10 Ways To Make $1,000 A Month In 2020

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gay bull here so I hope you guys enjoy

this and I hope you're able to use one

of these so we're gonna do go over some

ideas on how to make $1,000 a month at

least some of them are much more

scalable where you can make $10,000 a

month plus if you're really good at it

and you put down that ground ground work

but some of them are just side hustle so

you can start right now just earning

some extra money and again are gonna be

more valuable than just like driving for

uber or something like that and there

are a lot more random than that as well

so I hope you guys enjoy this get some

value and if you do drop a like it helps

the algorithm immensely let's get on

with the video start a blog now I know

this is probably one of the more common

ones but it actually is still really

useful and there's lots of different

ways you can do it

but it's also very important that you

have a very specific niche so for

instance there's one coming up that I'm

actually super excited about its

financial independence but then inside

of that it is healthcare for financial

independence people because that is a

big problem that the financial

independence community has right now is

everybody you know if you're in your 30s

and you don't have a full-time job

because you're off doing your own thing

whatever you're gonna need healthcare

and they're trying to figure out what

are the best plans they're talking about

it and whatever so just having a very

specific community and a problem that

you're fixing is gonna make it a lot

better than if you're just another

health Channel or you're just another

Fitness channel or you're just another

you know like a financial Channel you

got to have something very specific so

people when they think of you they're

like ah that's the healthcare guy or a

hey that's a guy with you know the crazy

hair you gotta have a brand behind it a

very specific thing that could be

something if you do a good job it can

take years to build up like most of the

stuff especially when you're building

like trying to build passive income it's

kind of like you know it starts that you

got all this going all this grunt work

and then eventually it starts to tick up

and you might be like right here really

oh this is this just horrible this is

such a waste of a year of my life but

then you never see that you're like

you're really close to that so if you

have a good thing you have a message to

share you have something that you love

to talk about and you like right and

this can be a really good thing I

personally hate writing so I am NOT

doing this I tried to start a little

blog but horrible because I hate it but

I do do YouTube channel which is pretty

much the same thing it's just with a

different type of format gun so you can

do that as well where again it's been

you know it's been over a year now and

I'm still

that you know I did have a little bit of

an uptick but I'm still here as opposed

to the people that that once you break

that plane you can really start to

skyrocket if you want to help me

skyrocket hit the like button it makes a

huge difference anyways next one is

affiliate marketing and this can go

really well if you do have a blog or you

know social media following or YouTube

following or whatever having some

affiliate marketing can really make a

big difference so a couple ways people

do this is like Amazon so let's say I'm

talking about I'm talking about Rich Dad

Poor Dad and like you know guys this is

the best book ever it really got me

started I'd highly recommend it link

down in the description if you want to

check it out you click on that link and

now I'm going to get you know a certain

percentage if you buy that book or if

you buy anything on Amazon in like the

next thing it's like 24 hours so if

you're doing tech reviews let's say

you're doing reviews of cameras and TVs

and whatever and people who are

interested in that camera like I was

interested in this camera I went around

I watched like you know 30 different

reviews of stuff until I found the one

that I knew I wanted and then I bought

that so if people are doing that you can

make money off the ads from people

checking out your stuff whether that's a

blog or a YouTube channel or an

Instagram account or whatever plus you

can make money when they click on that

link and they buy it and that can be not

only for tacking things like that that

can be for courses it can be for a

different websites it can be for

anything is you can affiliate you can

affiliate affiliate affiliate is you can

market other people's stuff and make a

commission off of that let's say I found

a like a fitness course that I really

love and it's $100 I can recommend that

fitness course and I can make $10 $20

$50 off of that course so I don't even

need to have something on my own

I could sell other people's stuff or if

I'm really good at running ads I can

just run ads for somebody else's course

and I can make enough in Commission that

it is worth it to run those ads so

whatever your skill set is you can

definitely make some money with

affiliate marketing so the next one is

to create a subscription business so

