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you know people always say that it takes

money to make money but those people

don't know one thing and in this video

I'm gonna be showing you how you from

anywhere in the world can make $1,000

per day with zero money to start let's

go alright guys so first of all if

you're new here and make sure you do two


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if you like making money if you don't

like making money you don't have to

subscribe but if you do join the Strongs

family on YouTube cuz why not in today's

video we're gonna be talking about how

to actually make money when you don't

have any money and I'm actually gonna do

this live for you guys we're gonna

actually be sharing my screen in just

about ten seconds thirty seconds and

we're gonna be going through exactly how

I would do this if I was in your shoes

if I was watching this video this is the

exact strategy that I would use if I was

trying to make you know a thousand

dollars in a day right or a thousand

dollars or $2,000 in a month because the

thing is and what we're gonna be

teaching you today is the strategy where

you can make money with nothing right

cuz most of the businesses nowadays

especially businesses online or even

like real estate and traditional

businesses it takes money to make money

that saying is a saying right it's a

cliche because it's often true but

that's not saying that it's universally

true there of course are ways that you

can make money with no upfront

investment so that's what we're gonna be

focusing on today and so without further

ado let's jump into my screen and we'll

talk about exactly how to do this

alright guys so welcome into my screen

what were you talking about today is an

awesome tool how you can actually find

businesses that want to give you money

we're gonna talk about how that actually

works in just a second what we're

looking at right now is a tool that I

built originally for myself but then I

ended up sharing with my students what

this tool does is save you so much time

and going out and trying to find new

leads like any business that you create

you need customers you need businesses

you need people to actually want to pay

you money and so how do you do that

without having any upfront investment

with real estate you know you make a

down payment people give you rent money


with Amazon you buy products upfront if

you're opening a restaurant right you

have to pay expenses to open on the

actual building to buy the food to pay

the employees but today we're gonna talk

about a way that you don't have to do

any of that you can just literally with

the knowledge inside of your brain you

know make money magically appear and so

this is a tool called many leads this is

actually a tool inside of a suite of

tools called marketer magic that again I

built you know for pretty much for

myself but but we're actually gonna talk

about how we're gonna use it to make

money right now so there are a couple of

different tools here if you are just

signing up for marketer magic there is a

completely free trial and that I

definitely say that you should take

advantage of why not it's completely

free trial if it's making you money keep

it if it's not don't use it and that's

as simple as that and so there's a bunch

of different tools we're gonna actually

talk about one called many leads but

when you first joined marketer magic

definitely start right here in marketer

University where I'm going to be sharing

a lot of strategies that I use in my own

business that are gonna make you a ton

of money but again without further ado

let's jump into many leads so what many

leads does is it goes out and actually

scrapes through tens of millions of

different terms of businesses from all

around the world so let's say that we're

looking for you know a real estate agent

in Las Vegas we'll just call this real

estate see if I can spell it right Vegas

and we're gonna look for a real estate

agent we're gonna do Las Vegas what

we're gonna do is we're gonna press show

leads and now what it many leads is

actually gonna do is it's gonna go out

and look at look through you know tens

of millions of different terms and

businesses and people and you know all

of these different things that we're

actually going to show you guys right

here so you can see that there's one

thousand three hundred and two entries

just in one city just for one term you

can also you know search for a dentist

doctors insurance agents massage parlors

anything right and all of these

businesses have one thing in common they

need new profitable customers entering

the door and the world has changed how

you get new and profitable customers

into the door now is by using what

people are using right and what are

people using they're using Facebook

they're using Instagram they're using

snapchat they're using Yelp they're

using all these different tools

you know to find what restaurant to go

to to find what real estate agent to

actually use right and so that's what

marketing does it puts you in front of

the right people who actually want to do

things and buy from you so if we

actually open this up a little bit we'll

see that there's a well we'll add 50

entries what we can see is there's all

these different emails these are

literally the top real estate agents and

businesses in Las Vegas we can see you

know your realtor Elvia

yahoo.com so this is this person's

personal email address we have their

personal cell phone number we have their

address for many of these we have

people's actual you know Facebook pages

Twitter pages LinkedIn pages that we can

actually go ahead and look at right

here's a Zane Weber realtor be HHS

Nevada properties Rainey Team Realty

you've all Zhu Caen right all of these

different people who need new and

profitable leads into their businesses

all of these different real estate

agents need people to buy homes and they

need people to sell homes because they

earn money off of commissions and so the

more people who know about them the more

money that they're gonna make and so how

do they actually do that in today's day

and age they leverage social media and

social media marketing right and so what

we're gonna be talking about in this

video is how to take advantage of all of

that but I'm literally going to give you

the exact script that I used to make you

know very easily a thousand dollars in a

day all you have to do is sign one

client get one yes and you make $1,000

in a day it's literally that simple so

let's talk about exactly how you do that

so we can actually open up their

websites here as well and check these

out this person doesn't seem to have one

let's check out Stuart Cohen liver let's

open up a couple of these as well Rane

team Realty you've all alright so you've

all Zook in Butte Las Vegas from the top

of the valley so we can see here that

this is a you know website about this

particular real estate company they can

have features listings right here and

one thing that I immediately notice

about good-old you've all Zook in is

they don't have a pixel on this page

right this is a very simple Chrome

extension that I advise you to install

again it's completely free it's called

Facebook pixel helper we can see that

they do not have a Facebook pixel let's

look at this other one

we can see that these guys do have a

Facebook pixel right it's it's it's

detected it's seen right here why is

that important so you've all doesn't

have a Facebook pixel meaning then when

people actually visit this particular

page they're they have no idea that they

can't retarget them they can't do

anything they can't form custom

audiences they can't do a single thing

right and so if you find somebody like

you've all right here they don't have a

Facebook pixel and we have their email

address right here we have their

Facebook page right here and so what I

