web page for you

does that make sense

then what you want to do is click the

button that says get immediate access


all right and you're going to buy the

product i want everybody to write this

word down

all millionaires even future


they find a product they model the

product and they buy

everything that they see right there

down below

all millionaires buy everything that

they're going

to model burger king

i'm pretty sure they bought a mcdonald's

burger and they paid attention to the


and now they're a billion dollar company

just like mcdonald's this is what you're

gonna do

listen you're gonna buy the product

and every upsell that you see

because you're gonna see another screen

make sure you copy the link

okay it's important copy that link


all the stuff here even this you're

gonna model it does that make sense

you're gonna model that

model model model model right

the name of your product doesn't have to

be diabetes freedom it could be

diabetes gone or died

diabetes no more whatever you change the

name as well does that make sense

okay i mean listen do you actually think


riley you think that's a real person i

don't think so

okay let me just tell you the truth

that's probably not a real person

okay it's marketing remember it's


how many of you can see yourself doing


all right you have to buy everything

because what you're going to do is

you're going to study this

like you're studying for the sats you're

going to study you're going to look look

listen listen you're going to study

this page you're going to transcript it

everything this guy says

look everything that you hear in that

video you're going to write it down

everything okay the checkout form you're

going to model the checkout form as well

and you're going to buy the product

you're going to buy the upsells because

you're going to model

everything everything that you see with

this product

you're gonna put it on your computer on

your desk and you're gonna study it and

you're gonna

model it everything not copy model

does that make sense listen this is what

i wanna do

for 10 people okay 14 people now this is


and um look let me show you something

10 people to take action right now

they want my full blueprint now let me

explain what i'm talking and use this

cost like 10

000 this is 99 bucks but let me explain

something to you

because i want you to understand what

i'm going to do which i never do i've

never did this before

this is why i know this videos make it's

probably going to get deleted listen

don't go to that link right now listen

this is what i'm going to do

i'm going to show you exactly the person

who you can use to create the website

for you

like they did for me the same exact


i'm going to show you exactly how to get

tons of people called affiliates

to promote your product okay i'm gonna

show you how to do that

i'm gonna show you how i got all these

people i was poor i was broke

and i had all these people promoted from

me because i did

i used one simple psychological trigger

on people

that allowed them to promote my products


let me give that to you okay listen

i'm also gonna walk you step by step

and i'm gonna show you how to create a

product from scratch

and how to make your via cell 10 times

better than this one

okay does that make sense

i'm going to show you some it's going to

blow your mind once you see it because

some of you might say i don't know how

to create a vid i'm going to show you

the easiest way

simplest way to do this is going to blow

your mind

and it's going to lead you in atlanta

paradise and i'm going to do all that

at this link for the first 10 people

that's it now listen if you go here and

you see a price point that says five

thousand dollars or a thousand dollars

then you're too late 10 people per day

i'm sorry per

month can have it for 99 use it

it's called online millionaire mastery

and i'm going to show you

and i can't promise you that the price

point is going to stay the same let me

prove it to you look

let me show you something here look you

see that guy right there

he said hi lopez one year ago i was


no money that's ty lopez listen to that


i just tyler pass saying some good

things about me okay

now listen you go to this page you watch

the video

listen if you see a price point of a

thousand dollars that means you're too


okay period if you see a price point if

look if you go to this link right here

and you see a price point under this

video that's a thousand dollars

that mean you're too late you can't get

it for 99 okay i'm just gonna be honest

with you

i've showed you step by step

how to get you started to start making

five to six to seven figures online per


and i'm gonna be honest with you

everybody that goes to this website

and the first 10 people they get it for

99 bucks and use this cost a thousand


when you reach out to me if you're not

the right person

i'm going to give your money back okay

i don't want to deal with people who are

looking to get rich tomorrow morning

i'm looking for men women though looking

to pardo up

okay create a product online and once

you finish with your product

i want you to email me now listen this

is something that i've never done before

the 10 people that go here that invest


dollars okay once your product is ready

i'm gonna be the first person to email

your offer

to my list of 180 000

people does that make sense let me

listen let me show you something

let me show you something let me prove

it to you because i know i know i got

some naysayers on here but i want to be

honest with you look at this

this is my esp this is my email service


this is where all my customers are so

every time somebody buy my product they

go to sendling i'm being honest

i want to be very transparent with you


the first 10 people

that go to this link here invest 99

now if you're too late you got to pay a

thousand dollars that is what it is

is up to you what i'm going to do

i'm going to email once you create your

offer i'm going to email

your offer to 180 000 people which

means is you can easily in one day make

fifty thousand dollars per day

now let me ask you guys a question what

internet market on the planet will ever

do that for you

they won't these type of programs right


okay they they cost

thousands of dollars here right now

still 99. listen if you go to this page

and it says a thousand or 597 that mean

you're too late

listen the first 10 people and i want

you to think

about this before you take action right


what type of life do you want in the

next 60 or 90 days

do you want to be on the beach or you

want to be in your cubicle

okay let me show you this before i let

you go

i'm gonna let you look at this okay it's

gonna bring tears to your eyes

this is why i had to do it

okay look um

for the church

what happened is happy 70th birthday

oh my my dad you gotta you see that

right there look at that

see that car right there come on come on

hold on come on come on

so i want you to imagine your father

this is my dad he's 70 years old

he's a passover church based off the

action i took

i saw something like this seven years

ago and i took

freaking action and let me show you what

i did for my father here okay

look come on is the big seven no

did the big seven no and i know the

other car was hurting your back

so that's your car right there you got a

brand new mercedes five series

s-class s-class

so i want you to look how happy my dad


look how happy my father is because i

took action

because i saw something like this and i

said [ __ ] it

when you know most of the world gonna

look at this oh man i'm not doing that

that's not gonna work

but i said you know what i can't afford

not to do it

and i thank god i did it i think you

know i wasn't late i i was

i was thinking like a millionaire even

though i have a dime in my bank account

i had enough to get the program though

oh god

can you imagine doing this for your


can you can you imagine just taking

action just believing in yourself for


right don't listen to people that's

around you you know the people they're

telling you hey don't do this don't do


they're broke why would you listen to a

broke person

look got a brand new car you got the

mercedes here

i feel good

man i'm so blessed to be able to then

listen let me tell you something okay

and this is for everybody getting

started with me right now the ghost head

if you're

one of those 10 people if you go to the

link and if you already bought

hey i'm so proud of you okay we're going

to get started immediately and i'm going

to show you some things

about things behind the scene that's

absolutely going to blow your mind let

me share some with you

even if you get started or not right now

i want you to believe something about

yourself you can do this

okay you can do it

you can do this you can create a product

online an offer

you don't need any skill you don't need

any experience here

you need to have a drive and a wheel and

a commitment to do it

you can do this it may take some time

you may have to change some things about

yourself but you can do this

i want you to believe it that you can do


okay it's not important for you to get

the program because

listen i don't work with a lot of people

in my business i make a lot of money i'm


and i get it you know i'm i'm i've

figured it out

i want to work with a select few of you

that are willing to do whatever it takes

to get what you want

if that's you go to that link if you're

one of the first 10 people you get it

for 99 if not

gotta pay a thousand dollars i apologize

in advance

i love you guys so much this is wesley

billion dollar virgin let's go

motivated dedicated let go