How to Tie-Dye T-Shirts: 3 Easy Methods to Try at Home

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hi guys it's Bob Young from heist embody

and today I'll be walking you through

three ways to tie-dye your t-shirt we'll

be doing three different methods

crumpled shibori and spiral first let's

go through everything you'll need gloves

to protect your hands an apron or old

clothes a tarp or plastic cover fabric

dye salt or soda ash dye fixative

plastic squeeze bottles large Ziploc

bags of container and hot water rubber

bands wooden dowel and of course your

white t-shirt to begin make sure your

t-shirts are clean wash them even if

they're new new shirts sometimes have a

chemical that keeps the dye from taking

properly prepare your dye

instructions will vary we use the powder

that you mix into hot water which we

then transfer it into our plastic

squeeze bottle you don't need to put