How to Paint Upholstery, keep it soft, and velvety! No cracking or hard texture!

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I see so many chairs and sofas that have

a great shape but outdated fabric today

I'll share how to transform a sofa with

DIY paint I got that sofa right back

there at a thrift store for $20 I like

the fact that it's velvet

I like the pin tucking I do not like the

color or the skirt we're going to rip

off the skirt and we're going to paint


yeah there we go I just have to rip off

the rest of it and we can get started

painting it came off super easy and then

where there's the raw edges we're going

to add nail hits it's already looking

better DIY paint is made from a clay

base it is very soft pure and highly

pigmented when diluted it can be used

like a dye to change the color of fabric

without creating cracking or a rough

crunchy texture mix three parts water