this can be a lot of different things it

can be a website where you have

something that you post every week like

a patreon or whatever like that where

it's a description you could try to get

people to sign up to support you to

watch your stuff to get your access to


podcaster your videos or whatever or

your you know your blogposts whatever or

it can be something like I'm going to

send you a box of dog treats every month

or a box of local fresh produce every

month and try to get people to sign up

for that or clothes or whatever there's

so many different of these subscription

services out there but if you can do

something local that can be smaller and

easier to handle or you can do something

with a digital product having a

subscription thing is very good and

people will sign up those people like

subscriptions they have everybody has

like a hulu and netflix and amazon

everybody has these subscriptions so if

you have a lot of value you can

definitely get these people and also

again it's important to be niche like

you have dog you know a box of suffered

dogs that is specifically you know for

this size dog people will sign up for

that and you can all go get it all at

Walmart and send it over you know if

it's just say like it's good quality

stuff for whatever people do and and you

can do that and you can get those dog

lovers or you know new parents or

whatever whatever market you're going

after so I think the next one has a lot

of potential and again having some sort

of following will help a lot in this but

is to create a course so this is

something that I might look into a

pretty soon if I if I find something

that I think it'll bring enough value

that I could actually charge people for

right now I just like breeding people

value and there's no way for you to

really give anything back so it's kind

of like I know I like it a lot more it's

not really businessí it's kind of

something that I do for fun you can

create a course and a lot of times those

will sell for $100 $50 $500 like depends

on the course it can be anywhere from

$20 to I've seen you know multiple

thousand dollars digital courses that

you make it once and then you just

market it you have it in your you know

your video links or you run ads for it

and you just continue to market that

course and if you have a skill whether

it's you know running people's social

media Facebook advertising you can do a

fitness course a cooking course a

financial course any type of course in

the world it's very specific how to

underwater basket-weave find out right

now for $19.99 and if somebody's really

interested in that they will pay for it

if you are a good quality product and

then you don't even have to have a

following you can just run ads for it we

can have other people who are affiliate

market for you and

you can make a commission off of doing

nothing again if you make that really

good course you start to get it out

there it brings a lot of value to people

people will pay for that the next one is

being a social media strategist type


so a lot of companies especially like

small businesses don't know how to run

social media but they know that there is

a lot of value there if they can get in

front of people in their community so if

you know how to do that or you can learn

the skills I looked into doing this and

I came very close to starting starting

this up but then I went with YouTube and

some other stuff instead anyways if you

can learn how to do that you can start

charging people a thousand dollars a

month $1,500 a month $500 a month

to run their social media and maybe to

run ads for them if you're let's say a

dentist and you can get that dentist

five new clients that are worth $1,000

each and you charge them $1,000 a month

they're gonna love you and they're gonna

be happy to pay you that thousand

dollars a month and it's really easy for

you and you just set up like a Facebook

campaign like a Facebook Ads campaign

and you post a few times a week and you

can schedule it all in one day then

you're making $1,000 for that one day's

worth of work now if you have those

skills you can't just go out there and

tell people you have those skills and

just do a really horrible job you might

have to do the beginning for free and

show them that you you know can really

bring them value but then that can be a

really cool thing I probably gonna get

into that at some point just cuz I like

it I think it's pretty fun to learn how

to market stuff online and to read

people social for them and you can do

this for so many people nobody

understands how to run in social media

so if you could figure that out

everybody will pay I know right now as a

Realtor there are so many different

companies out there that are sending me

stuff like hey we'll run your social

media for you for five hundred dollars a

month and there's like 30 different

companies who will do that and they're

running Facebook Ads that I see to say

that hey you could be this Facebook ad

and we'll run it for you so if you can

figure out how to do that and you're

actually good at it you can find people

who will pay for any that's just as a

realtor this can be a mortgage of people

it can be Fitness people to be

