How to Dye Shou Sugi Ban Wood

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what's up guys I'm Nick and this is  Build Dad Build where there ain't no  

party like a West Coast party  and today we're doing a little  

experimentation kind of like that one  time in college in the hot tub with  

that foreign exchange student named  Sven you know I'm talking about so  

filming us on the off chance that a  video will come out of it there's a  

likelihood that none of this footage  will be used but it should fuel future  

content damn that looks good I had a  subscriber asked me if I knew anything  

about Wood Dye and the answer to that  is no I mean I know how to stain wood  

he has to be specifically about Keda dye never heard of it Chuck Norris never heard of her

so I went to the  Google's and I did find a bunch of  

cool images of stuff that people had  done but I couldn't find a good video  

that really explained exactly how the  process work these are powders and  

you have to add them to a medium and  the first thing you heard is you have  

to use lacquer thinner and then I read  where you can mix them with alcohol but  

then I watched a video where guy just  mixes with water and then the ratio is  

really confusing like use 1/4 teaspoon  you use 1/2 teaspoon use 2 teaspoons  

or somebody would contridict themselves and say well normally use an eighth  

of a teaspoon but in this instance I'm  using a teaspoon so today I'm going to  

set out to see which mediums I want  to use what ratios we're gonna start  

low and see if those penetrate well  enough and just overall see what kind  

of results we can gather so if you guys  want come along with me on this journey