How to Make Colored Sand at Home | Colored Sand Easy DIY | DIY Colored Sand//GREEN PLANTS

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welcome to my channel

in this video i'm going to show you how to make colored sand at home

making the color sand for growing cactus and succulents with beautiful color sand art


i just put the sand in a sifter to sieve the sand

i'm sieving the natural river sand to remove pebbles or stones and other organic materials


put the sieved sand in separate plates or dishes to mix the colors


pour the poster paints or tempera paints on the sand


mix the paint and sand

we can mix the paint with some water because the tempera or poster paints are water soluble


leave them to dry for 24 hours

after 24 hours, they are completely dried

now i'm going to sift the colored sand using a sifter

now colored sand is ready to use

thanks for watching