influenced urgent can be small business

owners they can be anybody under the Sun

and you can really take advantage of

that so that's something that's really

cool and I really enjoy it if you're

good at photography or videography and

you know how to edit and all that type

of stuff and you're actually good at it

you can make money

people's headshots doing people's

weddings doing people's you know bar

mitzvahs or engagement photos or

whatever you can make $3,000 on a

weekend doing somebody's wedding if

you're really good at it you have the

equipment and you know you're like

you're actually good at what you do that

can be a really cool way to make money

and if you enjoy doing it as well I

think that's really just a cool thing I

really want to do this at some point I

think it's fun to do so if you have

those skills you have a good camera it

might take a little upfront investment

to learn how to edit and get a good

camera and whatnot but you can really

make some really good money doing

people's headshots especially if you

enjoy doing it next one's a little

different but bear with me starting a

cleaning company or a landscaping

company so we gotta have two and one

here so the idea of this is let's say a

cleaning company for example you can

find somebody who will pay you $200 to

clean their house and it usually works

out to like 40 dollars an hour if you're

really good at it so let's say you have

two different houses that you do and you

got $200 per house and you can do them

both in one day so now you're making

$400 a week for working one day but if

you can leverage that and you can hire

somebody to go with you and you pay them

$10 an hour now you're making $70 an

hour because you're taking 30 from them

and the 40 for yourself you're making

$70 an hour for one day's worth of work

and you're you know doing that you can

add a few more or whatever or if you can

get that person to be really good just

send them out pay them $10 an hour

you're making that $30 an hour and

you're not even showing up for work

anymore so you can do this on a small

scale once you get bigger me any

insurance and all that type of stuff but

on a small scale definitely something

that's really good especially for

younger people you don't really need any

there's no startup costs really we just

need to have stuff to clean with or like

a lawn mower or whatever if it's

landscaping and you can do so many

different things you can do like

shoveling in the winter and whatever

then you can just hire people and pay

them like not that much hire other

friends or whatever and you can make

money doing that and I think that's just

a really easy cool way to start making

money like right now do some freelance

work so if you are good at let's say

video again just editing I'm using

things that I know if you're good at

editing you can go on places like Fiverr


different other websites where people

will say I need a ad for this product or

for my website or whatever it's 30

seconds long here is 50 lakhs here's 100

bucks just make this ad for me and you

can do that or it could be writing it

can be somebody's assistant it can be

any type of virtual thing online or

physical editing or whatever or writing

a blog post let's say that I wanted you

to take this video and I want you to

turn it into a blog post just take

everything I said turn it into a blog

post post it on this blog and I'll give

you a hundred bucks a lot of people

would do that it would take them 20

minutes maybe a half an hour maybe an

hour and they make 100 bucks and me I

absolutely hate it so I'm happy to pay

somebody that this is not something that

I'm actually doing but I'm saying a lot

of people will do that and if they have

a blog that's making money that totally

pays for it it's totally worth it and

they don't have to actually do the work

so that's something that you can do

virtually you can do that from home and

you can make some pretty decent money if

you have some skills and there's so many

different skills that you can sell

online or you can you know freelance

writing or whatever there's a lot of

different things that you can do

tutoring so I'm not quite as glamorous

but let's say you know history you know

math you know whatever you can help some

kid improve their life and you can get

anywhere from 25 to a hundred dollars an

hour to do that and and that could be

something that's pretty easy even if

it's piano or whatever if you have a

skill that you are good at where you

think coaching if you're if you're like

you know finances you know business or

whatever you can be a life coach you can

be a consultant

you don't need license this is for like

most of that stuff if you're actually

good at it and people will pay you 500

dollars a month just to be their coach

and to talk to them for half an hour or

a week and yell at them and say like why

don't you do in your work or for a kid

to meet with them you know an hour we

can help them with their homework or

whatever if you guys enjoyed this video

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month it's kind of weird I'd like to

know about it because I've tried most of

these or I will try them at some point

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