How To Make $1 Per Minute {Very Easy Money Method}

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all right how is everybody doing today

I'm super excited to tell you about a

way that you can make up to $1 per

minute very easy so let's do it


all right so I am very excited today to

be sharing a method with you that you

can use to make up to $1 per minute if

you use it the right way and you are

fast but nevertheless it's a very good

method to make some extra money online

with there are many people that use it

already and so can you now if you're

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a new video like this so the company and

opportunity I wanted to show you today

is called enroll app comm it's this

website it's free to register with this

company and it's basically a company

that helps make the web a better place

and roll lets you take quick tests to

help make the web a better place for

everyone help companies decide which

logo is better clarify content or simply

complete tasks on a website or app to

ensure the interaction makes sense and

like it says anyone can do it it's a

very easy way to make some extra money

with and you can use your phone your

tablet your desktop or your computer

just do what you feel as long as you

have an internet connection this will

work for you and you can earn rewatch

and which is money that will be paid

conveniently to your PayPal account and

they pay you anywhere from 10 cents to

dollar 50 pair tests and these tests are

very small and like I said you can

finish them very quickly and up to this

point four hundred twenty six thousand

tests have been made here and you can

actually check out the sample test if

you want to know what kind of tasks

you'll be carrying out for this company

online so let's try it alright welcome

to a sample test in the next couple of

screens you will be

asked to execute a couple of different

tasks please complete the tasks to the

best of your ability

let's try it click on where you might

get some inspiration for upcoming trips

that sounds like fun

alright so this is some kind of website

they want us to take a look at yeah I

think I will get inspiration from a

picture like this or maybe this one

actually so I'll click on that and then

I'll click on continue right here

section tube 2 what does this page make

you feel select up to three all right so

what does this website make me feel okay

so it's a classic traveling website I

would say and here I have some choices

at the bottom yeah anticipation and

let's say joy as well that's enough for


I think I will click the continue button

right now and here I can write some

optional things

continue great tell us a little about

yourself I will say I'm a male and I'm

about this age over 30

thank you for taking a test so that was

basically a test it was very fast to

complete I don't know how much I will

get paid for this one exactly but these

are the kind of tests that you will be

doing all right so you can do a lot of

these and it doesn't take very long time

it's very easy so if you want to get

started with this company and try these

tests just write your email address down

here and the password and you click the

enroll now button that's it for today's


it was a simple one but I just wanted to

show you this one because it's an easy

way to make some extra money with now if

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thank you for watching my video and wish

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