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ladies and gentlemen boys and girls

what's poppin what's crack-a-lackin'

how's it doing what you're doing how you

doing how your day what it is what it do

I'm back I'm back I took a little hiatus

you know I haven't dropped a video in a

minute but today I'm gonna show you guys

a little something something with these

Yeezys right here these uh they were

they were dirty as hell when I got him

but I cleaned him I should've did it on

camera but I didn't I'm sorry you guys

are gonna have to skip out on that step

but I'm gonna show you guys how to die

and these are gonna get died they're not

my shoes nevermind I died like purple or

green that'd be dope right so I'm gonna

dye them you're just gonna have to see

so let's go to like Joanne's Michaels

and all those other stores to get some

died let's get it so I need these haha