How to earn 1 Crore Rupees in the next 1 year?

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I am determined to make you financially

rich since I have conducted my training

get your money right a lot of people

have asked me Rahul sir what should be

my product how do I make money why is it

so very difficult to make money believe

me that is not the case it is just an

illusion that people have created on

your mind that making money is actually

difficult before I start I only want

those people to watch this video who

genuinely feel that money is so very

important in our lives we need money to

pay bills we need money to take care of

our parents and family members our loved

ones to live a comfortable life

supposedly a medical emergency comes in

her life or in a relative's life we need

money to support them something really

tragic that happened in Kerala I was

only able to contribute because I had

some money that is why it is so very

critical for you to have money people

might say that money is the root of all

evil and that you should not aim high it

makes a selfish that is not the case if

you don't use that money for the right

purpose then it is the root of all evil

if it would not have been that important

then our parents would have never told

us the specific and the importance of

money you understand that right so let

me tell you eight ways how you can earn

one crore rupees in the next one year

sounds really difficult and unimaginable

right believe me that is not the case I

have done it offline I have also done it

online and now it is your turn to make

this much more of money first of all

understand what you are really good at

what is it that you wish to offer to the

world as in what is your expertise

supposedly my expertise is public

speaking communication skills sales

training on the preneur ship so I teach

people about all these topics in your

case your expertise might be banking

finance ID designing coding dancing

singing poetry gardening lighting there

can be so many ways acting that you can

teach people how do

I'm financially rich and also learn the

skills entirely depends upon you as to

what you are good at and if you feel

that people are not going to listen to

you you are wrong because there are

thousands and lakhs of people who want

to listen to you

I mean if you only talk about India in a

population of 135 crores will you not

find handful of people who'd love to

listen to you and believe me at the end

of the day but it's all about taking the

initiative a lot of people doubted me

also even I doubted my own skills my

abilities all of us have got

insecurities and doubts it is all about

taking the first step and I haven't

given you the mantra to take the first

step so once you have identified what

you're really good at what is your

expertise you can create different

products at different prices for example

the first product that you can use this

a book you can write a book pins upon

your expertise wherever you can teach

people IT finance how to go about

finance in the right manner let's take

an example okay let's consider it from

my scenario let's talk about public

speaking so I would write a book 300 350

pages 50 steps to become an effective

public speaker or communicator or sales

specifically let's talk about public

speaking only so 50 effective ways how

to become an effective public speaker

there are a lot of people who would want

to learn from me

and listen from me again it all depends

upon your following so you need 40,000

people to buy your book now you would

say how is it possible how do I reach up

to 40,000 people when social media I can

do it for you collaborations can do it

for you doing what meetings can do it

for you posting your book up on Amazon

and Flipkart can do it for you there are

so many ways we can figure out the base

later initially let's only talk about

the products the second product that you

can make is both rupees 500 for example

I did that like framing get our money

right where I charge people rupees 499

to attend that one particular training

if you feel that you cannot charge 500

rupees for one training you can have a

combination of three trainings plus 40

books which I did along with that one

training I gave people

two more trainings and believe me it is

worth gold

it is amazing content which I gave to

people just to B's 500 all right here is

20,000 people to buy that product and I

will be making one crore rupees let's

move to the third product now the third

product is that you make something both

rupees 2000 now what can you make which

will be sold for rupees 2000 what I did

was last year in August I launched my

own course on public speaking a

relatively small course compared to what

I offered today so that course was sold

for about 2 pitch 2800 here what you

have to do is make a combination of

around 20-25 videos ebooks case studies

mp3 files based upon again your subject

matter your expertise and people would

buy how many people do you need just

five thousand people and believe me if

you will have the plan to earn one crore

rupees you would also be making the

strategy on how to spend money and the

same time because if you actually want

to win one crore rupees you obviously

also have to spend a lot of money doing

that but again it is going to be really

