Minecraft - How to make Coloured/Colored Wool

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hey guys it's ken from KVD productions

TV somebody asked me to build a cat

house to put my cats and so I did but

what I needed to learn first was how to

make all the different colored wool so

this is a quick tutorial on how I made

all the different colors of wool and

then tomorrow I'm going to do or in my

next video I'll make a video on how I

made the cat house alright guys so in

here I guess what we have to first learn

is where to get wool because we need

lots and lots of wool you can get wool

from string you put four string and a

crafting table or in your crafting here

and you will get wool so you put four

like that boom you get wool and then you

can move on so now you know what to do

with all that string that you've had for

the last little while besides making

bows and fishing rods another thing you