Dyeing Porcupine Quills

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we had to back up and pick this up this


this is a fresh porcupine they got run

over on the road there's too many good

quills just to let it go to waste so I'm

going to go ahead and harvest some of

these quills and I think we'll do a

pretty one

on the Dyke clean and prepare and then

die some quills we're going to die some

some quills today I got a few few

quilter than I'm going to die need some

eat some or read some of that summary of

that button might be some more die this

morning but the red is what I'm going to

use I'm just just got a frying pan

because I don't need a whole lot of

water just enough to kind of cover the

quills I'm using what I like to use I

you like to use just just a drip a soap

Argan this works with soap doesn't need