How to make 1 dollar per day | Easy with this system

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hi Maya viewers in this video I'm gonna

show you how to make $1 birthday okay

all you have to do is sign up for time

box this page will be on video

description so click on it to be

redirected to this page where you can

sign up for time box click in this

option click here to sign up in time box

let's click here ok choose the sign up

option again sign up with Facebook if

you want to sign up with Facebook but if

you don't want to sign up with the

social media network you can use your

email here ok choose a password repeat

the chosen password click the option I'm

not a robot

ok let's select all the cards in the


verify okay

sign up now not to sign up because I

have a account in time box so let's to

my account here okay next step is click

earn and then capture okay as you can

see here we have the top 50 learners

okay so you have to be here in the top

50 to only $8 okay to be here I'm gonna

show you how to be here I'll have to do

is click here I'm a human okay now make

a square into this portal here okay

let's make together

I click click

as you can see here as square okay

let's click check okay now click Submit

okay success CAPTCHA correct you have

just been here awarded okay

let's do that again

please wait some seconds okay I'm a

human click click click

clicked ok check submit

okay you can do this as many as you want

till you reach at least the 50 position

here okay

reaching the 50 position you earn $1

okay each capture code you want you earn

tickets to run for the wheat prices okay

so that's it I hope you enjoy this video

thumbs up if you liked until the next