How to Dye Your Hair Silver/Grey: THE SAFE WAY

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hey youtube today I'm going to be

teaching you how to get your hair

silver-gray the safe way now if you know

anything about dyeing hair you're

probably thinking what do you mean the

safe way there's no way to get silver

hair the safe way you have to bleach it

a million times and that is very


thank you for your natural suspicion

because you do have to bleach your hair

a lot however some people choose to do

it within a couple of days and other

people like me take a solid five months

so really the secret to the safe way is

to be very patient and invest in good

conditioning treatments so basically I

started dyeing my hair when I was 14 I

originally had dark brown hair and then

I got it black and then I got it red and

then I got a little basically I dyed my