How To Make $1,000 Dollars As A Kid! [NO SURVEYS!]

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what is up ninjas I want you to do

something for me if anyone on a video

that you're watching tells you to make

money by doing surveys I want you to

slap them right in their face and watch

this entire video I promise you what is

contained inside this video is going to

be better than any of the other videos

on YouTube about how to make a thousand

dollars with no money to start


so what is the main problem with making

money on the internet today especially

when you are just starting out the main

problem is not having any money to start

right so what this video is going to be

about is making your first $1,000 with

zero money to start and I'm literally

talking about zero money in your bank

account one dollar and you'd be rich so

how you're going to do this guy's is

with a strategy that thousands of my

students are currently using and many of

my friends and top students are now

currently using to make over $100,000

per month but when you first start out

guys we're not even going to talk about

that we're not even going to think about

that we are going to be focusing on

getting $1,000 right and $1,000 in this

particular case means your very first

client right and so what we're going to

talk about today is how to set up an

agency right some people call it SM MA

some people call it a Facebook ad agency

some people call it digital marketing

company right there's a lot of different

words for it but I'm going to tell you

guys how you are going to get your very

first client right because a lot of us

have doctors a lot of us have dentists a

lot of us have all of these different

people and all these different service

providers that we personally use to

actually live and be a human being right

we all have to go to the dentist we all

have to go to the doctor occasionally

right I probably haven't been in a

couple of years but I should go back but

the point is guys we have these people

we have these relationships and we can

use them because their business is at

the end of the day a dentist is a

business a doctor is a business right so

what I'm going to show you guys how to

do is how to get that doctor and that

dentist to pay you instead of you paying

them there's an enormous gap between

local businesses and online marketing

right the days of marketing in a

newspaper in a radio on TV are in the

past right showing an advertisement on a

billboard shows your billboard to a

hundred thousand people 99999 of which

are not interested with Facebook ads

with Instagram ads with online marketing

you only show your advertisement to

people who are interested in your

service because you're able to target

them if you know what you're doing

correctly and the beautiful thing about

running an online agency right a

facebook ads agency is that if you have

the knowledge it takes zero money to get

started if you know how to advertise on

Facebook correctly which I'm going to

teach you how to do in this video we're

going to give away a completely free

course so stay

guys once you know how to advertise on

Facebook you can literally do anything

for any business every business needs

marketing and we're going to teach you

guys how to bridge the gap between local

businesses and online marketing so you

can bring them a ton of profitable new

customers they did not otherwise have

and how you're going to do that guys is

you are going to offer to advertise for

them for free at first right think is

the best way to make a relationship and

to actually prove your worth to someone

is to do something for free I did it

when I started all of my successful

friends all of my most successful you

know students who built agencies offer

to advertise for their very first client

for free the client just covers the ad

cost right so all you're doing is

setting up ad campaigns creating ads for

them building out audiences doing the

things that the mini course that I'm

going to give away completely to free to

a few special people in this exact video

at some time is going to teach you

exactly how to do guys so what you're

going to say is if you have a doctor if

you have a dentist if you have any

interaction or relationship with a local

business if your uncle or your aunt or

your mom or dad owns a local business

say hey you know I'm just starting out a

Facebook ad agency or a digital

marketing company and I was wondering if

I could run some ads for you completely

for free because I'm looking for a

testimonial right I promise you that I'm

going to do my best doing it and I'm not

going to charge you a cent you're going

to get valuable experience nobody is

going to turn down completely free

advertising especially if you show them

the crazy results that people can get

you know advertising on Facebook I

personally have spent millions and made

multiple multiple millions on Facebook

ads it's happening every single day

right so you all you need to do is

actually tap into it and find real

clients who will eventually turn into

paying customers because if you're

running Facebook ads profitably for a

company there's no way they're going to

let you go right and so many of my

friends now are making a thousand two

thousand five thousand dollars every

single month per client right to run

Facebook and do the online marketing for

all these local businesses alright guys

welcome to the computer so what we're

going to do is we're going to jump into

Google and we're actually going to type

in Dallas dentists here and this works

for any city so it doesn't matter where

you are in the world right you can see

right here that these guys have ads

right so they're doing some form of paid

advertisement and what I've learned is

that moving money is sometimes easier

than making money and what I mean by

moving money is that if somebody is

already spending money on advertisements

they're much more likely to spend more

because they

mean how well Google Ads work how well