profitable at the end of the day even if

you are getting a salary of rupees fifty

to sixty thousand how much money are you

actually saving at the end of the month

you know that right not more than ten

thousand twelve thousand that's maximum

right so you also need to have a

specific marketing budget for the same

so what did he told you about the two

thousand rupee product now let's come to

the five thousand to be product so let's

talk about for the 5000 to be product so

what you can do here is double the

number of videos that you are making

make it a little more subjective as if

you're talking about public speaking

what I will do is public speaking for

colleges public speaking for corporates

public speaking for dentes public

speaking for one category so I can

include five categories or ten

categories and then make specific videos

pertaining the same here because it

would be sector-specific so the costing

would be comparatively more it would

cost 5000 rupees and again how many

people do I need two thousand so the

number of people required goes down now

let's talk about the ten thousand rupee

program which is a fifth product in this

case all that you have to do is along

with rupees 5000 product include about

10 to 12 maybe 20 depending upon your

stature include life

so if you have included so many life

trainings just like I have done you are

providing value to people or a repeated

basis you are also doing a time

investment upon your part to guide

people imagine if you are doing all

these things the amount that you're

charging people is so low but you're

giving them massive value which people

don't get people who do koalas spend so

much amount of money but how much value

do they get do will actually become

employable do they actually learn the

subject matter that is told to them but

in your case you would be providing

people with amazing value

so in rupees 10,000 the five thousand

rupee product plus live trainings that

is exactly what I have done

and again you have come up with up with

an amazing product

all that you need is one thousand people

you already going within a span of just

four four and a half five months maximum

okay now let's go go by lakh rupee

product now you would be thinking as to

what can I offer to people when people

would give me 1 lakh rupees now this

would take a little time right what do

you have to do is once you have sold

your books

once you have sold your two thousand

rupee 5000 rupee products your stature

increases more people start knowing you

so what you have to do here is what do

you have to do in here is a trapeze 1

lakh you need 100 people so what I would

do if I bought in your case I would

select 25 people for one quarter 25

people for one quarter that is for three

months and in those 3 months I would

giving them live mentorship I would call

to them I would call them to my office

make videos over there train them

individually so that in those 3 months I

make them an expert in their sector

supposedly I make someone an expert at

public speaking he would charge around

20 to 25,000 maybe even 30,000 for just

one session which means that the entire

amount that I have charged him goes back

to him as soon as he done as soon as he

does 3 to 4 trainings you understand how

easy it is all that Avira's

hundred like-minded people and if you

can do that believe me it is very easy

to make money and also you are helping

others make more money become more

confident and become an expert in

industry which is your industry as well

okay now let's understand the next model

the next module is five lakh rupees

does it sound tough Bible some will give

me five lakh rupees I'm not even getting

a salary of rupees five lakh

see your value increases every time you

do a work for example next year I am

going to launch my product which is

worth rupees 5 lakhs now that's a future

plan of mine but it does not matter I'm

sharing all my value everything that I

do because I want you to actually make

money if you can copy my models please

do that because in India and in this

world we can never ever run out of

people we have got lakhs cores billions

of people all over the planet so you

cannot take my market I cannot take your

market if we are good we will create a

specific niche for ourselves okay so

what I will do next year is I would

select 20 people from their industries

and I would help them set up their

businesses for example I have set up my

business based upon public speaking and

communication skills I would help people

to set up their business based upon

fitness based upon health based upon ID

again whatever sector you might belong

to now you're watching this one buddy of

mine you would figure out something you

would mail me with your queries I would

help you with that

what if I personally trained you and I

tell you how to launch your own business

the entire business how to do the

sessions how to do the webinars how to

write the mails how to do the trainings

how to do the live trainings how to

pitch people how to get to the right

people how to do the connections how to

make the connections how to get your

videos featured I teach you everything

from the basic people might say but


Fievel I pay you pay smilax well at the

end of the day you have paid to pitch 10

to 50 lakhs to your engineering college

