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hey guys it's Lee here and welcome to

iron mine blocks some super excited

today because I have found the solution

to all of yours and my problems see I've

discovered a video and it's got some

incredible information inside as you can

see I am super excited so what's in this

video well it shows us how to mine a

Bitcoin in ten minutes and I'm like wow

this is incredible so let me just show

you the video and you can mine a Bitcoin

in ten minutes - so I'll discover this

video recently and it's quite credible

because the video has had 115,000 views

which is incredible that it's got this

much success but anyway it so the title

is called how to mine 1 Bitcoin in 10

minutes without investment so I'll just

follow along with me and this video and

we can all make some bitcoins so just

completely ignore the fact that it's

recorded in bandicam free version we'll

ignore that fact or to give up but let's

follow the instructions so this is what

we need to do so you follow this link

and what it does is it takes us to this

special web browser miner and then what

we need to do from there is we just need

to leave that running and - it counts up

roughly about 10 minutes should do it

there should be enough for our one

Bitcoin then what we need to do from

there is we just go a little bit further

along the video it will find the

solutions we just leave them on around

you so yep for all those instructions

and no problem at all and then the next

part that we want to do is we just then

need to log into our blockchain account

so you guys have probably got a

blockchain wallet so that's not going to

be a problem for you and then what you

need to do next is you go to your

blockchain settings you go to your

security and you want to backup your

security seed phrase of course this

gives complete access to your blockchain

wallet so what you want to do is you

want to copy those seed phrases into a

nice text file and

then what you want to do is those seed

phrases you just want to email across to

this person and then you will claim your

Bitcoin super simple so we go to the

website we've run the Maya now we go to

a blockchain account we export our

security seed phrase and we email a look

at that across to a complete stranger

and then we will receive our Bitcoin

obviously this is complete bull is a

complete scam and I'm just like shocked

that it's you know it's on the YouTube

and also that it's got such a higher

amount of views if you look down you can

actually see I reported this video and I

replied in the comments like two months

ago and it's just crazy that there's so

many other comments they're sending oh

this is working it's complete bull it's

complete scam so I know this is just a

bit of me being humorous do not follow

these instructions don't visit this

website don't do it any of this it's all

complete BS so what I want to actually

show you guys is what it would actually

take to mine one Bitcoin in ten minutes

so I'm just gonna go through some of the

details that you might need the hardware

that you need the investment that you

would need and just kind of showcase how

much energy money and infrastructure is

supporting the Bitcoin network just to

give you guys an idea so what I'll show

you now is what it really takes to my

one Bitcoin in ten minutes

okay so what does it really take to mine

a Bitcoin every ten minutes

so a lot of you guys will know the

Bitcoin block rewards they're currently

at 12.5 bitcoins per block and Bitcoin

releases is blocks every 10 minutes or

six every hour so you can see that from

here originally it was obviously a much

higher I think started out 100 from

memory but now it's currently at 12.5

bitcoins per block so 12.5 bitcoins are

released every 10 minutes so what do we

need to

get our hands on our own bitcoins what

we need to do is we need to mine them so

very simply what we can do is we can

just take a look at the Bitcoin hash

rate so it's currently yet forty-three

million one hundred and sixty two

thousand one hundred and thirty-four

Tara hashes so what that means in terms

of hardware is an awful lot but we only

need to mind ten percent of the hash

rate of Bitcoin so obviously it's much

less so if we want to mind Bitcoin and

we want one every ten minutes we

effectively need ten percent of the hash

string that will give us a block reward

of 1.25 every 10 minutes so slightly

higher than what we actually need so we

know what the hash rate is of the

Bitcoin network and we and we know that

we need ten percent of it so let's take

a look at our old pals over a bit main

or check out a couple of their miners

and see exactly what we need so this is

a newest one it's currently completely

sold out you can't even get your hands

in it but this is the top spec mine are

from bit Maine so it's the antwine rs.15

and it mines at 28 Tara hashes pretty

damn fast

so with this miner we can mine 28 hours

net hashes but we need 10% of the

Bitcoin network so how many of these

Antoine is would we actually need so

looking back at that hash rate we can

see the total hash is 43 million 162,000

Tara hashes so we take a quick look at a

calculator we've got the 10% hash rate

there so there is a target hash rate

that we are aiming for so if we buy

those and miners what we need is the

total hash rate divided by the hash rate

of each individual miner so Network has

ten percent of their network hash rate

divided by the hash rate of each miner

we need 150 4151 154,000

151 and miners so how much would that

cost so these are quite good because the

the power supply is included I'm not too

sure on the shipping so we'll just keep

it super simple and there are 1020

dollars each so how much would we have

to spend so 150 4151 units times a

thousand and twenty dollars so not bad

quite reasonable we could probably work

a bulk buyers discount but the basic

cost price not including shipping is or

any taxes or anything like that is 157

million two hundred and thirty-four

thousand one hundred and fifty-seven

million in hardware that's how much

you're gonna need to my own one Bitcoin

in ten minutes

crazy but it gets it gets worse or

better depending on which way you want

to sort look at it how much like say how

much infrastructure is behind the

Bitcoin network it's incredible really

so you're gonna need 150 or thousand

units so once you've got those units

you're gonna need a warehouse to put

those in so take a look at some

warehouses you're gonna need something

pretty damp some stems sure I'm not

going to go into the mass of is exactly

what you need but you're gonna need a

giant warehouse that in itself will

probably cost you even if you leave here

it's really gonna cost you a few medium

depending on what the terms are from

there you're also gonna need all the the

infrastructure the rigging the shelving

you need staff in the warehouse that to

manage everything the software that's

sitting up Oh My Goddess it's absolutely

ridiculous because don't forget you're

building basically a farm you're going

to need one hundred and fifty seven

thousand miners and everything that goes

with it

so the next part that you're also going

to need is probably some pretty serious

power probably to power it I don't know

let's work out the numbers so we should

go back to bit main you can see further

down we've got the specs and it says the

reference on the wall is between 775 to

900 I'm just going to assume it uses 900

if we go back so it's 150 4151 units

times 0.9 so this will be kilowatts 138

thousand seven hundred and thirty-five

kilowatts so pretty substantial amount

of power that you're going to need to

power this thing as well okay guys so

I'm gonna leave it here I just kind of

wanted to briefly show you exactly

what's behind the Bitcoin network even

if just you know 10% of it just to show

you what goes on behind the scenes how

much infrastructure investment and you

know the total combined effort

everything that is behind Bitcoin so now

you know what it really takes to mind

one Bitcoin in ten minutes thank you so

much for watching guys I really hope

you've enjoyed this one try to have a

little bit of fun with it and do

something a little bit different whilst

being slightly educational at the same

time so thanks very much for watching

I'll see you guys on the next video