How to Dye Velvet BRIGHT and SOFT W/Leather Die DIY Vintage Velvet Tutorial Makeover

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it has been a challenge restoring the

color to vintage red velvet for me in

the past I have tried a few things I

could buy at the craft store but I want

to share with you the thing that I found

that works the best and that is a dye

that is made for leather the biggest

problem with this chair are the white

fibers showing underneath of the red

velvet plush so that is what I'm going

to fix here today this is a dye you can

buy at tandy Leather and you can also

find it online on amazon and ebay among

other places this is an oil-based dye

and it is a brilliant red it works great

on leather and I know that it does not

rub off the leather because I have made

leather purses and use this dye one of

the ways to apply this dye is with the

dauber that comes with the dye if you

have a larger area you might want to