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do you want to get paid to search on

Google well in today's video I'm going

to show you a way that you can actually

get paid two dollars per day just

searching on Google but before that if

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in the description now let's get into

the video so I actually went online I

searched about how to actually get paid

to search and I found that there was a

company that was called presearch dot IO

and what they do is that they pay you in

cryptocurrencies to make money online

and to search on Google which is insane

so what you can see right here is that

this version enables you to earn 3

tokens when you search and customize the

search resources you use regularly and I

gotta say this is absolutely crazy guys

so what is pre search all about when you

search you'll be rewarded with pre

crypto tokens let's go next right here

you can see how many tokens you have in

the top right corner you will earn 0.25

pre tokens per search up to 32 searches

per day which is 8 free tokens so 8 pre

talks now we're gonna check out how much

that is later next by default when you

search your search will go to Google so

basically you just use Google like a

regular search engine if you want to

search another site directly just click

the corresponding icon next to see all

of your search options click the pre

search P underscore icon next customize

you can customize your link I want to

change which icons you can search click

the customize link to add delete or

rearrange your icons pretty easy your

selected icons are displayed here at the

top and as you can see there are tons

and tons of tons of tons of different

ways you can search to add on the icon

just add it right here you can use the

search function to filter your options

or you can browse by category that

sounds awesome

to select an icon simply click on it and

then we'll be

to your selected icons yes yes to

rearrange order yeah we get it we get it

to set an icon as your default search

engine drag it all the way to the left

alright pretty easy to delete an icon

super simply that's all for now let's

try and make some money doing a search

what should we search make money Oh

little coin popping up right there so as

you see just it's a regular browser just

like anywhere else and they just use

Google and you make money from it so

what I would do is that I would put this

right here as your homepage or you can

just put it on in the top right here

just let's say you're on YouTube and

then you need to search something just

go into pre search on top right here

search what do you guys usually search

for how to stop mine how to stop my

nipples from hurting is that something

you're searching for you can get paid to

search on Google so I just checked my

dashboard right now and it seems like

I've just earned 0.53 tokens right here

and they said that I could make up to 8

free tokens per day and I actually want

to check how much that is at the moment

so it says that a pre token is right now

at 0.08 dollars and it has been going

down fiercely over the last couple of

months because of the huge bear market

that we have right now so let's check

how much that is count

let's bring the calculator out so it's

zero point zero eight five times eight

that's about sixty eight cents for

searching online which is not too bad I

guess it's just that the price of the

coin is so low right here let's go in

here let's say that the pre token is

right around zero point twenty seven

just to be a little bit more

in line with what you can actually make

so right there you'll make about two

dollars and 16 cents because right now I

think and don't quote me on this I think

we're at the bottom of the

cryptocurrency bear market that we're

having and we're only going to see this

go upwards so if you're getting a lot of

tokens right now just searching online

it wasn't really anything different you

just search online like a regular human

being you can actually make money from

that and if the price goes up like to

this point right here where every token

is worth 80 cents you're going to be

making six dollars and 40 cents just

from searching the web this is

absolutely crazy and it's something that

I've never ever seen before

so get in on this right now there should

be a link right down into the

description that you can join and

actually you can get paid to search the

web just like you normally do so that is

going to be the video thank you so much

for watching the video don't forget to

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I'll see you the next video