How to Dye Your Sneakers: A Quick & Easy Guide

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hey guys this is Fabiana from high snob

ID and this is our guide to dyeing your

sneakers before you start customizing

your sneakers you're gonna need the

following an apron or old clothes you

don't mind getting dirty rubber gloves

something to mix with liquid dish soap a

waterproof container access to water dye

and pay special attention to the type as

it varies depending on the materials

you're dyeing dye fixative and of course

a pair of sneakers prepare your sneakers

by taking the laces and insoles out make

sure anything you need is within reach

because once you get started you're

gonna want everything to go as smooth as

possible before you set up your

container with the dye

make sure your kicks are wet to maximize

dye absorption you can do this by

running them under a tap or submerging