Dyeing my Vans Old Skool black

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what's good YouTube welcome back to the

channel speak off you do CC today I'm

gonna attempt to guide my advance it's

gonna be the old-school advance and that

water boiling up over there as you can

see this the color is pretty funky it

looks like a pair of bowling shoe but

I'm gonna wear to work I work with

castor and whatnot and pretty much as

you can tell off the cast they're gonna

get on and stuff like that so we're

gonna have to walk wet the shoes first

and then basically when I'm moving today

I'm just gonna use one bottle of RIT RIT

liquid dye colors black you get them at

Michael's or Joanne's for just two bucks

for three bucks basically instruction

right here it says use one bottle for

two pair of dry fabric for dark or

bright colors double-die to finally have

one cup of salt to die back for cotton