How to dye Wool

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right, so

Here I am

adding the guys to my vinegar water mix

The water is pretty hot be careful to keep it from boiling

Now you'll know it's that. I'm putting my

purple and

My green on to separate ends of the pot. This is too perfect a brown cook showing up

I'm going through a sort of

purple Green blue laissez-Faire look

And brown would be okay, but I want to keep it to a minimum. I do this by putting the

Green and the purple on separate sides and the Blue Acts and the barrier between the two

So now I'm just going to let it sit for a couple minutes

And there's hot water and come back and check with a white object the white helps me see if there's any dye

wondering there is

So I'm going to let it sit for another couple minutes

so now

It you can see it's at a pretty good simmer I

Personally would avoid that I quickly turned it off

So now I'm just checking to make sure all the fiber aside the way I want to

It is and most of the dye is gone

now I'm going to put the remaining fiber the next batch into the same pot because