or your management College do they give

you a guarantee of making this much

amount of money that I am telling you -

not at all right if I train you getting

my lakh rupees clients becomes such an

easy job you understand that just 5

clients and you'll get your money and

you can do all these things so believe

me if you feel that you are not capable

enough of doing it today in the future

you can do it it's a long-term process

maybe I have told you a bunny or plan

maybe your whiny and good start after

three months of maybe after six months

till the time you brush up all your


make a wonderful content and then start

selling the same so maybe your one-year

would start from tomorrow or maybe your

one-year can also start from three

months from now six months from now it

entirely depends upon your preparation

and now the final product which is worth

rupees 20 lakhs

believe me this one is the easiest all

that you have to do is select a ten

thousand rupee product or a five

thousand rupee product pitch it to a

corporate picture to a college tell them

that I would do it for a lot of your

students okay let's break it up let's

suppose we are charging 20 lakh rupees

from a college so in that scenario what

I would do is I will tell them that I

will train 1000 students of yours and

because you are giving me students in

bulk because I'm getting a lot of

students from your college so what I

would do is I would give you my apiece

5000 product I just to piece 2000 so

your students learn public speaking they

get 200 my life trainings and I would

also come to your college twice in order

to make 20 lakh rupees for myself and

for the students I make them supremely

confident I tell them group discussions

fortune interviews presenting themselves

there as you may imagine what all value

you are giving to people not just to

peace 2000 2002 1000 is 20 lakh rupees

you just need to tie up with 5 colleges

or 5 corporates and you will be good to

go each and every bailing would give you

rupees one crore now it depends upon you

choose what you want whether you want to

write a book or you want to do one

training or three trainings 4 rupees 500

or you want to make a mini course worth

rupees 2000 or you wanna make a

comparatively extensive course which

covers 4 categories for rupees 5000 or

you want to make live trainings also

along with your course so that you

charge rupees 10000 or you want to train

people personally calling them doing it

physically 25 people each quarter and

you charge them rupees one lakh each so

in every quarter you're making 25 lakh

rupees 25 lakh into 4 again is 1 crore

rupees or you make a product worth

rupees 5 lakhs where you people will

train people from the very beginning and

you tell them about the entire strategy

how they can set up their own business

or you can and the final

the Rubies 20-lap products so now what I

am going to do if I were you I would

have all these head products my book is

already coming in the market it will be

launched really soon and I already have

a 500 rupee product I already have a

2,000 degree product I have a 10,000

Ruby product I don't have a 5,000 Ruby

product which I'll make really soon

next year I am going to launch my 5 lakh

rupees for a 20 lakh rupees Rana and 1

lakh rupees I already have got offers

from people I'm not taking them right

now because all that I am focused upon

is providing value to a lot of people

believe me your subject matter can

actually get you the revenue that you

want it is all about getting the right

mindset it is all about believing that

you can create that much more of money

if you put any queries any queries my

email id is given below

it has RP at the Red Robin anger calm

cried in your queries if you want to

learn from me if you want to become a

part of communication mastery we have

also shared the link below you can

become a part of communication mastery

as well so that I can make you an

amazing speaker I can help you with your

written communication skills I can help

you with a lot of things I'm not going

to tell you about communication mastery

here let's focus upon how I can make you

own this much more of money and believe

me it is actually possible this is the

right mindset is required you understand

the dynamics if I were you I will be

having all those eight products so that

rather than making one crore rupees in

here I can make eight kurata piece in

here so that I can help more people so

that I can employ more people so that I

get help more people if they are facing

some problems in their life see if you

are only making the amount of money that

you require for your own growth or your

own or your own existence then you are

selfish if you are making more money

only then will you be able to serve the

society imagine the amount of massive

value that you are giving to people if

you make a course like that everybody

who has a note for my course says thank

you to me from the core of their heart

that is the amount of value that I give

to people it all depends on how much

value you can provide to people there is

so much of money that is available for

you get that money because you deserve

it as a human being

ask me for my help and my assistance I

hope you like this video please like it

please share it

with others all right I'm really happy

to be here for you