Earn $1 - $10 Per Click! [FOR BEGINNERS!]

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what is up ninjas in this video I'm

going to teach you how you can make one

to ten dollars per click yes per click

and really it's just that easy alright

welcome into my screen beautiful ninja

so this video we're going to be talking

about three ways one way in particular

and two kind of ways that are just worth

mentioning for people that have a ton of

time and need money are as follows

creative live is an awesome new platform

as you can see they've raised you know

twenty five million dollars

redbull joined the roster right Adobe

Microsoft GoPro and a bunch of big names

and this company has literally been like

doing some pretty interesting stuff

recently what they do is they basically

run like a you know answer your creative

calling if you've ever wanted to get

great sell your work start a business

the world's most creative instructors

will teach you how right so this is kind

of like a udemy platform mixed with like

a YouTube and it has large backers it

has you know a ton of money funding it

and so they have a ton of money really

to get this off the board and they have

some big backers and so the reason that

we're talking about creative live is

because they have a really interesting

affiliate program as you guys know most

affiliate programs actually are you know

you sign up as an affiliate and if

someone buys something through your link

you get a percentage right but this this

affiliate program is actually very

unique and the reason for that is you

get one dollar every time a new

registration signup occurs right that

doesn't say purchase that doesn't mean

that somebody has to go buy $100 worth

of stuff for you to get one dollar this

literally means that every new

registration signup you get paid one

dollar and you get 20% of all of the

customers sales associated with that

person sign up right so if they sign up

and then they buy something for $100 you

get $20 of that sale as well so it's a

really really crazy way to actually make

money and you can just have like all of

your friends and family and everybody

sign up for this and you get paid $1 for

every single person that actually signs

up right and another awesome thing you

do is you get $10 for each referred

affiliate and so in this link in this

video I'm going to have my affiliate

link if you want to sign up as an


I get paid $10 right and this is a big

disclaimer right here so pay attention

yes it is an affiliate link yes I will

get paid $10 if you sign up to become an

affiliate but that's not at all the

reason for this video the reason for

this video is because you can become an

affiliate you can invite your friends to

become an affiliate right you can

literally refer people to become

affiliates and every time you do that

and it's like a unique IP and it's a

real person right in they're actually

signing up you get $10 for each referred

affiliate and that does not mean that

they have to actually buy stuff it

literally means that they sign up as an

affiliate and start affiliating so if

you actually use this right one dollar

for every new registration no purchase

is necessary nothing right and then 20%

of all revenue shares for new customer

sales which is awesome too because if

somebody signs up buys $100 worth of

stuff you get $20 of that plus the one

dollar to sign up and then the $10 for

each referred affiliate is absolutely

crazy so what I would recommend you guys

to do is sign up as an affiliate if you

want to use my affiliate link do it if

you don't right just google search

creativeLIVE comm and sign up as an

affiliate this video is 0% me trying to

make money it's literally teaching you

guys how you can make money by spreading

the word about this website that has

enormous backers like Microsoft and

Adobe and these huge software company so

that guys is method 1 write creative

live it's an incredible platform itself

if you want to actually sign up yourself

and learn um they have a ton of

different types of classes here right

photo and video money in life aren't

InDesign crafts and maker music and

audio and they have all different types

of things like money and Finance

lifestyle self-improvement lots of

different stuff entrepreneurship that

you can actually learn or you know if

you really enjoy creating content then

you could become a content creator for

this site they have live stuff too it's

a really really interesting site and

they have an even more interesting

affiliate program literally get paid

just to refer people to sign up it's

crazy right this is actually how it used

to be for Shopify to Shopify's affiliate

program when they first came out was

they pay you a 200% bounty right even if

the person didn't end up paying so for

every new person that signed up to

Shopify even for a free trial they

give you 200 percent of that first month

so if it cost of $29 they give you $58

even if that person never paid so that's

what really heavily funded startups do

because I remember like Shopify when it

first came out they'd give you a 200%

bounty for every person that signed up

under your affiliate link so if someone

signed up for a $29 plan a free trial

write a 14-day free trial

Shopify would literally pay you 200

percent of that signup cost so they pay

you $29 times 2 or $58 even if that

person that referred that you referred

never paid right so Shopify was

literally hemorrhaging losing a ton of

money but they did that because they

wanted to become the market leader and

they did that and it paid off in the

form of billions of dollars of market

cap right so it's what these heavily

funded startups do it's the same thing

that PayPal did when PayPal first

started they were giving out $10 per

each referred user that you signed up to

PayPal right so people were you know

signing up all of their friends and

family and their friends and family

started to do the same thing and PayPal

spent you know millions and millions of

dollars for this to happen but then they

became the market leader right and now

10 years you know 20 years however long

it's been later PayPal is still

literally like synonymous with online

money and they by far become the market

leader did they have to sacrifice a ton

of money up front to do that yes was it

worth it absolutely so that's what

creative live is doing right now one

dollar for every new registration sign

up $10 for each referred affiliate so if

you want to be unaffiliated live my

affiliate link is down below in the

description if you don't want to use it

right if you think that the reason I'm

doing this is to make money go and

Google search it yourself right don't

use my affiliate link please don't use

it if you think that that's what I'm

trying to do I promise you it is not

what I'm trying to do so the last two

ways and these two ways I'm going to

admit are not the best ways in the world

but I did a lot of research a lot of

people have been asking me about how to

make money you know filling out surveys

and doing things like that there's only

two somewhat legitimate ways to make

money with surveys the rest of them are

complete trash I looked on Trustpilot I

looked on Better Business Bureau I

looked all around the review sites and

testimonials and things like that and

there's two different ways to actually

make money doing surveys and filling out

forms and things like that survey junkie

from what I've read and what I've seen

from testimonials and

and I did a bunch of research for you

guys people are saying that if you do a

good job you can make about $12 an hour

just sitting behind your computer and

filling out surveys so $12 an hour to

fill out surveys about brands and about

how logos look and about how websites

and random things look and just your


you can literally receive $12 to do that

swag blesses the other one um they do

give a bonus what I've what I've heard

and what I've read about swag bucks is

it's not worth it to do swag bucks for

more than an hour or two if you do it

for an hour or two you can make around

like 10 to 20 dollars an hour but then

after that it starts getting lower like

five dollars an hour so if you have some

extra time sign up the swag bucks right

get your attend ollar bonus maybe do it

for an hour or two and then never do it

again it's very easy money if you have a

lot of time and you want to make some

money so you can start saving money to

actually create a real business guy so

that is creative live a dollar for every

new sign up right no purchase required

and $10 for each referred affiliate if

you guys want to sign up as an affiliate

my link is below if you don't want to

use my link just google it and then make

all of your friends and all of your

family and your uncle and your aunt and

your dog sign up as affiliates using

your link guys and so that is everything

for this video obviously I want you guys

to be very very clear here right this is

not meant to be a full-time income

source for the rest of your life this is

meant to save money right every dollar

that I'm making from this stuff I'm

literally saving so that I can actually

invest it in a real business a real

source of full-time income like Amazon

FBA like Shopify and like Facebook

marketing agencies and if you guys want

to learn more about you know any of

those real kind of full-time income

sources online come over to my channel

check it out I have a bunch of free

resources for you guys to take a look at

so you can learn how to actually do this

stuff so I hope you guys enjoyed this

video I'm working hard to put out ways

that anyone anywhere can make money and

save money so that you can actually

start to be free and enjoy life as it

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