Earn $10,507.80 Per Day With Bitcoin Without Investment (Get 1 BTC In 1 Day)

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you can earn up to ten thousand five

hundred and seven

dollars per day with bitcoin without any


hello go getters i'm the capitalist and

in today's video we're going over

something that we've never attempted

before in this channel

i'm going to show you precisely how you

can earn ten thousand

five hundred and seven dollars per day

with bitcoin without any investments


i'm going to show you how you can get

one bitcoin in one

single day guys i believe that bitcoin

is the best option for people who want

to trade their time for money

so i highly advise you to follow my

instructions and pay close attention

because i'm going to

offer you some bonus tips throughout

this whole video so that you can

maximize your profits

no work is needed and this method is

available worldwide so once you set up

this new stream of income

it is going to generate money for you

automatically on complete autopilot

so you don't have to worry about it so

i'm going to keep things simple and show

you the precise steps they have to


in order to make this work this new way

of generating money online consists of

only three steps but they are all

equally important so make sure not to

skip any major parts

because otherwise things will not make

sense to you

and you will get confused and give up

too soon so in order to move on to step

number one i want you to connect to

moonbitcoins.com so this is the website

that is going to help us tremendously

today in our initiative to make up to

one bitcoin per day

this is a bitcoin gpu mining platform

that is going to

use your computer's resources in order

to generate money for you but don't

worry because

this is not going to affect your

computer in any way it's only going to

take advantage of your internet


in order to mine bitcoin if you're

interested to go in depth about all of


information and all of that tech stuff

you can do your own research on the web

i'm by no means an expert so we're not

going over all of the details behind

this cryptocurrency

and instead we're going to focus on the

way that we can generate money with

it that is because i want this video to

be completely beginner friendly

so anyone can take full advantage of

this brand new way of earning money


because that is the thing that most

people get wrong about bitcoin

they believe that they need to get some

sort of expertise in order to start

earning money but that is not true

as long as you have an internet

connection and a computer you're still

able to generate some considerable

amounts of money

taking advantage of bitcoin but now a

quick disclaimer your results might

vary depending on the quality of your

internet connection

and the performance of your computer but

having that in mind i'm going to show


a quick way that we can monetize our

time online

regardless of whether or not you know

anything about bitcoin so as i said this

method is completely beginner friendly

and you can start right now after

watching this entire video

okay guys so with no further ado as you

can see here on the left hand side you

need to log

in with your wallet address so signing

up with your email and username is not

enough on this platform on

moonbitcoins.com and obviously in order

to do this you need to create a wallet

address if you don't have

one already so the quick way to do that

and the best way in my opinion is going

over to bitcoin.org which is the second


and picking the bitcoin wallet that is

most appropriate for you

because these guys have put together a

series of questions for you and

depending on your answers

they will recommend a certain bitcoin

wallet that is most

suitable for your needs so in order to

take part in it you simply have to

connect to their website once again


go to this section that is called choose

your wallet

and click on next moving on you need to

pick the operating system that you are

currently using

so if you're on your mobile phone you

can choose between android and ios

and if you're on desktop you have

multiple options i'm going to choose

windows because that is my case once

you're done with that you can simply

click on next and move on to the second


which is how much do you know about

bitcoin now if you're just starting out

you want to pick this

section that says new because otherwise

you're going to recommend you

a website that is more difficult to use

so make sure to provide them with honest

answers and once you're

done with that click on you and select


you're going to be redirected to the

third question that is also

very important so which criteria are

important to you

and if you pay attention you can see

that certain sections have been blocked

for you because if you're just starting

out you don't really care about

all of this stuff so you can choose

between control which might be

useful for you so i'm going to check

that one and fees because i don't want

to pay

fat commissions whenever i make a

deposit or make a withdrawals so

once i'm done with that i'm also going

to click on next and move on to the last

question which is what features are you

looking for

and from all of these options i would

simply pick two factor authentication

which is enough for me

and i will click on next and they have

