How Much Do MBBS/Junior Doctors Earn in India? | My Salary, Job Offers and Opportunities.

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last week i made a reaction video to 1.3

million dollars

income of a doctor in the united states

and if you're curious how much junior

doctor like me with just an mbbs degree

makes in india

this video is for you hey friends if

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today let's discuss the juicy but not so

frequently discussed topic of

how much a junior doctor with just an

mbbs degree makes in india that is

how much money does a medical school

graduate who has finished this

internship but hasn't done any residency

or postgraduate training earns in india

i am one of those people

my residency plans are on hold because

of the thing in the air

so i'll be telling you exactly how much

i got paid in four different jobs that

i've had in four different sectors after

graduating med school and also we'll

discuss how much mbbs doctors earn in


how being in different types of jobs

affect their incomes

and i'll be using my own exam and again

i'll be using my own example having

either worked in different kinds of jobs

or having had job offers from

different kinds of sectors now this

video is for anyone who's curious how

much junior doctors

make or people in med school or people

who want to get into med school and

their parents to just to

get an idea of what you can expect once

you graduate and like always

please check the description for time

stamps if you just want to watch some

specific portions of the video

so the point at which an mbbs doctor

starts to get paid

is during internship and it will be a

basic stipend medical doctors in india

have to do a compulsory internship

after finishing four and a half years of

medical school they'll be posted for a

month or two in different departments of

the hospital like general medicine

general surgery orthopedics and

pediatrics etc so they can get an

idea on how to manage conditions or

different kinds of conditions

most colleges have internship for one

year but some colleges have it for two

years where the second year will be

spent in a rural area

in some community health center now

during this period doctors will be paid

from the medical

college and not from the hospital they

are working in stipend is higher in

government colleges and

is lower in private colleges and some

private colleges don't pay

anything so my pay as an intern in a

state government run medical college

in karnataka was about 20 000 per month

which was

quite a good amount it's being planned

to be increased to 25 000 per month

which is

quite a handsome pay considering that

this whole year is just

you learning the basics of being a

doctor however in private colleges you

can expect anywhere from 15 000 a month


zero rupees a month now what you have to

note is that it also varies by state the

figures that i gave you

is for medical causes in my state of


some states pay much lesser some states

like delhi may pay

a bit more now special categories like

students from army medical colleges like

afmc get paid

way more because they would have been

inducted into the army with the rank of


lieutenant i think and they get the rank

pay of for lieutenant which is around 70

000 rupees places that have that

one extra year of rural service part of

the two year internship may pay

more in the second year around 25 to 30

000 per month

now once you graduate once you have that

medical degree and a permanent license

to practice

the opportunities become kind of

limitless you'll never be out of a job

unless you choose to

and you can also choose where to work

and what kind of work you want to do you

want to work in a big city like

bangalore or do you want to chill

in a place like goa or lakshadweep do

you just want to work in a hospital do

you want to join government service do

you want to join the army do you want to

join them

a medical startup do you want to have

your own startup do you want to have

your own medical establishment the

opportunities are endless so your pay

will vary depending on

what kind of sector you get into so

let's see what all different kinds of

sectors and jobs pay

if you join as a duty doctor or a

medical officer in a private hospital

this is the most

common route that mbbs graduate takes

because it's easier to get in

your pay will depend on your experience

and your skills and the work hours

you're ready to put in on an average it

ranges from 25 000 to 60 000 per month

but it can go

upwards of one lakh per month depending

on whether the doctor has learnt extra

skills or is

experienced mbbs doctors can learn extra

skills like doing echocardiograms basic

ultrasounds etc and this will increase

pay the pay is

more in metro areas and big cities and

when you come to a small town the pay

becomes 10 to 15k

lesser for a comparable job so my salary

working as a doctor in a private

hospital in bangalore working six days a


eight hour shifts was around 55 000 per

month some doctors also do telemedicine

which is basically giving basic

prescriptions and counseling over the


and if you can spend like three to four

hours a day you can make close to a

thousand rupees per day so you can do

the math

if you join government service it can

vary by whether it's a

state government job or a central

government job whether you're on

contract whether you're a permanent


a lot of things if you're on contract in

a state government job the base pay will

be less it'll be around 35 to 45 k

but you will get bonuses for you know

working in rural areas

and meeting some objectives set by the

government if you are employed with the

state government as a full-time medical

officer you can

expect a starting basic pay of 50 to 60

000. this was for the state-run

government hospital

central government hospitals pay much

more i came across a central government

job offer for

about 75 000 for one year contract and a

friend of mine worked for esi hospitals

for around 80 85 000 a month which is

pretty good pay now if you join the army

as a medical doctor you will have the

rank of a captain and you'll get the

rank pay of a captain which is around 80

to 90

000 in hand plus bonuses and other stuff

then comes the exciting option of

joining medical startups

these companies look for doctors to

write medical

articles you know crosstick medical data

edu tech companies will want you to

teach or frame

questions or check questions and things

like that and the pay tends to be

around 40 to 65k so my first proper

job after graduating medical school was

in one such startup and my pay was

around 55000 again now corporate


mncs and factories hire medical officers

doctors to treat their employees as

minor conditions like headaches or


to major emergencies like heart attacks

or bleeding so i had a job offer for

about 60 000 per month

from an mnc for a one-year contract you

could also work for insurance companies

they need doctors to check medical data

to cross check patient reports they pay

a similar amount around 40 to 60 k

but i personally find this to be boring

so i didn't do much research into it

so the next interesting field is in

academia or

teaching setting if you like teaching

medicine or just biology as a whole

you can work as a tutor or a lecturer in

one of the medical colleges

or in some degree colleges where you can

teach biology subjects like physiology

and in these jobs you can expect a

starting salary of around 30 000

but the work will be quite relaxed so if

you want to do something like that

that's also an option

now the final high risk high returns

option is to start your own private


it can either make you very less money

or a lot of money

mbbs doctors have license to practice

all forms of medicine

and they can even perform surgeries like

vasectomies tubectomies emergency

caesarean sections emergency


etc as long as they have trained in

those fields under a consultant

in a large teaching hospital for at

least six months and they have to show

proof of that experience now as you can

see how much money you make in your own

private practice depends on how much

time you're willing to spend

second how many procedures you can do

safely and legally

and third how big your setup is with

private practice you can make anywhere


40 000 a month to 5 lakhs a month like i

said it all depends on you

now not all fresh medical graduates will

have access to the relatively higher


jobs that i had i was in quite a

favorable position

because first i live in bangalore and

second i graduated from the best

government-run medical school in my


so i had access to all these good

options but since i took too many breaks

in between to study for a lot of

different kinds of exams

i haven't made much money in total but

that's okay

these exams are going to get me my

residency of choice hopefully

fingers crossed and probably a

good lifestyle later on so i'm not

complaining i'm kind of broke now but

that's okay well that's it from me for

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