Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot: Texture Update, Concrete & Glazed Terracotta Blocks, New Wool Colors 17w06a

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hey guys it's Anna meek a swimming bird

and welcome to the first snapshot for

Minecraft 1.12 update as well as the

first snapshot of the new year this is

17 w 6a now the developers haven't

announced a theme just yet but it looks

like they're leaning towards the often

requested builders update we've got a

bunch of new blocks to cover as well as

a new look for some older textures that

might be pretty controversial so let's

get into it starting with the first new

block concrete powder now you're going

to craft this with four blocks of sand

and four blocks of gravel as well as a

dye material of your choice and this is

a formless recepies it can arrange it

any way you want you get eight blocks of

concrete powder and they are affected by

gravity just like sand and gravel and

they look very similar to sand but they