recommended electrum which i have used


and i'm quite content with it but

depending on your needs and on the

device that you are using you might

choose another option it's up to you

and it doesn't affect your ability to

earn money with bitcoin

so this is a simple formality you have

to sign up for a

bitcoin wallet in order to be able to

generate money with this method but

you don't have to care about whether or

not is the appropriate one because

all of them are equally good so all

that's left now in order to set up your

bitcoin wallet is simply signing up with

your email address and so on

you know all that stuff so i don't need

to walk you through that process

because it's very straightforward

eventually you will be provided with a

wallet address that you can simply paste

here this will look like

a random stream of characters but once

you have it you can simply click on


and that's all you have to do in order

to start earning money online

with this method that i'm about to teach

you and we're going to move on to step

number three right now

once you have logged in using your

bitcoin wallet you will be shown this

little window here that says welcome we

have added a bonus to your account

for your first login and you can click

on start

and the bonus has been added to your

balance as you can see here on the left

hand side

is not a lot but is still some extra

cash that is given to you for absolutely


now that you're here you have two

options really

one of them requires you to actually do

some work or at least be around the


while you're doing it and the second one

is completely

automated it's passive income that you

can generate for free

right now and as i said you can earn up

to one bitcoin per day

so you want to pay attention to my

instructions and follow along throughout

all of this video

moving on to the first option that you

have you can simply

click here on start bitcoin mining and

that's what you're going to do

that will open this little window and as

they specify here very clearly

the time needed to complete the mining

is about 10 minutes so

600 seconds then you have to wait in

order to

see your first profit using this method

and you need to be close to your

computer because

once that is finished you can do it over

and over again

how many times you wish but maybe you're

busy and you don't want to check your

computer every 10 minutes

so that is why they also have a second

option that you can choose

in order to still earn considerable

amounts of money and that is the blue

one here so

your hourly bounty is active click to

get it now and i want you to click on

this section you will be redirected to a

new page and this message will be

displayed so congratulations you've

earned bitcoin and so on

the bitcoin amount you earn has been

transferred to your account

and every hour you can do this same


over and over again how many times you


and if you combine both of these methods

so if you start mining every 10 minutes

and you collect your bounty every single

hour the potential

is limitless you're basically trading

your time for money as i said before

so the more time you're willing to

invest in this method the more money

you're going to generate

and now comes your favorite part guys so

once you have spent a few days

repeating this process over and over

again you can withdraw your earnings by

simply clicking on this section

but the process is not as

straightforward as it is on other


the first thing you need to do in order

to withdraw your money is paste your

wallet address in this section

and that will transfer your money into

your wallet address

but this is not all you might be able to

do a purchase using bitcoin straight

from your

wallet but it's not the case most of the


so you really have two options now you

can either withdraw your money from your

bitcoin wallet into your bank account

but if you don't have one there are ways

that you can transfer your money from

your bitcoin wallet

to your paypal account but those are a

little bit tricky

because there are a lot of websites out

there that are looking to scam you

so if you decide to withdraw your money

into your paypal balance

make sure that the website that you are

using is a trustworthy one

i will not recommend any websites

because there's always some risk


but i had to mention this for those of

you who are under 18 years of age

and do not have a bank account also you

are not able to withdraw

from moonbitcoins.com until you reach a

certain amount

but if you take a look here i've been on

their platform for

a few minutes and i've already got this

part covered

so it should only take you a few days to

complete this bar all the way up

it's up to how much work you're willing

to put into it

there's also a daily bonus that you

might be interested in

so you can grab it by only clicking on

this button that says your daily bonus

is active getting now i'm going to

do that and some extra cash has been

added into my account so now i believe


you have all the information you need in

order to take action

so all that's left is hitting the

subscribe button and the notification


also please drop us a like to this video

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and leave your feedback down below

thanks for watching and i will see you

next time