would do is I would focus on the people

that don't have a Facebook pixel because

just that one tiny thing is gonna make a

huge difference for their business and

so what I would do is I've come back to

marketer magic here I would open up this

person's Facebook page and we're gonna

send them a message right we're gonna

send them a message we're also going to

send them an email so we have their

email right here as well and actually

just wrote out this basic script for you

guys I would say something like hey you

know love your page I see you guys come

highly recommended

I run a boutique digital marketing

company and just wanted to give you guys

a heads up that with just a simple tweak

to your marketing I think I could in

significantly I think I could get you

significantly more customers let me know

if you'd like to chat more than happy to

explain completely for free of course my

personal cell phone is you know whatever

or you can reach me at my email at

whatever so what this does is it gets

your foot in the door right if you try

to charge up front you're not gonna get

anything but if you you know say that

you're willing to explain to them for

free and actually be willing to explain

to them for free then what's gonna

happen is these people are going to

respond maybe not all of them maybe not

right away but the thing is with

marketer magic you have thirteen hundred

and two entries right this is literally

just page number one we could go through

every single one of these pages and

email every single one of these people

and you know message every single one of

these people on Facebook there's

literally thousands over a thousand of

these people even if you get a one

percent response rate that's still

thirteen different people saying yes and

every single person who says yes to you

that's a thousand dollars that you just

made literally all you have to do is

message these people every single one of

them one by one the same script and the

more personal you make it the better so

I would say like for this you've all


let's see if they've posted anything

recently so they posted something on the

30th of May they say they posted

something on the 8th of May if you say

something like I love the post you made

about states with the strongest job

growth right something that they

actually did or you could say something

about their website or you could say

something about one of the pictures that

they posted or a listing or something

like that just make it a little bit more

personal and they're gonna be more

likely to respond and not think that

you're just sending them some template

but the thing is even if you get a one

percent response rate with all of these

entries and you have all their emails

you have all of their phone numbers you

have all of their Facebook so you can

send them all in emails send them all a

Facebook you could call them right with

a one percent response rate that's 13

people 13 people times 1,000 dollars per

person who says yes right that's

thirteen thousand dollars a month all of

a sudden that you're making just by

setting up this strategy doing this

basic strategy so what are they actually

paying you for literally they are paying

you to set up very basic ads that look

exactly like this so these are just some

simple Facebook ads that are literally

just google search just show you guys

examples of you know for sale 555 559

thousand four bedroom three bath

you know xx square feet lot size two

acres and then it has like a little

basic video of the house itself and most

of these videos are just slideshows of

images and the real estate agent has

these images already so all you have to

say is you know what listings are you

trying to sell I'd be more than happy to

set up a simple Facebook ad that looks

exactly like this right but it would be

you know your company it would be their

company name you could even go one step

further and you could have somebody on

five are like Photoshop

their actual business name right here

and you could take a listing from one of

their websites if you really want to go

above and beyond

if you send somebody a Facebook ad that

you create that looks exactly like what

you'd be making them they are going to

respond it's just as simple as that

human nature right they're gonna be like

wow this person really went out you know

above and beyond out of their way to

actually make something specifically for

me I mean you can show them lots of

different examples and these Facebook

ads simply work and if you're thinking

yourself yeah Kevin that sounds amazing

right I'd love to go message all these

people I'd love to use you know many

leads inside market or magic to do that

but how do I actually run their Facebook

ads right and so there's a couple of

ways that you can do this think about it

for yourself who would

want to show these ads too if you're

talking to a real estate agent in Las

Vegas then obviously you're only gonna

target people who live in Las Vegas

right you're gonna want to target people

you know who maybe recently moved

you're gonna target people who've

recently shown interest in you know

sites like Zillow sites like red fin

things like that and so that's just a

very basic intro but there's a lot of

ways to really make this work and the

thing is guys when you make this work

for real estate agents and you're making

them more money than they would be

making without you it's the easiest sale

in the world getting them to pay you

$1,000 a month $2,000 a month $2,500 a

month I have many students inside of my

private Facebook group I'm specifically

for SM MA or social media marketing

agencies who are making tens of

thousands of dollars per month literally

doing exactly what I just showed you and

the thing is you can do this with

anything the information is here - right

in front of your fingertips inside of

marketer magic in the many leads app

right so my advice to you guys would be

join marketer magic take advantage of

the completely free trial send us a

message on facebook Messenger join the

Facebook group we're also available

right here if you have any questions at

all I really wanted to make this you

know as user-friendly as possible for

the people who are serious about making

this work because the truth is guys the

information is right at your fingertips

inside of many leagues right here and

there's a lot of other tools that are

really really exciting if you have an

online business if you're making money

you know that are gonna really 2 X 3 X

10 X your business and so the very first

thing that you should do once you sign

up for the free trial is check out

market or university you can learn a lot

in these videos they're super short and

they're very very informative about how

to take your digital marketing to the

next level and so sign up for market our

magic check out the free trial check out

many leads because the thing is guys

even if you get just one customer paying

you $1,000 per month that you know

easily pays for marketer magic for the

entire year and beyond and so many leads

is the most obvious decision in the

world all it takes is you doing the

actual work and contacting all of these

people using this script that I actually

wrote for you guys right and if you're

thinking yourself Kevin yes this sounds

great but how do I actually run the

Facebook ads I've never done that before

well if you're interested we actually

are hosting a completely free training

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ads for cash-rich businesses and make us

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need to know to do it the right way see

you guys there what is up guys we did it

once before with this bad boy right here

we got this video on how to become an

expert at Facebook ads in one video from

zero to almost two million views in just

over a year and we're about to do it