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yo what's up guys it's John here now do you want a chance to win $1,600 well

make sure you're paying close attention today because you only have 27 days left

to do it and I'm gonna show you how step-by-step in today's video step

number one is go over to Google what's going on guys it's John here and I post

a weekly video showing you how to make some extra money online and if you hit

that subscribe button you're gonna be notified every time I post a new

money-making video so subscribe down below so you don't miss out on any of my

future money-making videos guys now let's jump straight into it the first

thing you're gonna do is go over to Google and you're gonna type this

website in right here it's called mind sumo

so mind sumo calm it's gonna be the first one that pulls up and so what this

website does right here is a post of weekly contest that you could enter to

win some real money and the way it works is big companies brands businesses team

up with mine sumo to get new ideas for their business so companies just like

Nestle Microsoft sonic into it adidas guys all these big name brand companies

team up with my sumo to get new ideas for their business and their company so

what they basically do is put out contest just like these right here

asking people just like you or me to help them out with the next big idea for

their company or maybe the next solution that's gonna help them save a ton of

money or maybe think of a new idea for the business guys so let me show you a

quick example right here so propose new solutions to help people through

financial hardships so if you would have entered this competition both of us so

if you would have entered this contest right here guys all you have to do is go

ahead and answer the question think of your best idea your best solution to go

ahead and answer this question and just for that you're gonna be entered in a

contest to win some serious money so check this out here were all the winners

of this contest right here 40 bucks 40 bucks 11 bucks 11 bucks guys so the way

it basically works is they put out these contests and many people around the

world are able to answer it give their honest feedback to win some serious

money now you're not actually gonna fold it to clear things up right now you're

not gonna fully win the 1600 through yourself all by yourself what happens is

they go ahead and split up the grand prize between all the entries that enter

them so even if you know you don't have the best answer you can still want some

money guys as long as you sign up and enter you have a chance

to win some money because again the way it's gonna work is the top 10% are gonna

share a thousand bucks the next 15% will share 400 and the next 25 will share 200

bucks so literally God you have an unlimited chances to go ahead and win

some money just for answering questions on mine soon when I'm gonna show you a

little hack that's gonna help you make even more money so make sure you're

paying close attention so if I go back to the main website what you're gonna

have to first do is go ahead and sign up and you're gonna do that by clicking

right here where it says I'm a problem-solver after that I go ahead and

click on login to sign up right here and then click on I don't have an account

yet right here after that you can go ahead and start the registration process

your basic info like your name creating a username a password all this stuff

right here guys so you can start entering in the contest to win some

money after that you're gonna go back home to the home page and just check out

all the challenges open right now and you want to be checking this daily right

here because new contests pop up every single week guys so check this out here

all the prior contests that have been done and completed already right a lot

of them are going out at $1,600 $1,600 800 bucks 800 bucks guys so overall

decent way to win some money because once you create your account you can

answer as many questions as you want you can enter in as many contests as you

want to give you more opportunities to win even more money now here there's

selections right here on the side here they're categories right here you have

business engineering computer science food science and so I want to show you a

little trick that's gonna help you make even more money and help you answer

these questions right here even if you have no idea what the topics about or

even if you know you've never even done this before so check this out let's go

ahead and go over to food science right here so check out some of these

questions right here or some of these contests right so check this one off

propose a high-protein food or snack that is perfect for active consumers now

I'm not a nutrition expert I don't know much about healthy snacks for nutrition

guys so one thing you could go ahead and do to answer a question just like this

is go over to this website right here it's called Cora calm Cora calm is

basically an online Center for answering questions all over the road anybody

could come on here ask a question and many different users people that have a

profile can come and answer the question so what we're gonna do is look for a

question an answer that has to do with high protein snacks guys so let's go

ahead and type it in and see if we could find an answer

alright guys so check this out all I basically did is got my keywords from

mine so more so high-protein food or snack that is perfect for active

consumers that's basically what I typed in a crore core right here high-protein

snack for active so this is what I got a high-protein snack or food for that is

perfect for active consumers what's your idea for a high-protein snack for active

consumers guys so as you can see right here we're getting a lot of these

answers right here in questions so if I click on one of these right here it's

basically gonna answer my question answer what mine soon was asking for

what are some high protein snacks that that are for active users so if I go

back check this out we literally have the first answer right

here going over that least the top four or top five six seven ten twelve

thirteen check that out guys look over 21 25 shoot over forty to forty two

snacks that people can go ahead and take that are active for high-protein guys so

all you had to do it is go ahead and you don't want to exactly copy and paste it

right and submit it over to mine sumo what you want to do is obviously go

ahead and read through it get a good idea of maybe your top five or maybe the

ones that stick out to you the most go back over to mine spoon let's go and go

ahead and submit your answer by entering into the contest and submitting your

answer for this contest right here so let me go ahead and open it up and let's

go over some of the winners right now so check this out guys this one has already

been completed but here are all the winners for it 62 bucks 62 bucks 62

bucks 62 bucks 17 bucks so guys so as you can see this is a legit way to start

making some extra money online and you don't really have to even do much you

can literally almost just simply copy and paste from Chora come over to

quarrel look up some of these questions right here try to find some of the

answers and just put it into your own words you obviously never want to fully

be copying and pasting you know copyright infringement or something like

that it's just not ethical to really be doing that anyways guys so all you have

to do is just come over here type in those keywords over here back to those

course words type in the special keywords of the mine sue more question

or you know contest come back over to quarrel and start checking out some of

these answers and you can honestly even just use google guys so check this out

let's go back to mine sumo if I go back here go back to the beginning their

newest one right now so check this one out the one I went over in the beginning

of the video right now you only have 27 days to enter in this contest right here

and what it's basically asking is let's check it out what are new car

excuse me what our new culinary innovations that will make cooking at

home easier for you so one thing you could do is just pop open a Google page

and let's check out some of the newest products of 2020 that are helping people

cook faster at home or cook easier at home so let's type that in best cooking

products of 2020 let's try that right there

all right guys check this out 20 gadgets that make it easier to eat healthier in

2020 guys so literally guys it's basically answering the question for you

right here now again obviously you want to go ahead

and do your research read through the article get your own thoughts of it so

you can go ahead and come back to mine sumo and give your own honest thoughts

instead of just trying to steal ideas guys you want to go ahead and form your

own opinion that way you can actually feel rewarded once you win over one of

the Grand Prizes and actually earn some money so check this out guys again this

one's only only has 27 days left so far there's only three submissions right now

so you can literally be one of the first people to submit after watching this

video right here after watching this video now not only that guys but make

sure you do sign up because like I mentioned the beginning they post up new

contests on a weekly basis so here's one that's been reviewed right now here's

one that has 17 days left and it's by a company called Swanson so let's check

this one out what type of packaging will be best for our new cooking flavored

enhancer so just go ahead and read through it maybe do a lot of research on

what this company does what it's really asking for and check this how it gives

you a ton of information and details to give you a good idea on exactly what

they're looking for and this one again is gonna pay six sixteen hundred dollars

to the top winners now let's check this out if I scroll down the top ten are

gonna share a thousand bucks so literally though everybody in the top

ten is gonna make $100 just for entering in the next twelve are gonna share six

hundred bucks so overall a easy way to start making some extra money guys this

website right here is called mine school make sure you go check it out guys

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