How to Make a Turmeric Dye Bath

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hi everybody I'm gonna show you today

how I make my tumeric dye bath I'm very

excited about this one I just barely

learned how to do it I've already done a

couple of different projects it makes a

gorgeous yellow color and I don't even

like yellow but I'm into this yellow

color sometimes it's kind of a mustard

color sometimes it's more bright yellow

but let's get started first I boiled my

water okay so I boiled my water and I

put I would say about an eighth of a cup

in I'm gonna put another eighth of a cup

in there just because you can't totally

see the yellow color and I'll show you

so I have this is going to give me a

super rich color if you want a more

light yellow you would not use this much

but I want this really like mustard so