How I make $1 million a year. (not clickbait)

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welcome back to coffee time with your

host 2x Google X Facebook tech lead

something interesting happened to me

recently my income has surpassed a

million dollars this year is that funny

I've just been sitting around here in

this Toshiya drinking my coffee while

you've been prancing around in the

business suit your banana republic

clothing driving your Jaguar cars acting

all self-important I've actually been

generating more income than you life's

not fair is it

they never teach you that in school do

they a million dollars per year in

income used to sound like a crazy amount

to me it still does actually and I

wanted to break this down to you having

reached at myself and explain to you how

I made this and what that actually looks

like so let's put all of our jealousy

aside for 10 minutes and go over the

numbers and the funny thing is these

numbers they don't even include passive

income like gains from stocks savings

bonds real estate I mean all of that

stuff is great and very legitimate good

income but I'm not including that here

because I don't really consider that

like salary type of income I'm talking

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so my income comes from two primary

sources my main job which is this

YouTube thing and then my side hustle

gig which was over at Facebook as a

staff software engineer so let me break

this income down for you and if you've

watched my prior videos then you would

have already calculated this but I had

been working a staff software

engineering job over at Facebook and

that income was about 500k more than

that actually and the way that works is

you've got 220 K based income then you

have say 20 percent bonus and then the

rest of that is just equity and that

kind of luxuries here and there and if

you saw my video on YouTube income thing

you also know that I'm generating an

equivalent amount or more on my youtube

channel if I break down this ad revenue

is bringing in about 20 K per month over

12 months that's like 240 K

income and then when

add in affiliate sponsorships that

brings up the gap up to another half

million or so so when you add up these

two income streams over 500k at Facebook

and another 500k from the YouTube stuff

it's like a million dollar income per

year that's what it looks like now what

does it feel like right and I have to

say that this was about 80 hour weeks

okay so it's like two jobs really I was

working morning tonight like 8:00 a.m.

to midnight every single day plus

Sundays I would have to devote that to

filming and doing YouTube stuff now the

funny thing is if you think about it I

think that a lot that people can boost

their income if they were to do

something like this right it's not

necessarily something that everybody

should do or want to do but you know you

could also pick up a second job right

you could pick up contract day on the

side you could do some consulting you

can even drive uber cars maybe get paid

30 bucks an hour you do that eight hours

a day right after your actual main job

you can pull in pretty good income that

way and in addition to that okay if you

were to actually get rid of your house

or apartment and just room with other

people your parents really downsize make

it cheap sleep in your car or whatever

they all boost your income right because

housing is a huge cost I'm paying four K

a month from my apartment that's like

four tak a year or pre-tax income is

like another 80k worth of income if I

really wanted to get rid of the

apartment and save that so anyway one

key thing here was for me to pick up a

second job and to just put a bunch of

time into this stuff I did not

personally see this as something that

was sustainable long term it was more of

a short term purse and just see how far

that could go and if it really did turn

out well then I could always find ways

to optimize that streamline things

automate it maybe get some help hire

people and that could help make it more

sustainable over the long term but I

pretty much believe that when things are

good and they're not always good

sometimes you're in the slump

and there's really nothing you want to

do there's no opportunity that you see

sometimes but occasionally you get

bursts of inspiration motivation maybe

you see a business idea you see some

opportunity and that's when it's time to

hustle and you just hustle for a few

months and it doesn't have to last that

long and you can see where that takes

you and during that burst of time you

may be able to generate a lot of income

maybe work hard one

two years get a lot of money that way

and then go back to doing what you were

normally doing so if you already have a

job you may not like the idea of picking

a second side hustle that just sounds

too much and you don't even want to

begin I'm not saying that you should

necessarily do this but what you can do

is try it pursue it for just a few

months see where that takes you and if

it succeeds you can then find ways to

perhaps automate it or maybe your side

hustle could overtake your actual job

the funny thing about generating this

amount of money income is that you don't

actually have time to enjoy it

right I was pretty much working all the

time I had given up games movies the

time I spent with my family I still

tried to maintain that I would still

have dinner with them every evening and

then spend some quality time with them

but even still like since I had to give

up Sunday's the weekends would be half

for me and I just viewed it as me having

a six day work week whereas normal

people have a five-day workweek it's

just the way I thought about this for

myself and so what happens is that the

limiting factor here becomes time I

really had to learn to prioritize my

time better I cut out a bunch of news

sites even some of those daily deal

sites I used to be really interested in

checking those I cut those out too

because I just figured my time at this

point was becoming more valuable and I

didn't have enough time for it so this

goes hand-in-hand with the idea of

working in waves right like sometimes

you're learning and you're just reading

a lot of books and blogs and news sites

but then other times you have a bunch of

stuff to do you know exactly what you

need to do each day you don't really

need to read and learn as much as

actually do action and perform and just

get these tasks out of the way so that

was kind of the mode I have been it

and I know that a million bucks and

income it sounds a lot but if we take a

little closer look at these income

sources they're not really all they're

cracked up to be number one the Facebook

job I can't get that type of income

anywhere else except the Silicon Valley

Bay Area right because cost of living is

so high here there's a lot of

competition and they have also taken me

over a decade to get a job like this

which by the way if you're interested in

landing a job at one of these top-tier

tech companies check out my program Tech

interview procom I'm going to fast-track

you teacher everything I know about how

to land a job at one of these places and

ace your interviews but as I was saying

if we were to also look at the YouTube

income I mean that's not stable either

right it's based on generating viral

videos so over I wouldn't say any of

this is truly sustainable but I want to

talk a little bit about my general

philosophy and perspective on this

unlike other people I have never viewed

a full-time job as the end-all be-all

where once I get that I can just sit

down and just play video games and watch

Netflix all day long to me a job has

always been a way to just sustain myself

and pay some rent while I focus on my

true job so this is about coming up with

your own business whatever that may be

and that built many different websites

and apps in the past before and the

reason this is so important is because

when you work in a income job right

salary is capped even after a decade of

working in the industry and climbing

that career ladder they're still always

going to be someone who's going to say

there's somebody else willing to do your

job cheaper so we're just going to hire

that other guy instead your salary is

kept that way now when you work for

yourself though there's nobody there to

cap your salary you can generate as much

revenue as you want however much

business or value you're able to

generate you can reap those rewards and

there's not going to be anybody else

who's going to say well I think there's

somebody else who's willing to do your

job for a cheaper value a price and

we're just going to hire that other guy

instead and so that's pretty much how I

have always approached my career it

doesn't surprise me even today that I

have multiple sources of income your

standard nine-to-five is there to help

the risk the situation for you provide

you a little bit of stability make life

a little smoother and nicer but unlike

people who just completely usually give

up on their side hustles I'd always been

looking into building out additional

income streams one of the biggest keys

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premium now on the topic of side hustles

I do want to mention one interesting

revelation which is that all of this

site business income that you do is

entirely tax deductable so if you were

to drive uber cars and you made $2,000

on that you could actually buy like a

laptop and all of that income you could

tax deducted it's essentially tax free

money so it's really not bad idea to do

some size house o'ciock

even if you have a full-time job because

you just get that business deduction and

it becomes tax-free money so there you

have it hope you found this informative

and feel free to send this video to

somebody who needs to see this I told

you this wasn't clickbait and now you

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