12. How to Dye a Wholecloth Quilt

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hi my name is Lee a day and this is the

Duchess trains of course it's a little

hard to see exactly what she looks like

right this second because she is a white

Pokot this is the back and I hung it up

this way so I can see it make sure I

hadn't missed any motifs if I had me

stitch through an area because it's

really hard to see what you have

stitched and what you have a stitch when

you're basically quilting white thread

on white fabric and that's what i've

been doing i've been just stitching out

like this quote has been layered and

quilted ones from water-soluble thread

and orange trapunto guy thing extra

layer of batting has been clipped away

and then it gone through again with a

regular layer of thread regular normal

ice accord 40 weight polyester thread

and white and stitched all the outlines