Minecraft Quick Tip - How to Dye Sheep (Xbox One / PS4 /Xbox 360 / PS3)

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hello again everyone this is Nick with

co-op critics comm and I'm back with

another minecraft quick tip today we're

going to talk about sheep dying now not

dying like killing but actually dying

wool is a very good resource in this

game because you can use it for you can

use it for building especially interiors

and stuff and the great thing about it

is you can dye the wool any color well

any of these colors one two three four

five six seven eight nine ten eleven

twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen I'm

gonna be really embarrassed if I

miscounted that but we're gonna say

fifteen colors are possible for the

sheep's sheep sheep is the plural for

sheep not sheeps I'm sorry um so I've

spawned in a couple of sheep here they

are all just the random colors that they

were when they spawn black gray and