using colored cement & dyes, (Mike Haduck)

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today I'm going to do a little video

about cement colors I just happen to be

cleaning the garage out I got all this

stuff laying around every year I go to

the garage I throw everything out that

they don't use so as a Mason when I go

out on a job sometimes I have to match

cement colors but personally when

someone asked me to come and they want a

certain color on a stucco or a plaster

I'll tell them there's only two colors

I'll do one is regular cement or I'll do

white cement and reason is that's the

only two colors that basically our basic

and stays the same everything else fades

now when you're in a masonary trade like

I am I am NOT a plaster guy that's a

whole different it's a like the

difference between a foot doctor and a

dentist it's just totally two different

things but even though they both kind of