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hello everyone this is David from both

star tool dot-com and today we're gonna

do something cute

I think it's nicely gonna love it so I

have my gloves on so it means we're

gonna do something surgical but no

really we see bunch of deeper here and

as you know a gold star to account we

sell tons and tons and millions and

billions of zippers as a matter of fact

we have a very hostile dedicated toward

it to the deeper that we sell from nylon

and separating and number three and

number five and all the sizes and metal

which is very popular these days and but

you know you can't find the color that

you want when it comes to the zippers so

I come to find out that I have many many

many signs of daibul zippers that you

could die and I have I just took one

hour of each box and I'm gonna dye it so