How many 5700XT's do you need to mine 1 ETHEREUM per month

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good day everyone and welcome to slush


today we're going to be doing something

a little bit different i currently have

one xfx rx 5700 xd 8 gig graphics card

how many cards do you need to mine one

ethereum per month

so let's do the calculations and go

through how much we actually need

and this might surprise you looking at

the what to mine website

ethereum is currently trading at 526

dollars per ethereum we currently have

one of these cards

it's mining at 56 megahertz per second

and mining at 115 watts

we're mining the f hash algorithm

megahertz at 115 watts

electricity is 18 cents usd per kilowatt

let's click on that calculate

looking at the profits for ethereum

we're earning 1.73 cents

per day and that is before electricity

okay so what we do know is that we're

earning about 0.0032

ethereum per day which calculates to


1.73 cents

so we want to mine one ethereum let's

divide it by

our daily ethereum rewards

which is 0.0032

so what we do know is that with one rx

5700 xt graphics card

we will take 312 days to mine one


but what if we want to do that in one


how many cards do we actually need

times 30 we make about 51

almost 52 dollars if we take that 52

or 51.9

divide by 51.9

we currently need about 10 graphics


if you have two six card rigs of rx 5700

xt's you would actually earn one

ethereum a month

let's see how much mega hash you

actually require to earn one ethereum a


so we do know that ethereum is at 525

divide by 30 days

you need to earn about 17 and a half

dollars a day

that by what we make

what we make a day which is about 10

graphics cards so let's say

we have 12 graphics cards two

times six card mining rigs of rx 5700

56 mega hash times 12 cards

you're looking at 672 mega hash

to earn one ethereum a month

let's see if our calculations are



what will our power consumption be

115 times 12

cards 1380

and if we look at ethereum

we should be earning with our 12 card


about 20 dollars 75 cents

now to confirm that we will be earning

one ethereum a month

that's the amount of ethereum that you

earn every day so let's take


times 30 days in a month

and you'll be making 1.1 ethereum a


you do need 10 cards just over 10 cards


most rigs are normally 6 cards hope you

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