Zelda Breath of the Wild | Clothing Dye & Customization

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you'll what's going on guys our Excel

welcome back to another Legend of Zelda

breath of the world video just a really

quick one this time but I wanted to

share something super cool you guys or

at least I think is super cool

as always no spoilers in this video so

if you're avoiding anything story

related then this is safe of course if

you're avoiding anything at all then you

might want to step away but as that is

your cool anyways you guys have seen any

of the breath of the world trailers and

gameplay on the run-up to launch then

you'll of course know we've seen link in

a number of different outfit there are

plenty to collecting game but what's

cool is it doesn't just end there you

can also dye your clothes if you want to

put your own personal twist on them I'll

leave up specifics for embargo reasons