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hello guys so welcome in this tutorial

my name is mustafa sahadat

and today i'm going to share with you

one uh based website uh you can earn

one litecoin in one day and

i'm going to share with you that website

uh this is the website uh

a link in description collect the link

and come here register yourself okay

how you can register click register


email password and entire password again

and you can click

register check and human field

robot and i just said

now i'm going to login myself so

i'm going to show you how to you can


make a one light coin in one day

and this is very easy i have a five

minutes um

okay now the server is not available


uh about i didn't refresh the page

okay okay and now you can see i'm


sometimes they show the server error

reload the page and come here and log in

again okay

because this website is have a lot of


and a lot of people come here to making


cryptocurrency okay now i told you the


about this website you can claim okay

and now uh i'll show you this is my


every time you climb faucet your level

increase and this is the all level uh

important things uh to pay you okay

everybody you will leave your liver

reach this

much they pay you this much bitcoin is

for like reward okay and you can

withdraw your

funds you can earn multiple currency

and right now i have a litecoin okay

uh i earned this litecoin without any


i show you how to you can uh do that


and you can withdraw your litecoin if

your litecoin reached this much

amount okay this too easy to making this

amount in this website okay now i show


how to you can earn this is our faucet

you can claim your faucet just put a


go to faucet okay

in here go to first and

classic process you can claim any

currency you want i choose litecoin

because i want to earn like on you can

choose any currency you want like

bitcoin cash or

any cryptocurrency you want just uh

every five minutes this

uh this website pay you this much great

coin cash okay

this is very good website and you can


other future sue has a

cryptocurrency tool like dash

if you want to earn dash this much that

should pay you

every uh five minutes okay

and i use litecoin

because i have litecoin you can exchange

your litecoin to any correct you can see

just i use litecoin this much like one

they pay me

if the litecoin price come down they pay

me much more okay if

the price go after they pay me lease

just click start claiming

uh feel this capture this is very good

and very easy

oh sorry not

yet and click

capture solve okay now you can see

uh this is the capture solve

if i want to double this capture i

choose this if you have good luck okay

this uh two belongs to lack if you have

luck you can

dp you if you don't have luck they

didn't pay you this much okay

this time i want to

pay me okay just i go

and click add to balance okay

click add to balance and they add to

your balance

now you can see okay and every five

minutes you can hear

claim one time okay i show you the

another trick you can earn this is

another trick

and you can claim from the street too

and if you came here you didn't have a

who to claim

okay i have to if you want to make much

more click this link and

go and make much more i show you that


and which cryptocurrency you want to


just litecoin collect lunch they show

you how

much litecoin you can earn with one

go to claim okay everyone would claim


five minutes to pay you uh just leave

the speech like this and

they pay you every five minutes this


litecoin okay if i were claim

every day

okay i show you with

calculation this is autoclave

you can make much more or to claim okay

every uh sorry

every five would claim you can claim in


three minutes i think okay

every four three minutes left

and an hour you can claim

okay six minutes

to three multiply

every hour you can claim this much uh

with claim and if you work 10 hours

they pay you this much to claim if you

have this much with the claim to i

have like right now two

i multiply this it claim to

zero point one two

three four five okay two and two

three nine

four okay i multiply this much

they pay me this much litecoin every day

and not

i didn't uh

just just autoclaim okay

you leave the page and they pay you this

much litecoin every day

without any work just found autoclave

okay now i show you how to you can earn

much more autoclaim

go to go to faucet

and this website told you uh get

four more or to claim okay visiting this

website and they pay you

for more auto claim and just click and

come here visit this website

and click this one first to feel the

capture because if you don't feel the


this one didn't pay you okay

gadget go

and click done

okay and wait 20 seconds

and then click this one and just edit


waiting 20 seconds and this website

pay you much more if you refer all

your friends and this website link in

description click the link and come here

register yourself

if you want to make a much more


okay much more than other website i told


before and

now i wait another 20 seconds okay and

now i pause the video

okay now you can see they pay me

for more and if you want to make much


just click and visit the website and

they pay you okay

this is the best way you can earn much

more cryptocurrency

just like lose and you can uh choose any

cryptocurrency or you can choose

multiple cryptocurrency for

making okay just click and they

show you how much they pay you every

one autoclaim okay this is the all

uh all

these prices and they pay you everyone

auto claim

just uh i collect litecoin

ethereum they pay you ethereum this much

and dash coin okay

collect auto claim and

they should claim you uh every

four okay or you can make much more

just leave the page to reload okay

just i take this three

and i leave the page

10 minutes and just

after 10 minutes they pay you

and this one this one this one okay

if you close it they didn't pay you

that too just pay you litecoin okay

the litecoin price uh is going up or


every time okay uh this is

every time they reload if the

litecoin price come

very down they pay you much more okay

and if the prices go up they pay you

lease okay now i close it and i

show you another things you can ever


with this website you can

complete offer wall you can play game i

didn't recommend you to play game okay

you can claim from

mining website this website i have a


mining software you can use that


and you can mine your uh

cryptocurrency okay and this is

show you if you don't have this website

software you can download this website


they show you the link okay

and you can download and you can make

some cryptocurrency this one tell you

how much you can

air with this match uh

hash power okay and this is the software


you can click and download your software


and any things you have

miss 64-bit on

this match any okay

just click download

and this one is automatically downloaded

your app page and this is the all

things you can after download use that


you can mark very fast

and you can earn much more okay

our ptc hats you can

watch the advertisement and earn some


uh this one is good too you can watch

advertisement and they pay

you right now the this

website didn't have advertisement if

they have to do come back tomorrow okay

and now you can see my level is up right


and my level reached to 4

and if arrive killing 50 time

i might even reach again okay

just i go to my balance this much

litecoin i have right now okay

uh it's easy to earn from this website

come here down go to classic faucet and


after five minutes i tried to my lag

if this page double me

a lot of time i try they pay me

okay this is about your luck you can


your earning

okay with this again

uh sorry about my internet

because my internet is very slow

and if your internet is very fast you


make much more cryptocurrency without

doing anything if you

want to just making i show you the all

the website of awesome website you can

make from that too

okay just click allow and

okay i browse

okay now you can see they pay me this

much uh

into you if i click double

okay uh if i click double

uh if i have lag

this website double me if i don't have a

luck and they didn't pay me this much


uh yes this one is too risky

i just click double um

with the same minute oh i didn't have

luck okay uh i didn't have a good luck

to win this uh double and

they didn't pay me that much but they

told me okay

okay and thanks for watching guys uh

if you want to earn much more

cryptocurrency this is their best

website if you want to

call your friends just click refrog link

this is your front link and you can

paste to

other people and they come here register


and this website pay your point for five


of the commission okay

this is the new website no one has this

website uh

ever and if you want to make much more

money and this

is at the right time to you come here or

just said yourself if

this website and make much more

traffic they didn't pay you this much to

they show you okay are you up and come

here register yourself thanks for

watching if you like

my videos please subscribe to my channel


follow me with a new and based on

based errands

and goodbye