What's the Fastest Way to Make $1 Billion?

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what's the fastest way that you can make

one billion dollars

well you could inherit it yep i think

that's the fastest way

wait wait wait while that's the real

answer to the question

that's probably not what you were after

when you clicked on this video

what you're probably after is the answer

to the fastest way that you

can make 1 billion dollars that answer


far more complicated and the truth of

the matter is that it's likely

impossible the easiest answer to how you

could make 1 billion dollars other than

inheriting it

is simply winning it in 2016 the

powerball jackpot in the u.s was 1.586


that's the largest lottery jackpot ever

and while current lottery jackpots are

just a fraction of that

it's likely that it will be beaten by a

future lottery at some point in time

now even with a lottery jackpot that


the prize had to be split between three

different people

and with three winners each took away

533 million before taxes

even winning the largest jackpot in


isn't enough to make you a billionaire

but it is enough

to get you close now let's back up for a


how many billionaires are there actually

in the world

right now the answer to that question

appears to be about 2825

that's an incredibly tiny number when

you consider that there are currently

46.8 million millionaires in the world

a far more achievable goal considering

that the world population is 7.8 billion

that means you have a .000

362 percent chance of becoming a

billionaire based on current statistics

for reference you have a 0.004

chance of being struck by an asteroid

and dying

so when you put it that way becoming a

billionaire seems

pretty likely but back to the question

at hand

maybe we can find the answer if we

observe how the current array of

billionaires made their money

the largest percentage roughly 14

percent of the world's billionaires made

their money through investing

in finance this is how warren buffett

the third richest man in the world

made his fortune roughly 11 percent of

the world's billionaires made their

money riding the fashion and retail

industry to the top

the walton family the founders of

walmart made their billions by becoming

one of the largest retailers in the


but we can't talk about retail without

mentioning jeff bezos

bezos the founder of amazon became a

billionaire first in 1999

what seems like an eternity ago now he

was 35 at the time and it took him just

five years since the founding of amazon

that nearly breaks the record but

there's two men who became billionaires

faster and sooner

than anyone else mark zuckerberg is one

of those men

at the age of 23 mark zuckerberg became

one of the fastest billionaires ever

it took him just one year to go from 1

million to 1 billion

however it took him in reality four

years to become a billionaire since the

founding of facebook

which is close to the current record but

if you do measure from the start of a

business to

actually becoming a billionaire the

record is held by ebay founder pierre


who accomplished the task in just three


the average billionaire on the other

hand takes 21 years to amass their


from their start in the business world

which is actually not that long if you

really stop and think about it

however examining the top spots for

fastest to 1 billion

mark pierre and jeff the real answer


clear start an internet commerce


jeff bezos and pierre omidyar made their

billions through creating a site where

goods were bought and sold online

mark on the other hand made his billions

in a similar fashion

creating an e-commerce site where the

goods being bought and sold were access

to users data

and the buyers were advertisers that of

course being the social media network

facebook so it seems like the fastest

way for you to make one billion

is to create an internet company at

least in the current

day and age the real answer is that

these new billionaires

rode the wave of new technology while

it's probably not too late to become a

billionaire through an internet company


the world's next billionaires will

likely come through riding the waves of

the next

new industry whether that be space

mining cryptocurrency

robotics whatever it may be so

the fastest way to make a billion is to

start your own company and drive it to

being the best place to do business for


industry a task that's easier said

than done