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hi everybody what is up welcome back to

my channel today's video is a very

important one because we really need to

do this let me give you a little bit of

background information one of my best

friends is getting married she asked me

to be one of her bridesmaids and the

color scheme is nude kind of going for

more like a warm nude so less of like a

cream like this more of a real true nude

I ordered a dress and it came and it

straight-up was like great you guys are

gonna see it in a second I decided that

I was going to put my DIY skills to the

test and I want to show you guys how you

can actually stain fabric using tea I

have done this in the past I've actually

stained paper to give it that kind of

vintage you feel you can do this with

any sort of fabric it doesn't have to be

closed it could be you know bedspread