Facebook Ads work and they're willing to

actually spend more to do that with

somebody that knows what they're doing

so let's take a look at some of these

and what we're going to be doing guys is

we're just going to be simply looking

for a pixel and I know that sounds

simple because it is but you'd be so

shocked how few people actually have a

pixel guys and if it would have Pitt

what a pixel is is actually just a

little piece of code that you put on a

website that allows you to retarget

people and create targeted audiences on

facebook which is how you make a ton of

money so we're going to use a little

tool called the Facebook pixel helper

which you see right here which is just a

Chrome extension you can just google

search Facebook pixel helper to actually

install it and what we do guys is we can

see that this website Dallas area

dentist does not have a pixel right and

this is also a terrible terrible website

right and so we're just going to

actually close this one out let's try

this one so royal lane dentist again

does not have a pixel here and so this

website right I might call them and say

hey look hi you know I was browsing your

guys's website I'm a digital marketer

and I was just curious if I could be

able to you know run completely free ads

for you guys like I'd love to talk to

somebody who might be able to you know

allow me to do that right cuz most of

the time you call these places these

local businesses you're going to get a

secretary right so say that you want to

set up an appointment with you know the

business owner who whoever makes the

decisions and say that you know you're a

student and you're you're just launching

your Facebook Ads agency and you'd love

the opportunity to be able to show them

what you can do completely for free

right no catch just say that you're

going to get them some brand new

profitable customers 100% free of charge

right so we can look at the next one

here we see that they also don't have a

pixel they also don't have a pixel these

guys also don't have a pixel again don't

have a pixel okay so these guys have a

pixel finally so a pro dental Dallas

like these guys actually somewhat might

know what they're doing so these guys

may or may not be willing to actually

pay for Facebook Ads but what we can see

here guys is no pixel no pixel no pixel

no pixel no pixel finally we see a pixel

right here and they actually have

multiple pixels so they might be doing

some some serious retargeting here and

so that's just a very simple way guys to

be able to actually find brand

clients who are going to be willing to

pay you and it's a very very

conservative and low estimate to be paid

$1,000 per client per month I have

hundreds thousands of students right

doing this every single day getting paid

$1,000 per month for you know running

Facebook ads for dentists running

Facebook ads for doctors running

Facebook ads for chiropractors running

Facebook ads for all types of local

businesses right small big it does not


$1,000 is the absolute minimum that

people are charging every single day per

client guys and the rule of four which

I'm going to talk about in just a few

seconds is how you actually are able to

make more than the average American

family of four per year if you get four

people to say yes and so guys what we're

going to do right now is we're actually

going to give away a completely free

mini-course for the Facebook Ads ninja

master class that's going to teach you

everything you need to know write a

complete introduction via the mini

course everything that you need to do to

be introduced to the idea of a Facebook

ad agency and to see the success that so

many of my students are already having

creating a facebook at agency so for the

first 100 people who click this little

link right here in the description we're

going to be giving you that course

completely for free it is a messenger

link so it's going to send you the mini

course via Facebook messenger so make

sure you have that installed on your

phone guys and so let's jump back to the

board right now and I'm going to show

explain you guys the rule of four some

simple math that's going to show you how

you can actually scale your Facebook ad

agency to be able to make way more than

your first thousand dollars so the rule

of four is one of the biggest things

that I've learned about scaling a

facebook ad agency to be able to

actually make seriously seriously a ton

of money guys but really quickly before

you explain what this is I want to give

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guys what this means is if you get four

people to say yes right just for only

four people right you could work on an

entire day I got four people to say yes

in my very first month ever creating a

Facebook ad agency for businesses right

I got a marketing company to hire me to

help me do their work I got two dentists

and I got one doctor in my very first

day of making calls and sending out

emails right through referrals through

family friends through people that I

knew that were that were that had local

businesses right they hired me

immediately because it's a very easy

thing right to hire somebody that's

going to make you more money than it

costs to pay them right and $1,000 a

month is not that much money if you're

making someone four thousand or five

thousand dollars so what the rule of

four means guys is if you get four

people to say yes that's four that's

$1,000 per client per month right so

four thousand dollars per month you were

already making more than the average

family of four in the United States

right which is one of the most affluent

richest countries in the world if you

get just four people to say yes using

the exact strategies that you're going

to find for free in our Facebook ads

ninja master class mini course for the

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don't be like the 99% of people that

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hear about all of your guys to success

soon and it until next time ninjas happy